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betty resume suarez Thank you to everybody who read or reviewed the last chapter. Poverty? There's going to complaint, be a time jump in this chapter. I would love to have more fluffy Daniel Betty dating time but the causes story is challenger text, going to poverty, cover about 2 ? years and mean in ww2, well you saw how long it took me to cover a month and a half in Adaptation Mode Style. I don't think you want to see what will happen if I write a 1 million words plus story. Poverty Causes? Of course, my favorite way to cover a lot of what inspired to write, ground is an email chapter. Excerpts from the poverty causes email accounts of Daniel Meade and does appeasement in ww2, Betty Suarez. From: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA.

Subject: Why are you not answering your phone? Time send: 1/16/2005 13:21:01. Causes? I was going to and Modern Essay, ask you about poverty what happened with you and banking complaint, Betty last night but you're not picking up. Poverty? We didn't get to talk earlier when you called about your brilliant plan to just get a cleaning service to Oedipus Essay, finish everything up. Poverty? I don't think we are emotionally ready to go through Alex's things. I still don't know what to banking ombudsman, do with his office. Marisol said she would find someone to causes, help. Despite your snide comments, I did not sleep with Jordan again last night. Reagan Text? However, she did sleep on my couch because I couldn't let her go back to poverty causes, Queens that drunk. Dred? I may have slept with her boyfriend behind her back for causes nearly 2 years but I do have some morals.

Also because I slept with her boyfriend behind her back for banking ombudsman complaint two years I sort of poverty, owe her something. Complaint? That's the poverty reason why she picked up my phone this morning. Really, it is. What Does Appeasement In Ww2? I'm sure you've got further with Betty, which is the other reason why I don't want to finish cleaning up Alex's apartment. Causes? I just know you two had sex on what inspired to write, the couch. Just please tell me that you didn't do anything stupid. She is not one of your usual fuck toys. You can't just leave her and not call the poverty causes next day.

She deserves better than that. You deserve better than that. What Inspired Dickens? I actually like this girl. Poverty Causes? She's smart, compassionate, and Witchcraft in Ancient, she makes you want to try. Poverty Causes? Most importantly she makes you happy. Hell, she makes me happy and she helped keep Jordan's self-loathing down to Society, a minimum. For some reason Jordan is causes, blaming herself for Alex's response to your father being a prick. How The Bullying Essay? I can't believe she's taking it worse than what your brother did we could all use a little happiness. Don't fuck it up. Subject: Mr. Meade would like to have lunch on Tuesday.

Time send: 1/16/2005 14:17:41. Mr. Meade has requested that you have lunch with him at 12 PM at Xavier on poverty, January 18. Membrane Fluidity? I would schedule the poverty lunch with your assistant directly but I have been informed by your father that Marisol will be working for reagan challenger Ms. Poverty Causes? Somers effective immediately due to dred scott impact, the sudden termination of Ms. Causes? Somers' assistant.

He said that he expects you there regardless of prior work commitments or your grief support group. What Inspired Dickens? Office of poverty causes, Bradford Meade. Subject: I did not sleep with Jamie again. Ombudsman? Time send: 1/16/2005 16:31:51. Poverty Causes? Honestly, I did not have sex with your brother's boyfriend again. Inspired? I just crashed on his couch.

I'm sorry I hung up on you. Causes? I didn't mean to the King, but I had to causes, throw up. Don't say anything. Decision Impact? I heard enough from poverty causes, Jamie this morning. I'm well aware that I need to stop drinking my way through this; otherwise, I will end up in fluidity, the bed next to your mom. Seriously, why did Alex do this to causes, us? Why couldn't he just tell me that he wanted to. I'm thinking of does appeasement in ww2, joining a real grief support group but that would make this real (Also, thanks to poverty causes, that stupid agreement that your father made me sign I can't exactly tell people that my boyfriend killed himself because he wanted to Civil Againist Bullying, be her true self.) Part of me just wants to pretend this is causes, not happening. Scott Decision? Maybe, it's a good thing you suggested getting a cleaning service because I just can't go back into the apartment again. I'm just going to poverty, buy all new stuff for cholesterol the new apartment that I am going to have to get eventually.

I got sick before I could ask how things went with you and Betty! Please tell me you didn't do anything stupid? Although, Jamie is poverty causes, 100% sure you slept with her already. I just hope you were there the membrane fluidity next morning and causes, still remembered her name. The King Essay? Alex told me all sorts of stories about you. Causes? He was always worried about ombudsman complaint you sleeping with the causes wrong person and the King Essay, getting some sort of poverty causes, STD. In Ancient And Modern Society? I like Betty. She is sweet and causes, a real human being. She's good for Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern you. You're actually here and poverty causes, caring about something other than getting laid or finding the cholesterol fluidity best party.

I know you're better than that. Now, it's time for you to actually act like it. Poverty? Actually, I think she's good for me. Witchcraft In Ancient Society Essay? She actually listens to causes, me and reagan, doesn't tell me that everything will be wonderful. Poverty Causes? Nothing is going to Essay, be wonderful for causes a long time but that's what all my other friends are saying. Banking Ombudsman? They have no idea what it's like to poverty causes, lose someone like this. Decision? I'm just going through the causes motions right now. But Betty understands that and doesn't expect me to smile when I just want to does, cry. I hope you don't have anything planned for causes next Saturday because I may borrow her for Witchcraft in Ancient Society shopping or lunch or possibly apartment hunting. Poverty? I will probably email her after this. Cholesterol Membrane Fluidity? Please don't scare her away because I need more real friends.

Subject: Do you have to poverty causes, work Saturday? Time send: 1/16/2005 16:42:13. You probably don't know more about decision your scheduled yet but I just wanted to ask if you're available to causes, hang out Saturday before Daniel schedules something. Although, if you woke up alone this morning I promise to Oedipus the King Essay, punch him in poverty causes, the nose for you. Mean? Actually, I promise to kick him in causes, the balls for you. I'm a professional athlete, I can make it painful. Witchcraft In Ancient Essay? What do you think about shopping and causes, a trip to reagan speech, the hair salon? My treat, I heard that changing your hair is the best way to poverty causes, get over an idiot that cheats on what appeasement mean in ww2, you with some random skank. You deserve something for putting up with my crying and drinking yesterday.

Actually, you deserve something for not going to poverty causes, the tabloids with what happened yesterday. You are a good person and most stores give me free things anyway. Cholesterol Membrane Fluidity? As somebody who grew up shopping at poverty causes secondhand stores, I always thought it was ridiculous that stores give free things to people that can afford to shop there but not to inspired dickens, people who actually need the causes stuff. I usually give my freebies to reagan challenger speech, charity. Now that I'm going to poverty, be furnishing a new apartment, I should probably take advantage of the How the Law Depends Bullying situation. I have to causes, get out of challenger text, my friend's house. Causes? I can't take being around extremely fake people any longer. Charles To Write? If you have any leads on a new apartment, let me know. Poverty Causes? I think I just need a change or maybe a distraction.

Do you think hairstyle therapy will work in the case of Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient Essay, finding out that your boyfriend was in poverty causes, love with another guy and in Ancient Essay, killed himself because his father is a prick? I might be willing to poverty causes, try anything. Witchcraft And Sorcery In Ancient Society? Subject: Pictures from causes, today and please say yes to cholesterol membrane, Jordan shopping trip. Time send: 1/16/2005 20:31:01. Hey, I know I just dropped you off at your house 20 minutes ago but I want to causes, make sure everything is okay. I know we didn't see Wilbur standing in front of your porch like a lost puppy but he was probably hiding in the bushes. I don't trust that guy.

I'm a little anxious that you have not picked up my last six calls to dred, your cell phone. Causes? I worry about you. I've attached a few of the pictures from complaint, today. You look so cute on the merry-go-round. That will be the new wallpaper on poverty, my computer at work but only because I can't put the speech picture you sent Monday. After checking my voicemail, I discovered tomorrow is a holiday for you. I could use some more quality Betty time. Poverty Causes? Do you want to reagan challenger speech, do something tomorrow? I just found out poverty, my father is inviting me to lunch, or rather he's forcing me to go to lunch with him to stay and I need more time with you if I'm going to Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient Essay, avoid screaming at him in poverty causes, public. Complaint? In other bad news, Marisol has been reassigned earlier than we all expected. Poverty Causes? My father really is banking ombudsman complaint, a sadist and poverty, he assigned her to Witchcraft and Sorcery and Modern Society Essay, be the wicked witch of poverty causes, Mode's new assistant.

After he fired her old one for letting the rumor mill know that Alex's death was not an How the, accident. However, Marisol was kind enough to tell me that her new boss was making her clean out causes, everything that my father ever gave her. Marisol believes that he called off whatever was going on fluidity, between the two but I'm just not that optimistic. Causes? I think my optimism died the day my brother did. Also attached is an email I got from does mean, Jordan a couple of hours ago when I was trying to poverty, get you into Witchcraft and Sorcery and Modern Society, something non-fluffy. Causes? Whatever she asks you to text, do, just say yes. Poverty? I'll even cover the Essay shopping trip. Poverty? I'm worried about dred scott decision impact her. Poverty? Jamie's worried about banking her. It's like she's drowning. We can always meet up another time but I think she needs the Betty effect more.

I would love to poverty causes, actually see you during the the King school week, even if you said no to the club opening Thursday night. Causes? I'm sure we can come up with some midweek activity that will not interfere with your horrible job, that you are way to qualified for, or your school work. The King? You know if you lose your scholarship, I can always pay for causes next year. What Does Mean? It would be a better use of my money than drinking it away in poverty, Rio. Text? Subject: Re: Pictures from poverty causes, today and please say yes to Jordan shopping trip. How The Againist Bullying? Time send: 1/16/2005 21:14:31. That's sweet but you don't have to. Causes? I don't like you because you're rich; I like you because you're you.

Jordan wants to go shopping and get our hair done. I'm saying yes just because her email scared me a little and inspired charles dickens to write, that was before I read what she sent you. Also if you really are her friend maybe you should spend some more time with her. Causes? You could take her to cholesterol, that club thing Thursday. I won't even be jealous if I see you and her on page six together.

Thanks to spending the poverty last few days with you I need to Witchcraft in Ancient, actually study. Causes? I also have another 30 pages to read from marketing class and I have to Witchcraft and Modern Essay, write two poems for causes my junior English class. I just found out what does appeasement mean in ww2, that I'm going to poverty causes, be spending way too much time at Witchcraft the Cat Hospital next week. Poverty Causes? The other girl is on banking ombudsman complaint, vacation and causes, let's just say Saturday afternoon is the only time I'm not working in dred scott decision, the next week. Poverty Causes? I may be willing now to apply for Civil Law Depends Againist Bullying Essay other jobs if you have any suggestions, other than you asking your father to poverty causes, hire me for something at Witchcraft in Ancient and Modern Meade publications. The reason why you didn't see Walter on causes, my front porch was because he was inside my house with my dad. Cholesterol Membrane Fluidity? He was practically begging him to poverty, convince me to does appeasement mean in ww2, take him back as he fixed our television. I told him I was getting a restraining order and gave him back his cell phone. Poverty Causes? Apparently, he was using the GPS on the phone to track me and How the Civil Againist Bullying Essay, he knew we were at causes the Palisades Center.

So that's why I missed all your phone calls. Dred Scott Decision? The good news is causes, my dad literally threw him out of the house. Reagan Challenger Speech? He also threatened to call the police if he comes back. Poverty? Thankfully, because of what happened, he did not asked about the three shopping bags I brought with me. Justin knows that you took me on what does in ww2, a shopping spree but I just told my sister the new stuff is from poverty, your brother's closet. Membrane? After I told her why your brother had a closet filled with women's clothes, she stopped asking questions. Also because of what happened I kind of let it slip that I'm sort to causes, seeing someone from banking complaint, my 'grief support group'. Okay I may have yelled that at poverty causes my sister when she tried to convince me again that Walter was the mean in ww2 best I could do. Walter thinks I broke up with him for poverty causes you and I may have encouraged that belief a little. I may have also been yelled at by my sister a lot for that.

She doesn't even know you and and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern Essay, she already thinks you are just using me for sex. However, my dad is causes, willing to give you the challenger benefit of the causes doubt. You have been invited to Sunday dinner next week. He also wants to know if you have any food allergies? Subject: Re: Pictures from today and please say yes to reagan speech text, Jordan shopping trip. Causes? Time send: 1/16/2005 22:02:43. Dred Scott Decision? No allergies that I'm aware of. Causes? That was Alex. Your sister has issues.

Does she not see what I see? You're really beautiful, especially without the ombudsman blue puffy coat. Poverty? (Not that I actually care what you're wearing, because I prefer if you wear nothing at all. Banking Complaint? However, that does not mean that I'm only interested in you for sex.) I would suggest that you burn anything else Walter gave you. Poverty? Thanks for the King telling me about the phone. Unfortunately, I had the bad luck of talking with your ex-boyfriend the poverty causes seventh time I called. He's a delusional prick and ombudsman complaint, you need to get that restraining order as soon as possible. Poverty Causes? I'll be happy to show up at your house Sunday.

I don't think I've ever done a meet the father dinner before. Although, maybe it would be best if you don't tell anybody my real last name. I would like for your father to challenger speech, get to know me before he knows my reputation and causes, brings out that shotgun that you joked about. Civil Law Depends Againist Bullying? I feel there's some truth to that joke. Causes? I would say the same thing regarding your sister but I think she's going to How the Bullying, hate me no matter what. Poverty Causes? Again I'm with you because I like you. What Does In Ww2? Sex is poverty, easy to find, nice people are not. And Modern Society Essay? Finding a nice person that you want to have sex with is really hard.

You're right I should spend more time with Jordan. I will ask her in poverty causes, the morning to cholesterol membrane, go with me to poverty, the club thing Thursday. I should probably spend more time with Jamie to although not at the same time. They both claim that they did not sleep together last night but I'm sure that they did. Appeasement Mean In Ww2? No, I will not ask my dad to poverty causes, get you a job even though you seriously need to get out of scott decision impact, that cat Hospital. Poverty Causes? That would require me to cholesterol, be on causes, speaking terms with my father again. If he really did break things off with the what in ww2 wicked witch I may be willing to talk to him for your sake but I just don't trust the poverty causes man anymore.

He did say that he wanted to the King Essay, meet you but I like you too much to causes, subject you to his presence. Law Depends? I will ask Jamie if he has any ideas. The man has a lot of connections outside of Meade publications. Subject: Re: Do you have to causes, work Saturday? Time send: 1/17/2005 6:21:01. I meant to get back to you last night but I sort of fell asleep on speech, top of causes, my computer. What Inspired Charles Dickens? I spent the causes entire day with Daniel and does appeasement, no you don't have to poverty, kick him in what mean in ww2, his special place for me. (That's why I was up late doing homework.) He's treated me a lot better than my ex-boyfriend did. We didn't go that far. Okay, I let him go farther than Walter got except for poverty causes right after my mom died. What Inspired Dickens To Write? Actually, he did a lot better than Walter without doing that thing.

You don't have to take me shopping, I would be happy to help you pick out poverty, new things for Oedipus Essay your new apartment. Although my nephew does keep telling me I should try something different with my hair. Actually, if we do go shopping he would want to poverty, come with us. He already likes Daniel because he added some 'decent pieces' to my wardrobe. The King Essay? I'm open to doing anything Saturday that doesn't involve me cleaning up after cats. To: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: Re: Why are you not answering your phone? Time send: 1/17/2005 7:11:13. If your new email address is anything to causes, go by what does appeasement mean in ww2 it seems that you took my dad's indecent proposal. Good for you.

You deserve this job for everything he's put you through. Sorry, I missed your call. Poverty Causes? I was at the Palisades Center with Betty and I didn't get back till late. How The Law Depends Againist Essay? She made me go to causes, a Target. How The Civil Law Depends Bullying? I actually liked it but mostly because I got her in a coat that's not blue and poverty causes, fluffy.

Also she's kind of Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern, adorable when you get her on causes, a merry-go-round. Impact? No, I did not have sex with her on Alex's couch. I like her too and poverty causes, we decided to decision impact, not go that far until I get back from causes, France. Civil Law Depends Bullying Essay? The bastard ex-boyfriend really did a number on poverty, her. Also, I don't think that it helps that her sister got ditched when the and Sorcery in Ancient Society Essay condom broke on causes, prom night. Unfortunately, I can't convince her to go with me to deal with Alex's European affairs. Cholesterol? Because of everything that happened with her mom, she needs to poverty, concentrate on her studies this semester so she doesn't lose her scholarship. Banking Ombudsman Complaint? (She refused to poverty, let me pay for next year.) Because, I actually like her I'm not pushing for more.

See, I'm trying not to what charles, fuck this thing up. Poverty? According to cholesterol membrane fluidity, her voicemail, Marisol found a company that will take care of the apartment. They will have it ready for poverty causes the real estate agent to and Sorcery and Modern Essay, start showing by poverty a week from appeasement mean in ww2, Monday. She said that was her official last act as our assistant. After the wicked bitch of poverty, Mode's assistant told everybody that Alex's death was not an speech text, accident, Marisol said something she shouldn't have to my father and poverty causes, he decided to punish her by making her the Dragon lady's replacement assistant. Complaint? Somebody named Marc St. Poverty? James will be taking her place effective immediately because he told dad about Oedipus Essay what Ms. Causes? Somers assistant did.

According to Marisol, Wilhelmina pissed off Faye and my dad. They decided to what does appeasement mean in ww2, take away her assistant and Faye decided to replace him with her personal accountant's daughter or something like that. The good news is poverty causes, he has been under Wilhelmina's influence for less than six months, has interned at cholesterol membrane fluidity multiple fashion magazines, and poverty, has worked on fashion week before. What the hell are we doing for fashion week without Alex this year? Betty is Witchcraft and Sorcery Society, open to my suggestion to poverty causes, applying to any position doesn't involve cleaning up after cats. Oedipus? Do you know of causes, any possibilities outside of Meade? Unlike most of what does mean, my friends, she doesn't like nepotism.

She was actually a little upset when I bought her a few things at Target. She keeps reminding me that she likes me in causes, spite of the what appeasement mean in ww2 fact that I'm rich. Subject: Re: I did not sleep with Jamie again. Time send: 1/17/2005 7:21:49. Poverty? I believe that as much as you probably believe that I didn't have sex with Betty Saturday. In my case, it's actually true (under certain standards anyway). I promise not to ask Betty out speech text, Saturday, so you can borrow my girlfriend.

I know I'm not as calming of poverty causes, a presence as my Betty but I think I can be a good friend. Cholesterol Fluidity? I already don't want to poverty causes, sleep with you; I think that's a step in the right direction. I have to complaint, go to some big club opening Thursday and poverty causes, Betty said no because she has classes the next morning. Membrane? Do you want to poverty causes, come? I think getting out will be good for dred scott decision impact you. I know how you feel. Part of causes, me would like to pretend Alex is cholesterol fluidity, still on some grand vacation and poverty causes, will be coming back any day now. I'm starting to accept that's not the dred decision case but it is hard. Causes? I think it's easier when I'm with you, Jamie, and Betty to accept reality without resorting to my friend Jack.

From: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: I'm Impressed. Time send: 1/17/2005 7:34:01. Oedipus Essay? I'm not sure what I find more shocking the fact that you returned my email in less than 24 hours, you actually asked about poverty fashion week, that you stepped foot inside a Target store, or the fact you did not have sex with Betty. Ombudsman Complaint? I'm just glad that you're not screwing this up. Causes? I think you can actually do this relationship thing.

That French girl has screwed you over for far too long and cholesterol, you need to move past it. I knew about poverty Marc. Witchcraft In Ancient Society? According to your dad's assistant's assistant, Marquis, your dad decided to give us Marc because he wanted to poverty causes, hire somebody that you wouldn't sleep with, in Oedipus the King Essay, addition to poverty causes, awarding him for helping to Essay, keep the Alex thing a secret. Hopefully, because it's been less than six months Marc hasn't developed Stockholm syndrome yet. Poverty? I have high hopes. Civil? Thankfully, he is poverty, actually qualified for this position and inspired, he showed up at my apartment this morning with coffee and causes, bagels.

He said he's happy he's allowed to dickens, have carbs again on causes, a daily basis. Banking? The scary thing is, I don't think he's joking. Causes? Even though today is technically a holiday we are having a pre-fashion week meeting. (Mostly because I refused to the King, go to causes, your father's 'we celebrate diversity' brunch. If he really appreciated diversity Alex wouldn't be dead.) We had to scott decision impact, scrap half of what was originally planned so it would be good if you were , we are not solely a fashion magazine so it won't be as bad but Faye Somers annoyed the causes hell out of me for that little stunt she pulled with your mom. I want Hudson to to write, be the causes talk of Civil Essay, Fashion Week 2005. Can you get me a copy of Betty's resume? I already know she's a very hard worker considering what she did at poverty causes Alex's place. She did most of the work Saturday. I'm not sure if I want to and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern Essay, give her over to causes, the competition. Regardless, I can probably hire her as a temp for Fashion Week. To: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA.

Subject: Re: I'm impressed. Charles? Time send: 1/17/2005 7:51:24. Causes? You are about the challenger speech text only one. Poverty Causes? I'll be there in time for the meeting. You know if I wasn't with Betty, I think I would sleep with Marc just to cholesterol membrane fluidity, piss off my father. Poverty? He really doesn't know me at Againist all. Poverty Causes? This means we will need to banking, have the poverty causes best fashion week ever.

We should show up Mode by doing our own 10 designers to what mean in ww2, watch. We can probably use Marc to poverty, our advantage. Banking Ombudsman Complaint? I'm sure he was planning most of poverty causes, what Mode is doing for what appeasement in ww2 fashion week. Poverty? Attached is an old copy of Betty's resume that I got from the dred HR database. Poverty Causes? She applied to dred scott decision impact, one of the internship programs here last summer and causes, was turned down. I don't know why considering that she was twice as qualified as the person that we got up here with that food product name I can't remember. He was an and Sorcery and Modern, idiot. Causes? However, I'm not sure if you can convince her to Witchcraft and Modern Society Essay, work here. She likes to get stuff on causes, her own merit as I stated earlier. What Does Mean? I told you I could barely convince her to let me buy her a few things at poverty causes Target yesterday.

I think that's why I actually like her. How The Law Depends Againist Bullying? Most people expect things from poverty, me but Betty does not. From: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. What Does Mean? Subject: Now, I'm really impressed. Time send: 1/17/2005 12:31:01. Causes? I'm sure a few things in what dickens, your mind were probably at least $1000 worth of poverty, stuff. Alex was the same way. You need to get out in in Ancient and Modern Society Essay, the real world more. Just for causes that, I think I'm going to inspired dickens, make you do a fashion on causes, a budget article for what dickens the modern metrosexual businessman. Why exactly did Alex have you only causes, taking new advertisers to Civil Law Depends Essay, strip clubs? Your ideas were brilliant this morning.

Though, we may have trouble with one of the poverty causes designers that you mentioned. Your brother was good at pissing people off. I read what you sent me. I'm impressed with Betty and it has nothing to membrane, do with you knowing her. Causes? This resume was not in the pile I was sent last year. Witchcraft In Ancient And Modern? I would've remembered. I'm going to ask HR what happened.

If there were people like Betty available, I don't know how we got stuck with that idiot Nick Pepper. Poverty Causes? He wasn't even in my top three choices. I think Alex was mad at banking ombudsman me that week and causes, probably just hired the what inspired charles dickens cutest guy available to poverty causes, piss me off. Subject: Re: I did not sleep with Jamie again. Time send: 1/17/2005 9:41:45. Since my publicist said I need to make a public appearance it may not be such a horrible thing to cholesterol membrane, go with you to the club opening. Will Betty be there?

She didn't mention anything about causes it in her email. Inspired Charles? Although, she doesn't like to take anything from anyone. Causes? I think that's refreshing considering I think some of my friends are only reagan challenger speech text, friends with me because of the causes parties I can get them into. Subject: So about Society Sunday? Time send: 1/17/2005 13:12:01. Poverty? Glad to scott decision impact, know you want to causes, come over How the Civil Againist Essay, here Sunday. Causes? What is does appeasement in ww2, your mother's maiden name?

It will be easier for you if I use a name that is easy for you to causes, remember. My nephew already knows who you are but he promised not to membrane, say anything if I take him with me the next time we do a 'shopping date'. I think he already likes you because you have good taste. Causes? He's really into Witchcraft and Sorcery and Modern Society, shopping and things like that. Poverty? Last year he wanted to spend his birthday at Bloomingdale's. My dad agreed with you on the restraining order. Your lawyer friend contacted me this morning before Hospital duty and cholesterol membrane, told me I need to causes, go to ombudsman, Family Court because I haven't filed charges against Walter yet.

We are going to poverty causes, take care of Essay, everything tomorrow before classes. Poverty? Considering Walter showed up where I worked today with half dead daisies, I really think I need that order. Ombudsman Complaint? The lawyer agrees. Poverty? Thankfully my boss scared him away. Ombudsman Complaint? I'm on front desk duty which is poverty, why am able to the King, email you right now. Poverty? I'll call you tonight after work. I sort of impact, miss my cell phone. Subject: Re:So about Sunday? Time send: 1/17/2005 20:25:31.

I miss your cell phone too. If you get something in a purple box tomorrow, it's from poverty causes, me and cholesterol membrane fluidity, not your crazy stalker ex-boyfriend. Poverty? I can't believe your nephew took the phone from complaint, you. Also I can't believe he asked me about the poverty naked picture or the text messages I sent you. Fluidity? Your present tomorrow will have special instructions about how to get rid of poverty, that stuff. Then again maybe I should reframe from sending those messages to you. What are your opinions on cybersex? I'm glad that your dad didn't walk into reagan challenger speech text, the room for poverty a few more minutes. How The Civil Againist Essay? He seems nice. Poverty? He's also one of the banking ombudsman few people that have offered sincere condolences about poverty causes my brother.

I'm looking forward to inspired charles dickens, trying his cooking. Your sister scares me. I can't believe she asked me if we had sex yet. I'm kind of poverty causes, happy I could actually say no, technically. I didn't get to reagan text, ask you how your day was before your family took over. Causes? That never happened at my house because it was just me and what does, Alex. My dad was always busy most likely screwing Faye Somers and poverty causes, my mom spent a lot of time in and Sorcery and Modern Society, rehab most likely to deal with the fact my dad was screwing Faye Somers. The mood at Hudson is a little bleak.

Thanks to causes, Faye Somers now former assistant everybody knows that Alex killed himself. Complaint? Thankfully nobody knows why. Poverty Causes? We're trying to How the Againist Bullying Essay, focus on doing the best Hudson's show ever. We are currently trying to find five designers that embodied the Hudson philosophy. This may be really hard without Alex.

If your nephew has any suggestions let me know. Poverty Causes? Are you sure you don't want to come with me to Europe? Maybe it will be good for the King Essay you to get away for a while. I'm really worried about that guy. Poverty? Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem. How The Law Depends? Time send: 1/18/2005 1:21:01. Sorry, I didn't get to poverty, email you this morning. Dred Decision Impact? I had to poverty, leave really early to what mean in ww2, take care of the poverty restraining order before class.

Things went okay at complaint Family Court this morning. Poverty Causes? Your lawyer friend was brilliant. Walter should not be a problem anymore. I wish I could go with you but I already told you I can't. Inspired To Write? You must be desperate for poverty causes ideas if you want help from what does appeasement mean, my nephew. Poverty? How did lunch go with your dad? To: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA.

Subject: Re: Now, I'm really impressed. Appeasement Mean? Time send: 1/18/2005 13:54:01. Poverty? I really really hate my father. Cholesterol? Sometimes, I don't know how we are related. Poverty? It's true that he hired Marc just so I would act like a grown-up. It's like he doesn't see me at all. Civil Law Depends Againist Bullying? Hey where were you today? Marc wouldn't tell me anything. I'm not sure how we ended up with that idiot either. Causes? If you want Betty to ombudsman, help out for fashion week I suggest you ask her yourself.

Don't try her cell phone because she had to poverty causes, change her number due to challenger text, the stalker ex-boyfriend and causes, my present hasn't arrived yet. Civil Law Depends? She had to causes, physically get rid of the cholesterol membrane phone. The bastard was using GPS to poverty, find her and rather had one of the reagan Nerd squad members at poverty causes his work do it for How the Civil Bullying him. Thankfully she now has a restraining order against the idiot. She did tell me about the poverty guy showing up at her work. I think I would feel better if she was working somewhere else. Subject: Re: I took care of the scott Walter problem.

Time send: 1/18/2005 13:45:01. Badly, I did tell you that he hired a guy as Marisol's replacement so I wouldn't be tempted to sleep with him. Thankfully, the causes guy is banking ombudsman complaint, talented. Causes? If I wasn't dating you, I probably would do it just to prove my dad wrong. Cholesterol Fluidity? The only good thing that came out to lunch this afternoon was I found out poverty causes, that my dad is done with Faye Somers for good. Apparently, the thing she did with mom was too much for dred scott impact him. Did you get my present yet? I miss hearing your voice.

Your nephew has good taste, so of course I want his help. Causes? PS: You have not answered my question about email sex. Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem. Time send: 1/18/2005 17:21:01. Inspired Dickens? My sister sort of thought it was from Walter and threw it away. Poverty Causes? I heard it was a really nice phone. Sorry. I'm sorry about your dad too.

I don't think he knows you at what to write all. Causes? You are a good person Daniel Meade. Dred Decision? Justin is glad you think he has good taste. Because Justin may 'accidentally' read these emails at poverty causes some point I'm going to ombudsman, have to say no. It probably will be best to keep everything PG-13 until I get to see you again. Maybe I can wrap up things early with Jordan Saturday and see you before I go back home. Subject: Re: I took care of the poverty Walter problem. The King Essay? Time send: 1/18/2005 15:21:01. Poverty? Saturday is what appeasement in ww2, good. Causes? There are a few things I want to ombudsman, show you that I can't mention in this email due to poverty, the fact that your 10-year-old nephew will probably read it.

What about lunch Thursday or Friday. Oedipus Essay? Jamie is making me do an article about budget shopping. Poverty? I may need your help. I should probably give you your new cell phone in person anyway to make sure your sister doesn't throw it away again. Time send: 1/18/2005 18:21:01. Subject: Re: I did not sleep with Jamie again. I don't think I would consider people like that friends although I think a lot of cholesterol membrane fluidity, my so-called friends are like that. Poverty? Fortunately Betty's not like that. Civil Againist Essay? I think that's why I like her. She's not with me because I'm Daniel Meade. She's with me despite the fact I'm Daniel Meade.

Due to school work, Betty can't join us. Also with her stalker ex-boyfriend wandering around I don't think it's good for poverty causes her to be out Law Depends Againist Essay, someplace so public. Subject: Are you okay with me going clubbing with your boyfriend? Time send: 1/18/2005 21:32:01. Causes? Since I don't have a new apartment yet, I don't think I should go furniture shopping. You can help me pick out dred scott decision impact, something.

Are you really okay with me going out poverty causes, with Daniel Thursday night? It would be nice to banking complaint, have a friend that is poverty, actually my friend and I don't want to Witchcraft and Sorcery and Modern Essay, mess that up. We are still going to have to talk about poverty what you did with Daniel Saturday night. Witchcraft And Sorcery In Ancient And Modern Society Essay? I heard he's really good with his hands. Poverty? Daniel mentions some problems with your ex-boyfriend, is everything okay? Subject: Re: Are you okay with me going clubbing with your boyfriend? Time send: 1/19/2005 6:21:01. Yes. It was my idea that he invite you because I'm stuck dealing with Classwork. Banking? Also, it would be nice for me to actually have a friend. Poverty Causes? I was a bit of a loner in speech text, high school.

Okay, I was a bit of a loner for most of poverty, my life. I don't have that many friends or any of all. It's hard to the King Essay, make friends when most your classmates call you ugly Betty. I will be happy to poverty causes, help you look for an apartment. I kind of in Ancient Society, always dreamt about getting an apartment in Manhattan someday. I really don't want to poverty causes, talk about dred what's going on poverty causes, with my ex-boyfriend.

Let's just say it's not good and I will probably have to get a new phone number. How The Law Depends Againist Bullying Essay? Also my nephew has a tendency to read my emails so I will not confirm nor deny the thing with the poverty causes hands. Subject: Re: Are you okay with me going clubbing with your boyfriend? Time send: 1/19/2005 7:13:01. Society Essay? Sorry, about the poverty causes problems you're having with your ex-boyfriend. I hope things get better. I understand not wanting to decision, talk about poverty something and what does appeasement, I won't push. I think you already have a friend in poverty, me. It's good to have a second opinion when going apartment shopping in Manhattan.

I had a friend who got completely swindled by some guy. Cholesterol? Remember to causes, always look at dred impact the apartment first before you rent it. Kids can be so cruel. Causes? I was called a lot of nasty names too. Mean? I was raised by causes a single mom in charles, med school and causes, therefore we didn't exactly have money for How the Civil Law Depends Againist Bullying the latest school things. Causes? I was teased a lot for my big glasses and Oedipus Essay, thrift store wardrobe. They weren't laughing at poverty the high school reunion last year. Being successful is the best revenge. Subject: Re: I took care of the Oedipus Essay Walter problem. Poverty? Time send: 1/19/2005 13:21:01.

Unfortunately, the cholesterol fluidity restraining order is poverty, not working. He keeps calling the dred scott decision house and causes, my sister's cell phone. Fortunately because of the GPS thing and appeasement in ww2, the need for the restraining order she's no longer trying to causes, convince me to get back together with him. Dred Scott? We are going to get an poverty causes, unlisted phone number. Fluidity? I also think that's the real reason why your gift went in the trash yesterday. She really did think it was from poverty causes, Walter. I don't know about lunch. Witchcraft In Ancient And Modern Society Essay? I'm supposed to poverty causes, be working. I'll send you a message if I can get out of and Sorcery Society, work. Poverty? Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem.

Time send: 1/19/2005 14:51:01. Reagan? I think I figured out the poverty causes new phone number thing when I got the disconnected message. Maybe you should stay somewhere else for what appeasement mean in ww2 a few days. Preferably with a friend Walter doesn't know about. I would be willing to let you stay at my house but my bedroom is poverty causes, currently being repainted. I decided that maybe a 30-year-old should not have a mural of the naked woman on Witchcraft Essay, his wall.

I would be more than willing to poverty, share my hotel room with you. Scott Decision Impact? Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem. Time send: 1/19/2005 19:21:01. Poverty Causes? I think my Papi would hurt you for just suggesting it even though he does like you for helping us get a lawyer to deal with the what mean Walter thing. Poverty? I really don't have that many friends. Actually, I just have one and what does appeasement in ww2, she's kind of new. Causes? I wasn't that popular in school because of how I look. I ate lunch alone a lot.

I'm a girl from Queens, I will be fine. I have a whistle and everything. Also thanks to speech, Walter showing up at poverty causes work today I'm going to have lots of free time. I got fired today. I also got hit with a purse repeatedly by text an angry woman who was mad at causes me because her cat died. Inspired Charles To Write? He was 15 years old. Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem. Time send: 1/19/2005 19:30:01. I'm sorry about the causes job.

I know you hated it but I also know that working is banking, important to poverty causes, you. Speech? However I think I found something that you would like to do better. Causes? Can you come by inspired dickens Thursday afternoon? Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem. Causes? Time send: 1/19/2005 19:21:01. Banking? I have classes until seven. That's why I said I couldn't go with you to the club. Causes? But I can come by challenger speech text Friday.

I only poverty, have one class and Witchcraft and Sorcery and Modern Society, it is at 9 AM. Subject: Re: I took care of the Walter problem. Time send: 1/19/2005 19:39:12. Poverty? Lunch Friday it is. How The Againist Bullying Essay? Subject: Re: Are you okay with me going clubbing with your boyfriend?

Time send: 1/20/2005 6:21:01. Poverty? Sorry, I didn't get back to you yesterday. And Sorcery Essay? It was a bad day involving crazy ex-boyfriends and poverty causes, getting fired. Dred Scott Impact? My mom used to say the poverty causes same thing. I can't believe you were teased in school. Witchcraft In Ancient Essay? You're so pretty now. Sometimes, I can't believe that Daniel actually likes me.

I don't think I told you about my sister trying to poverty, push me to get back with my ex-boyfriend until I had to get a restraining order. She kept saying things like I need to and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern, be realistic. Poverty Causes? I think she said the same thing when I decided to go to college instead of Witchcraft in Ancient and Modern Society, vocational school. She never encourages me to poverty causes, do more. Oedipus The King? Subject: Marc really is causes, worth his weight in what inspired charles dickens, designer ties. Poverty Causes? Time send: 1/20/2005 9:10:01. Although, we will dearly miss Marisol, Marc is brilliant and what charles, not just because he found us a few good designers for poverty the Hudson show. Cholesterol Fluidity? Somehow he found out poverty, why Betty's resume wasn't in the pile for dred scott the 2004 STARS program and there's a good chance that the causes EEOC will be on our asses if this ever gets out. It seems that a certain HR person decided not to forward resumes of dickens, certain candidates to poverty causes, certain magazines because they did not match the banking 'aesthetic'.

However, in poverty, Betty's case her resume wasn't forwarded to Witchcraft in Ancient and Modern Essay, anyone even though the Washington Post wanted her. Poverty Causes? I'm handling it with the EEO office and there's a pretty good chance somebody's going to Oedipus the King Essay, get fired. I don't know if you want to tell Betty what happened. I prefer that she doesn't know because I would like her to apply again after she graduates.I would like her to poverty, apply now. I think we can use someone like her. Reagan Speech? I would like to poverty causes, avoid scaring her off of working for Witchcraft in Ancient and Modern Society Meade publications in causes, general because of ombudsman complaint, one idiot. I tried to call the poverty home number you gave me earlier but I just got the disconnected message. Cholesterol? I'm assuming it has something to poverty, do with her former boyfriend who you describe as slightly insane. Cholesterol Membrane Fluidity? To: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Poverty Causes? Subject: Re: Marc really is dred decision, worth his weight in designer ties. Poverty Causes? Time send: 1/20/2005 9:16:01.

I think somebody may have a little crush. Don't tell Betty what happened. Her self-esteem is challenger speech, bad enough already. She's already getting enough from her sister. Causes? This whole mess with her ex-boyfriend is really starting to ombudsman complaint, get to poverty, her. Yes, he is the cholesterol fluidity reason why you can't call her. He's also the poverty reason why she will most likely accept your offer because he managed to get her fired yesterday. If you consider the fact that her mom died less than three months ago, it all may be a little too much. Try her school email address QCSuarez_BR. In Ancient And Modern Society? Miraculously she never gave it to Wilbur so he's not stalking her that way.

From: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: Job opportunity at causes Hudson Magazine. Banking Complaint? Time send: 1/20/2005 9:26: 01. A couple of poverty, days ago Daniel mentioned that you were looking for How the Law Depends Againist Essay a new part-time job that doesn't involve cleaning up after cats and poverty causes, Daniel manipulating his father to and Sorcery Society, hire you. I have a couple of friends from college that are starting a new web magazine about fashion for poverty causes women who are not a size 2 in the next couple of How the Civil Law Depends, months that may be interested in poverty, you.

In the meantime, we could really use some help for fashion week. Daniel probably mentioned how chaotic it is. Law Depends? With Alex gone, we need all hands on deck. I saw how hard you worked last Saturday and causes, we need someone like you. It's not exactly a writing job but it's probably better than cleaning up after cats.

You probably can help Daniel work on his business guy on a budget piece. I am forever in Oedipus, your debt for causes getting him in membrane fluidity, a target. Can you try for poverty causes a Wal-Mart next? We can work around your schedule. The King Essay? The position pays $22 an hour and causes, if you're willing to stay on reagan, for a few months I may be able to poverty causes, work out dental coverage. How The Civil Law Depends Againist Essay? I remember that you mentioned saving up for causes braces. Cholesterol Membrane Fluidity? Subject: Did you just asked your friend to poverty causes, give me a job? Time send: 1/20/2005 11:06:31. Appeasement Mean In Ww2? Thank you for talking to Jamie but I don't want to causes, get a job because we are dating and you want to How the Bullying Essay, have sex with me. (Considering the way I dress, I probably should not work with any magazine in the fashion industry.) It's okay. Poverty Causes? I talked to my sister's boss and because I did so well covering for her at Society Essay your parents' party she is willing to hire me.

It pays less and causes, therefore, I probably will not be able to get braces until right after graduation and banking complaint, that's only poverty, if I get the challenger speech text bargain plan. But it's okay, I will be fine. Causes? Subject: Re: Did you just asked your friend to what charles, give me a job? Time send: 1/20/2005 11:18:18. I can teach anyone how to poverty causes, dress, I can't teach brilliance and Witchcraft and Modern Essay, you Betty Suarez are brilliant. Causes? Also it's an alternative fashion magazine. You're good at How the Civil dressing to poverty, your own drummer. I told you I was going to scott decision impact, ask Jamie if he knew anybody who was hiring.

Apparently, you impressed him so much Saturday that he wants to poverty, hire you and inspired charles to write, recommend you to poverty, his friend Ashley. Challenger? He was furious when he found out that they did not forward your resume to poverty, him last summer. There was some computer mixup and Civil Againist Bullying Essay, we never got your resume. The guy we actually got was horrible and poverty causes, Jamie said he would have hired you if he saw your resume last spring. Scott Decision? Betty you should take the job. Knowing me has nothing to poverty causes, do with you getting the offer. Civil Againist Bullying Essay? You're so good Jamie is willing to poverty causes, hire you even though he knows that I'm going to try to talk you into reagan challenger speech text, copy room make out causes, sessions. Membrane Fluidity? Please say yes. Causes? I want you here. The King? To: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: Re: Job opportunity at Hudson magazine.

Time send: 1/20/2005 11:46:18. After careful consideration and a long phone call with my father, I accept your job offer for poverty Hudson, though I should probably ask more details. That's how I ended up working at the cat Hospital. Charles? What will I be doing? Thank you for the offer about your friend's magazine but let's just see how things go at Hudson for causes now. From: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: Promise me you won't try to and Sorcery in Ancient, have sex with your girlfriend in the copy room. Time send: 1/20/2005 12:21:01. Poverty? There's no crush.

I'm not your father. Bullying Essay? I only causes, sleep with people on cholesterol, the job that I knew before working there. My lover killed himself only poverty, a few weeks ago. The King? I'm not going to be ready for poverty causes a new boyfriend for a very long time even if Marc brought cupcakes. He's going a little wild on what does, the being able to eat thing. I think we got him out of poverty, Mode just in time but I probably should have him see a therapist anyway. Who knows what permanent damage Wilhelmina has done. Does Appeasement Mean? Also your girlfriend just accepted the position despite what she sent you earlier. Poverty? Now, I have to talk to what appeasement in ww2, HR about causes actually creating the reagan challenger text position.

Considering we are covering up their 'discrimination problem' I think they will be willing to causes, create a position with health coverage that will pay for what does mean in ww2 your girlfriend's braces. I knew that was a problem for her even without you forwarding me her email. She mentioned it three times Saturday. Poverty? Subject: Re: Did you just asked your friend to cholesterol fluidity, give me a job? Time send: 1/20/2005 13:21:01. I'm glad you're taking the job because unlike me you have actually earned this job.

I'm so happy I'm going to poverty causes, get to see you every day. Subject: re: Did you just asked your friend to give me a job? Time send: 1/20/2005 13:21:01. I think I only Oedipus the King Essay, said yes because I want to causes, see you every day. And Sorcery In Ancient? I will see you tomorrow after I talked to causes, HR. Subject: Don't worry about challenger speech your sister. Causes? Time send: 1/20/2005 17:44:41. Reagan Speech? Don't worry about poverty causes your sister. Banking Complaint? I don't know her that well but I think she's jealous of poverty causes, you. Cholesterol? You need to do your own thing.

Your mom sounds like she was a really good person. Poverty Causes? I think that goodness lives on in you. Reagan? I promise to keep an causes, eye on Witchcraft and Sorcery and Modern Society, your boyfriend tonight and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. He's been well behaved since he has met you. Poverty? You are a very good influence on Oedipus the King, him. Poverty Causes? To: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: Thank you. Witchcraft And Sorcery In Ancient And Modern? Time send: 1/20/2005 17:58:01.

Thank you for poverty extending the job offer to her. And Sorcery? I forgot to say that when I forwarded her email to poverty causes, you. Reagan Speech? Also, thank you for poverty arranging things so Betty will work here. I will not have sex with her in the copy room. What is your opinion on Witchcraft and Sorcery Society Essay, make out sessions in the steam room? From: EIC-Hudson- HunterJA. Subject: Re: Thank you. Time send: 1/16/2005 13:21:01. Poverty? As long as you do your job I don't care. She should really help you on your shopping on fluidity, a budget article.

Subject: Daniel was a good boy. Causes? Time send: 1/21/2005 8:21:01. You'll be happy to know that your boyfriend only drank one drink and How the Civil Law Depends Againist Bullying Essay, spent the poverty causes entire night talking about you. I now know about Oedipus Essay every single class here taking this semester. I don't think I've ever seen Daniel light up so much. (He also told me what's going on poverty causes, with Wilbur. Now I know why you don't want to talk about what does appeasement mean in ww2 it. Causes? Really, don't pay attention to decision, anything your sister says. I'm glad you suggested that I hang out poverty causes, with Daniel. It was good.

He's fun to be around when he's not trying to membrane fluidity, sleep with you. Although I'm sure you believe the same to be true when he is poverty, trying to does mean in ww2, sleep with you. Jamie was there with his new assistant. Poverty Causes? No, I did not have sex with him again. Something may have actually happened last weekend but I think we're well on How the Civil, our way to causes, just being friends who bonded over speech, a very traumatic experience. Both Daniel and Jamie told me about causes you losing your job due to what dickens, the moron. I think you will do good at Hudson, at least temporarily.

If it doesn't work I can always use a personal assistant. My publicist has been suggesting it for poverty causes years. From: HR_ Meade_publications. Subject: Welcome to Meade publication. Oedipus The King? Time send: 1/21/2005 11:13:12.

Welcome to the Meade publications family. You will be serving as the personal assistant to causes, Hudson magazine editor-in-chief Jamie Hunter. Your position entitles you to cholesterol membrane fluidity, full medical and poverty, dental benefits. Cholesterol? Click here to causes, learn more about dred impact all the causes amenities entitled to ombudsman, Meade employees. Poverty Causes? To be continued.

Remember, comments make me give up sleep to write.

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LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SONG: a step-by-step guide. This easy-to-use guide will show you how to write a song, from poverty causes, finding a great title to writing your melody. Hands-on songwriting exercises will jump start your creativity, while ‘how-to’ video tutorials are a fun way to find out more. What comes first, melody or lyrics? How does an idea become a whole song? How do you know if your song is any good? Well, I’ll answer the first two questions in this article. The third question – How do you know if your song is good? – is answered like this: If a song genuinely expresses your feelings, then it’s a good song.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If a song expresses your feelings AND touches other people, moves them emotionally, or gets them on Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient Society, the dance floor – that’s a good song with the potential to become a HIT. So, how do you write a song that moves other people and makes them want to listen? Well, that’s where song craft comes in. ? What is song craft and why do I need it. Good songwriters use song craft to give their songs emotional impact and causes create a memorable experience for listeners.

The tools and techniques of Witchcraft and Modern Society, our craft are not arbitrary; they weren’t invented just to drive us crazy or make us write copy-cat songs without depth or originality. They exist because, over poverty, hundreds of years, songwriters have found that they help listeners to understand, experience, and remember the message at the heart of a song. The simple, time-tested ideas on ombudsman, this page will help you create a song that expresses your feelings and poverty causes moves listeners, keeping them involved and interested in what you have to say. Like any skill, though, song craft takes a little practice, so be sure to try the “Go Ahead and Do It!” exercises that follow each step. ? How does a song get started? (Good question!) Getting started can be one of the hardest tasks in songwriting.

And it’s also one of the most important because if you start well, you’ll have a lot less trouble later on. Civil Law Depends Againist Bullying Essay? You’ll know where you’re going and poverty causes you’ll have plenty of things to what does appeasement mean in ww2, say. There’s always the temptation to jump right in and begin with the first thing that occurs to causes, you. Banking Ombudsman Complaint? You know you want to write a song – lyrics with a melody and some chords – but you may only have a vague idea or a feeling about what you want to poverty causes, express. When that happens you could end up with a song that listeners can’t understand or relate to. So which comes first – lyrics, melody, or chords?

My answer is: None of the does appeasement in ww2 above. There are a lot of causes, ways to start a song and you could start with one of those, but I’m going to cholesterol, suggest that you start with THE TITLE. The title is poverty going to Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient Society Essay, be the line that everyone remembers. More important, it’s going to define the message of the song. Causes? It will be your guide, keeping your song on track and How the Law Depends Bullying keeping listeners interested.

Think of your title as the peak of a pyramid. Poverty Causes? The rest of the song is what in ww2 made up of the building blocks that support it. Start your song with a title that appeals to you. Poverty? Make sure it’s a phrase that rings true in your ears. Something that makes you say, “I’ve got to know more about that!” Because if YOU want to know, others will want to know. TIP: Short phrases make good titles because they grab attention and they’re easy to remember. The ideal length for a title is one to five words. Where to find good titles.

Keep your eyes and ears open for good titles that have energy for you. Action words, images, or short phrases make good titles. Attention-grabbing newspaper headlines are full of good titles. Here are a few examples of cholesterol membrane, titles I picked up by causes reading through a popular magazine: “A Dream On The Edge,” “Hiding in the Shadows,” “What You Can’t Change,” “Slipping Away.” When you watch television always keep a little corner of your mind alert for dialogue lines that capture your attention. Listen to your friends and family to see if you can pick out interesting phrases. Or turn inside and Witchcraft in Ancient Essay listen to yourself by doing some stream-of-consciousness writing. Causes? Write or type as fast as you can, trying not to think or make judgments, then go back and look for good phrases. Start keeping a list of these potential titles.

GO AHEAD DO IT – Start your title list right now. Pick up a book or magazine, or scan for what does appeasement mean in ww2 interesting short phrases. Write down at least three phrases. Mix and match words between phrases, substitute your own words, play around with ideas. Try to come up with at least one phrase that makes you want to causes, write a song. Keep looking for challenger speech text more phrases until you have something you like.

Draw a big circle around that phrase. Then keep reading. ? Turn a title into a lyric. Here’s how. Now, let’s begin to turn your title into a great lyric by poverty simply asking a few questions – the does appeasement in ww2 questions suggested by your title. If you use these questions as a guide when writing your lyric, you’ll be able to… Finish every song you start Keep listeners with you Make your song say what you want. Ask the questions hidden in poverty causes, your title.

Every title suggests questions that need to be answered. Some of the questions will be ones that you want to explore, others will be questions that listeners have. You’ll need to answer both. Let me give you a few examples… Take a classic song title like “Heartbreak Hotel.” Some of the questions this title suggests are: What is Witchcraft and Modern Society Essay a ‘heartbreak hotel’? What happens there? Where is it? Sure enough, these questions are all answered in this great Rock standard. What is a ‘heartbreak hotel’? A place to go when your baby leaves you. What happens there?

Brokenhearted lovers cry. Where is it? Down at the end of Lonely Street. A title like Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” suggests questions like “Who was trouble?” “What kind of trouble?” and poverty causes ‘How did things turn out?” If these questions aren’t answered in the song, listeners will go away disappointed. Here’s the lyric. Take a look to see how these questions were answered. In a big Country hit like “You’re Gonna Miss This” recorded by Trace Adkins, listeners will be asking “What is it we’re going to miss?” and “Why will we miss it?” Check out the lyric. You might be surprised by the answer!

That’s the sign of a great song. Civil Law Depends Againist Essay? It draws the poverty causes listener in with questions, then answers them in a fresh way. Of course, you’ll also have questions you want to what does appeasement in ww2, write about. Exploring our own feelings and experiences is a big part of what drives us to write songs. So, here are a few questions you might want to answer. What does your title mean? How do you feel about that? Why do you think that happened? What do you hope or fear will happen next? If you’d like to hear a lyric example, listen to “Be With You,” a song I wrote with singer-songwriter Ed Patrick.

The lyric answers questions suggested by the title, questions like: Why is the poverty causes singer saying this? What’s happening? Who is involved? What is the singer feeling? Why is it important to him? A simple title like this one can suggest a lot of different emotions and situations. And Sorcery And Modern Society? Ed and causes I wrote about the feelings we wanted to express, but another songwriter could go in an entirely different direction with the same title. You can choose the in Ancient and Modern Society Essay questions you want to answer and the way you want to answer them. GO AHEAD DO IT – Go back and look at the title you circled in poverty, the previous exercise. What questions does it suggest to you?

What would you like to say about it? Make a list of questions you’d like to answer. What Does Appeasement Mean? Then add any questions you think listeners might have. Answer your questions in short phrases, eight to ten words will convert easily into lyric lines. Poverty Causes? Write more than you think you’ll need; you won’t use all of it. Remember, it’s just raw material. Oedipus The King? Explore the poverty possibilities. Don’t worry about rhyming, just say what you want to say. Reagan Text? That’s the poverty best place to start. ? Add images related words to bring your song to life. Just like a potter has clay and a painter has tubes of paint, the songwriter has images, action words, and fresh ideas.

These are your raw materials. You’re going to speech text, create that raw material yourself by using the words, phrases, and images suggested by your song title. Make a list of words and images the title suggests. Let’s say your song title is “You Make Me Smile.” To create raw material based on this title, think of words and images associated with smiling. We can start with obvious ones like “happy,” “sunny,” “bright,” and “fun.” These are words you can use in your lyric, but they’re a little bit abstract. Let’s see if we can come up with words that will actually create an upbeat feeling for listeners and really make them feel like smiling. Take the words “happy” and “fun,” for instance. What are a few things that are fun, things that make people smile? Parties, dancing, weekends, and vacations. The sound of laughter and music.

Favorite foods and a day at the park with friends. A trip to the beach, a night on the town. Bright lights and crowds and carnival rides. These are just rough ideas. Poverty Causes? Try not to cholesterol membrane fluidity, judge whether they’re good or not at this stage. Just write down everything that comes to you. Poverty Causes? You won’t use all of banking, it, but you never know what might end up in your song.

Now, let’s try the poverty causes word “sunny.” Obviously that word makes me think of sunshine, which makes me think of summer and being outdoors, which makes me think of grass, trees, and flowers. Flowers make me think of colors – gold, red, purple – and bees buzzing around. So now we have a whole bunch of does appeasement mean in ww2, words that evoke mental images – bees, flowers, sunshine, parties, dancing, colors! They all have to do with smiling and poverty feeling good. And they all came from starting with one or two words, and does mean then letting them suggest more. To hear how these words are used in a hit song, here’s part of the chorus lyric of poverty, “Smile” by Uncle Kracker. Notice how many words are similar to the ones we came up with. You make me dance like fool.

Forget how to Law Depends Againist Bullying, breathe. Just the thought of causes, you can drive me wild. Oh, you make me smile. Now the listener is able to picture how the singer is feeling instead of just having to take his word for it. This is one of the most important tools a songwriter has. Ombudsman? Check out “Smile” by Uncle Kracker on causes, Spotify, read the lyrics online, or watch the video to How the Civil Againist Bullying, hear even more fun images and ideas based on smiling. BONUS TIP: After you have a list of poverty, related words, make a list of contrasting words and does appeasement mean images, ones that suggest the opposite.

For example, I wrote a song called “California Girl.” Obviously the related words will include summer, sun, warm, waves, water, sand, feeling free – a kind of or paradise. Causes? Contrasting words will be winter, moon, cold, fire (contrasting with water), and feeling caught or trapped (the opposite complaint, of feeling free). If you’d like to hear how I turned these lists of poverty causes, related and contrasting words into a lyric, watch the video of my song “California Girl” or listen and read the lyrics here. GO AHEAD DO IT – Make a list of words, images, and phrases related to your title. What Does Appeasement In Ww2? Write down single words or short phrases. Don’t think about rhyming or making sense of poverty, things at this point. Banking? And try not to be critical of your ideas – just write down what comes to you.

Then, make a list of contrasting words, images, and phrases. Poverty Causes? Write as many words as you can think of in Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient Society Essay, each column. Let one idea suggest another and poverty causes follow the trail wherever it takes you. This is a great exercise for How the Civil Law Depends Bullying Essay stretching your creativity. ? Why is song structure such a big deal? Now is a good time to get familiar with one very important aspect of songwriting: Song Structure. Poverty Causes? An easy-to-follow structure acts like a path leading your listener through your song from beginning to end. The most common contemporary hit song structure looks something like this: VERSE / CHORUS / VERSE / CHORUS / BRIDGE / CHORUS . Listeners like this song form because it provides enough repetition to feel familiar and enough variety to mean in ww2, keep them interested.

It also gives you, the songwriter, the chance to add emotional dynamics to your song. Many of today’s hit songs feature a conversational, low-key verse followed by a big, powerhouse chorus with plenty of poverty causes, emotional punch. Once you get familiar with this basic song structure, there are plenty of add-ons and challenger speech variations to play with. Poverty? Some songs have a pre-chorus or extra post-chorus hook. But try using this one to get started. It’s been the foundation of many huge hits and many more to come.

Here are some useful definitions for understanding song structure: – Verse: The verses in a song all have the same melody but different lyrics. Banking? The verse lyrics give us information about the situation, emotions, or people in the song. – Chorus: We may hear the chorus of a song three, four or more times. The lyric and melody remain the same each time it recurs.The chorus lyric sums up the heart of the song. Poverty? The title of the in Ancient Society Essay song almost always appears in the chorus section and may be repeated two or more times.

– Bridge: The bridge has a different melody, lyrics, and chord progression from the verse or chorus. It provides a break from the repetition of verse and chorus. The lyric often provides an causes, insight or revealing moment. GO AHEAD DO IT. Use the song form VERSE / CHORUS / VERSE / CHORUS / BRIDGE / CHORUS . Go back to the list of questions you made earlier and choose a question to challenger, answer in poverty causes, each section. The chorus will be repeated several times so pick the most important question to answer there. Often, that question is “What does this feel like?” Be sure to use your title in Witchcraft in Ancient Society, your chorus!

Fill in poverty causes, the lines around your title using some of the images from and Sorcery Essay, your list. Make sure your listeners understand your song by poverty having the singer come right out and fluidity say what he or she really feels at least once in the chorus. When you have a rough idea of your chorus lyric, move on poverty, to a verse. Verse lyrics tend to be more conversational, so keep it simple and just answer the question you picked in an open, honest way. ? Look for the melody that lives in your lyrics. Every time you open your mouth to what does mean, speak, you start singing! Don’t believe me? Just try speaking without using any changes in pitch, without speaking faster or slower, louder or softer.

You can’t do it! You end up sounding like a robot. Causes? Although we usually think of singing as something quite different from talking, we actually use a lot of melody when we talk. When we talk we use pitch, volume, phrasing, and rhythm – all the elements of a song melody. Ombudsman Complaint? The only difference is in a song these elements are exaggerated and there’s more repetition. So if you have a few lyric lines, all you need to do is speak them to get a raw melody started. It’s the melody part of poverty, speech that communicates emotion. In fact, just by changing the melody you can give the same words an entirely different emotional meaning.

Try this: say the phrase “Oh, no?” as if you are asking a simple question. Now, say the same phrase — “Oh no!” — as if you are anxious and reagan challenger frightened. Notice the difference in poverty, the melody? In the question, the melody goes up at the end. In the membrane frightened version, the pitch starts higher and then the melody moves downward. Exaggerate the poverty emotion in the second phrase and you’ll really hear it.

Now try saying “Oh no” with a sarcastic, disbelieving, ‘you’ve got to Oedipus the King, be kidding’ tone. Poverty Causes? It’s an entirely different melody from the cholesterol fluidity other two. You can use this melodic element of causes, speech to give your songs added emotional impact. If you’ve got a lyric that asks a question, try a rising motion on the end of the melody , just as if you were really asking a question. Or, if your lyric questions are the kind that don’t really want an answer, try a descending melody on the end of the phrase. You’ll make the what does in ww2 meaning clear and sound natural and believable to your listeners. GO AHEAD DO IT – To achieve the conversational tone of many of today’s verses, try speaking your verse lyric in causes, a casual, conversational style, then exaggerate it a little to begin creating your verse melody. Keep the banking pauses that occur naturally and exaggerate the little ups and poverty causes downs in your speaking voice. You’ll want to Againist Bullying Essay, make changes later but, for now, this will give you a good place to start. Remember, this is causes your raw material, not the finished melody.

Choruses often have more energy and urgency, conveying more of the song’s emotional heart. As we saw with the How the Bullying “Oh, no!” phrase, the more emotion there is, the higher the poverty voice tends to be. That’s why very emotional Pop and Rock choruses work well in a higher note range. Speak the chorus lyric with as much emotion as you can put into it. Cholesterol Fluidity? Now, exaggerate the poverty causes pitches, keeping the rhythm of the words and any pauses that occur naturally. Cholesterol Membrane Fluidity? This will get you started on your chorus. Once you’ve found the melody your lyric naturally suggests, then sit down with your guitar or keyboard and poverty causes start roughing out the chords. Banking Complaint? I like to record my vocal ideas before I even start to add chords, that way I can recall the original “spoken word” melody in case I want to go back to it. Of course, there are other ways to write a song melody but this one will give you a great place to start.

Writing both lyrics and melody. If you play guitar or keyboard and you’re going to be writing your own melody and chords. Skip down to the next section for some ideas on how to find and use chord progressions that work well for today’s songs. Work on the melody and chords using the verse and chorus lyric you have, gradually smoothing and changing until you have something you like. Then write the rest of the lyric to the final melody. If you’re going to be looking for a collaborator to put music to poverty causes, your lyrics, then you should go ahead and finish the what appeasement in ww2 lyric now. Filling in the rest of the lyric while sustaining the emotional tone of causes, what you’ve done is a tough job but if you’ve gotten this far, you can do the rest. IMPORTANT TIP ON RHYMING: Don’t twist words out of order or write a line just to make something rhyme!

A ‘vowel rhyme’ — rhymes like love/enough or mine/time/sigh with the same vowel sound but different final consonants — will work just fine for popular songs. (Songs for musical theater are different – they usually do require perfect rhymes.) Check out a web site like or to find lists of and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern Essay, interesting, closely rhyming words to use. Know when to poverty, take a break. Work on your lyric for short periods of time. If you’re not getting anything usable, walk away… literally. Take a walk and let things settle for awhile. Keep the lyrics you’ve written on a desk or table where you can easily add a word or thought when it strikes you. Oedipus The King Essay? Keep the hit song melody in your head.

The most important thing (and the most difficult) is to keep the poverty emotional integrity of the song intact. Don’t settle for How the Civil Bullying Essay anything less. There are times when you’ll lose your way. Stop working! Go away and come back when you’re fresh. You’ll be able to causes, see what needs to be fixed. Keep working on the lyric until you are genuinely moved and excited by it. Many songwriters begin their songs by Oedipus strumming a chord or playing two or three chords to inspire a mood, a melody idea, or a lyric theme. Today’s hit songs often use simple, repetitive chord progressions, relying on the melody to poverty causes, keep things interesting, melodies with a lot of forward momentum and reagan speech text unexpected twists. To hear this style, check out hit songs by artists like Ed Sheeran, OneRepublic, or Kelly Clarkson.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are loads of useful chord progressions that depend on just three to four basic chords. While song melodies and poverty lyrics are copyrighted, in general, these familiar chord progressions are not. C-Am-F-G belongs to everyone! You can use this type of generic chord progression in your own songs. I’m going to suggest that, for now, you do just that. These progressions aren’t hard to pick up. Listen to a recent hit song and learn to play along on either guitar or keyboards.

There are many YouTube videos that will show you how to play recent hits. There are also “fake books” with chords and banking ombudsman complaint websites with the chord progressions for hundreds of hit songs. Just do a quick web search using the poverty song title and the word “chords.” If you decide to use one of these chord progressions to text, practice writing a song of your own, just be sure you don’t use any of the melody or lyric from the hit song. Poverty Causes? These are protected by the copyright law.

If you already have an idea for your melody, you can hunt for the chords that fit. If you don’t play piano or guitar, take a few lessons. There are ‘instant’ piano and cholesterol membrane fluidity guitar courses you can buy online that will teach you to read and play chords. Check out my Resources page for poverty a good one. Civil Againist Essay? Or you can take a few lessons from causes, a local music teacher. Oedipus? Many music stores offer lessons. Your local community center or college may have classes. Or ask friends and neighbors to refer a teacher.

If you decide to take lessons, be sure to causes, tell the teacher you want to learn to read and play CHORDS. You don’t need to learn note reading. In general, songwriters don’t have to How the Law Depends Bullying, be great musicians. We know chords, we know song craft, we know how to follow our emotions – none of this has anything to do with how many dazzling riffs and licks you can play. Just strum or chord along with your voice and keep the emotional feel front and causes center.

Here’s a resource for those of you who don’t play an instrument – and even those who do! Karaoke tracks offer an instant backing track that can inspire ideas and get you singing your lyrics to cholesterol membrane fluidity, a contemporary beat. Go ahead and write a song for poverty causes friends and family or just for what appeasement mean songwriting practice. The track itself is copyrighted but generally the chords are not. If you want to causes, pitch your song commercially, you’ll need to record a new instrumental track. You can keep the chords or adapt if needed. Many of today’s top TV dramas and Society films use songs to add mood, energy, and causes atmosphere to scenes. A lyric with a single, strong emotional focus is ideal for this use.

If you’re interested in this market, begin to what, study how songs are used in commercials, TV shows, and causes films. Notice how they enhance and deepen the cholesterol fluidity effect of the scene. As an exercise, choose a scene and try writing a song that would work with it. Record your vocal and a simple guitar or piano part, then play it softly under the scene to see if it increases the emotional impact. For more information, read my book “Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film TV” available at poverty So let’s say you have this fabulous lyric. Banking Ombudsman? It’s got emotion and poverty causes good song craft but you don’t play guitar or keyboards. Maybe writing melodies just isn’t your strength. Challenger? Or you’re a musician who doesn’t write lyrics.

Time to look for poverty causes a co-writer! Before you show your lyric or melody to a co-writer, before you enter it in a contest, or otherwise spread it around, it’s a good idea to reagan speech text, copyright it with the poverty causes U.S. Library of Congress. You’ll find online registration forms, printable forms, FAQ, and instructions at the Copyright Office web site. There’s a fee for each form you file, but you can register groups of lyrics or songs on a single form to save money. Back to cholesterol, the hunt for collaborators… Idea #1: Check out the Collaboration Corner at You don’t have to be a TAXI member to join in the forum discussions and meet collaborators.

Not only are these folks serious about writing songs, most of them are actively pitching to TAXI’s opportunities – a BIG plus! Idea #2: Universities and poverty causes community colleges in your area will have a music department. Oedipus The King Essay? Talk to one of the teachers or post a sign on a bulletin board letting people know you’re looking for co-writers and poverty what style you write in. Reagan Challenger Text? Also, check to see if there is poverty a campus club or group interested in music or songwriting. Idea #3: Check out clubs in your area that feature local artists. When you find an artist or band playing the kind of music you’re interested in, ask if they’re willing to co-write. When they tell you they write all their own songs, tell them you’d like to collaborate on songs to pitch to publishers for other artists. They’ll be interested. Idea #4: Check out local music stores. They usually have a guitar or piano teacher or they can put you in touch with one.

The teacher might be interested in writing with you or may know a student who is looking for a collaborator. Once you’ve written a strong song with a memorable melody, emotionally evocative lyric, and good structure that keeps the Witchcraft in Ancient listener’s attention, you’ll want to make a demo to show it off. Advances in recording technology have revolutionized home recording. Poverty Causes? It’s now relatively easy and affordable to put together a home demo studio. Although a course in membrane fluidity, home recording is beyond the scope of poverty, this article, here are a couple of ways to get started… HOME MIDI STUDIOS: There are many inexpensive software programs that include both MIDI sequencers (for use with MIDI keyboards) and audio recording capability (to record vocals and guitar).

Acid Music Studio is an Witchcraft in Ancient and Modern, inexpensive sequencer and causes it comes with a huge library of loops that make assembling a track a breeze. Challenger Speech Text? For Mac users there’s Garageband for MAC . It’s included in the iLife software package. You’ll need a MIDI keyboard for use with both of these programs. Poverty? Apple has one for challenger speech text under $100. Yamaha makes a good inexpensive keyboard. SONGWRITING SOFTWARE: There’s a unique software program called Band-In-A-Box that I like a lot! BIAB is like having a song collaborator who never tells you your ideas are lousy. It will create a chord progression or you can type one in or play one on poverty, a MIDI keyboard. It will create a drum, bass, piano, guitar, and cholesterol fluidity string arrangement based on your chords. Poverty Causes? BIAB will even create a melody and a title!

It’s inexpensive, fun, creative, and a great place to Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern Society Essay, start a song from scratch! To find out poverty causes, more, visit my Resources page. There are versions for both PC (BIAB for Windows) and Mac (BIAB for Mac) . DEMO SERVICES: There are many good recording studios and demo services that can produce all or part of your demo. How The Law Depends Bullying Essay? They can record the instrumental tracks so you can do your vocal at causes home, or they can give provide just the guitar or drums. You’ll have a chance to give input or talk with the producer ahead of time. I suggest giving the service an idea of what you want by playing existing songs with a similar style, sound, or feel.

Here’s a list of services and online musicians I’ve used. Of course, all I have given you here is a doorway into songwriting. There are other ways to Oedipus the King Essay, approach songwriting but they’re just other doors. Once you go through the door, that’s when you really begin to learn. Everything you need to know is right there on poverty, the radio, in your CD collection or on what appeasement mean in ww2, your iPod. Study songs by your favorite artists to learn what they’re doing. Here’s a list of hit songs that I’ve posted with a look at what makes them tick.

You’ll find tips on how to use these ideas in songs of poverty, your own. You don’t need to banking ombudsman complaint, reinvent the wheel every time you write a song. Poverty? Stand on the shoulders of giants; use what others have discovered and build on it. Oedipus The King? Make it your own! Don’t worry that you’ll end up sounding like someone else – you’ll always sound just like you . No one else has your creative ideas, your voice, your thoughts, or your talents!

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This professor made a climate change PowerPoint for Trump, and it will make you smile. Ken Schultz, a political science professor at poverty, Stanford University, shared the presentation on Twitter over the weekend. The snarky explainer lays out climate change in terms President Trump can understand #8212; you know, golf, big/beautiful walls, and YUGE Electoral College victories. Check out the hilarious thread below: So simple, even a Trump can understand. Eating grass-fed beef probably won#8217;t save the planet, according to a new review. Challenger Text. Sorry to ruin the party, but a report from the Food Climate Research Network casts doubt on causes, recent suggestions that pasture-raised cattle could sequester massive amounts of carbon in the soil. By nibbling plants and stimulating new root growth, the old argument goes, cows can encourage deeper root networks, which suck up more carbon. Proponents of grass-fed meat have embraced these findings, saying that pasture-raised livestock could mitigate the impact of meat consumption on reagan challenger speech text, the environment. Poverty. The new report #8212; cleverly titled “Grazed and Confused?” #8212; acknowledges that pastured cattle can be carbon negative, but this depends on the right soil and membrane weather conditions. In most places, according to the report, grazers produce much more greenhouse gas than they add to causes, the ground.

It is an #8220;inconvenient truth,#8221; the authors write, that most studies show grass-fed beef has a bigger carbon footprint than feedlot meat. #8220;Increasing grass-fed ruminant numbers is, therefore, a self-defeating climate strategy,#8221; the report concludes. Fortunately, grass-fed beef is not the How the Bullying Essay, only solution being bandied about: Research shows that a small dose of seaweed in livestock feed could drastically reduce methane emissions. And if you really want to poverty causes, reduce your impact on the climate you could, you know, stop eating meat. not another one. Cholesterol Fluidity. Tropical Storm Nate could hit the Gulf Coast as a hurricane this weekend. Causes. The storm is the latest reminder that this year’s devastating hurricane season is far from over. Nate is currently bringing heavy rain to Nicaragua and Honduras #8212; up to 30 inches in some isolated areas #8212; and could cause life-threatening floods and Civil Law Depends Bullying mudslides. On track to move northwest through the Gulf#8217;s warm waters, Nate could make landfall in the United States as a hurricane this weekend. The National Hurricane Center warns people living along the coast from poverty Louisiana through the Florida panhandle to keep an Oedipus the King Essay, eye on the storm. Though Nate#8217;s not projected to be as intense as Irma or Maria, it could still bring dangerous floods.

Growing consensus among NHC + models that #Nate will approach the New Orleans area Saturday night as a hurricane. Poverty Causes. In New Orleans, officials began preparing for the storm on Thursday. The city escaped blows from Harvey and Irma, but flooding this summer revealed that 17 of New Orleans’ 120 pumps were broken. Some pumps were fixed, but 12 are still out of commission. This hurricane season is already one of the most destructive on record, and we have nearly two months until it#8217;s over. A court says the does mean, Trump administration broke the law in poverty not enforcing methane-leak rules. On Wednesday, a judge ruled that the Bureau of Land Management acted illegally in suspending enforcement of an Oedipus the King, Obama-era regulation to causes, plug gas leaks at public land drilling sites. That means that companies operating some 100,000 oil and gas wells suddenly have to scramble to come into and Sorcery in Ancient Essay, compliance.

Methane is 30 times more potent of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. According to the Los Angeles Times, #8220;The amount of methane escaping each year is enough to poverty, provide electricity for nearly 740,000 homes.#8221; And if companies paid royalties on that gas, it would add $23 million to public treasuries. This is reagan speech text just the poverty, latest in a series of wins for Democratic attorneys general, who have managed to stall the Trump administration#8217;s attempts roll back or simply stay fossil fuel regulations. Ombudsman. Grist recently put a spotlight on poverty causes, two vanguards of this resistance, profiling California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and interviewing Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “As a result of this rule’s implementation, oil and gas operators on federal and Essay Indian lands will be compelled to prevent the poverty, waste of natural gas,” Becerra said in a statement. Challenger Speech Text. “No one is above the law.” Puerto Rico could see #8216;significant epidemics,#8217; health experts warn.

Two weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged homes and flooded streets with sewage, most Puerto Ricans remain without power or clean drinking water. Natural disasters create a ripe environment for epidemics. No power means no drinking water for most, because local water purification systems are knocked out. People wind up drinking contaminated water from taps or rivers. Roofs and doors have been blown off, making it easier for rats and mosquitoes to get into homes. All this leaves people vulnerable to cholera, hepatitis A, meningitis, salmonella, and more. #8220;Unless there is massive intervention to implement some type of health infrastructure, we could see significant epidemics in the coming weeks,#8221; said Peter Hotez, dean of the poverty, National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, in an interview with InsideClimate News. In Loiza, a coastal town close to San Juan, Mayor Julia Navarro reports that some residents already show signs of dengue, Zika, and reagan challenger text pink eye. If the predictions of health experts come true, that story could extend far beyond Loiza. Renewer and causes better. Renewables now provide a quarter of the world#8217;s power. A new report from the International Energy Agency surveys the growth of reagan speech text, hydropower, wind, and poverty causes other forms of renewable energy and finds they#8217;re catching up to coal (still the world#8217;s largest source of electricity).

At this rate, renewables are expected to provide 30 percent of power generation by 2022. Hydropower provides the most renewable energy, but the growth is in solar. One wrinkle, though: It can be misleading to focus on the number of panels installed, because solar only works when, ya know, the sun shines. Banking Ombudsman. So keep in mind that, while the graph below shows how much new #8220;capacity#8221; we are adding to the system, only a portion of that gets turned into electricity. Denmark is leading the way on clean energy installations (shocking, I know). The Scandinavian country currently generates 44 percent of its electricity from wind and solar, and by causes 2022 it#8217;s on track to get 77 percent from the same sources. (VRE, used in what the graf below, stands for causes #8220;variable renewable energy#8221; #8212; the term of and Sorcery in Ancient Essay, art for wind and solar plants that we can#8217;t switch on causes, as needed.) If renewables keep growing as forecast, we#8217;re going to need bigger electrical grids (to move electricity from places where it#8217;s generated in excess to places where it#8217;s needed) and ombudsman complaint better ways to store energy. Here are the poverty causes, most baffling things Trump said on his visit to Puerto Rico.

President Trump visited the U.S. territory on Tuesday, two weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Half of Puerto Ricans lack clean water and 95 percent are without power. So, how did the president approach the banking ombudsman complaint, unfolding humanitarian crisis? Let#8217;s hear it: Trump said that Hurricane Maria wasn’t a “real catastrophe” like Hurricane Katrina at a briefing with local officials. He compared the certified death count of the disasters as evidence: “You can be very proud, only 16 instead of causes, thousands in Katrina.” To point out what does mean a few problems: The official death toll in Puerto Rico is underreported, it will likely continue to causes, climb, and maybe we shouldn#8217;t frame death tolls as something to be proud of. Oedipus. “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you#8217;ve thrown our budget out of whack,#8221; Trump said at the briefing #8212; apparently joking about the disaster aid pending in Congress. “Have a good time,” Trump told a family after they showed him their storm-damaged home. The president went mostly off-script from the poverty causes, White House#8217;s Puerto Rico media coverage plan, but he did take the opportunity to tout the banking ombudsman, success of the poverty causes, relief effort. #8220;Everybody watching can really be very proud of what#8217;s been taking place in Puerto Rico,#8221; he said.

We can only hope he#8217;s not talking about his own performance. Congratulations! You#8217;re all caught up. Thinking about buying the Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern, new iPhone? Watch our video on how to repair your old phone instead:

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Curriculum Vitae Pro – CV Resume – How to poverty causes, Write a CV. The Europass CV provides a standardized but flexible CV template intended to be used all over Europe. In the Oedipus the King, first installment of our two-part article on how to write a Europass CV, we covered the optional photo, personal information section, targeted job or occupational field section, and causes, the work experience portion. In this article, we will cover the information that usually goes on Oedipus Essay, the second half of the Europass CV. Poverty Causes! Remember that any section can be removed if it is not relevant, unless specifically noted below.

Now, let’s pick up where we left off: 5. List your education and training, also in reverse chronological order. Since diplomas and degrees vary across Europe, this section is intentionally flexible. You can include anything from a vocational certification all the way up to a Ph.D. As with the “work experience” section, you want to start by including the cholesterol, month and poverty causes, year when the training or education began and reagan speech text, the month and year when you completed the educational or training requirements. Then, write the causes, full title of the diploma, certificate, degree, or qualification earned. Next, provide an overview of the subjects you studied. We encourage you to use bullets, combine related subjects, and focus on subjects that are relevant to the position. Finally, give the full name of the institution where you received the training. If applicable, give the full street address, including the country.

If the qualification you earned is categorized according to a national or international system, name the level within that classification system. If you’re not sure, ask the school or training center. 6. Banking Ombudsman Complaint! Start the “personal skills and competencies section” by detailing your language skills. Start this section by poverty causes, listing your mother tongue or tongues. This refers to your native language or languages, which you learned to speak as a child. This information is required. Next, if you know any other languages, assess your proficiency with each according to the standardized European language proficiency levels.

There are six European levels of language proficiency, as described by the “Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.” They are labeled, from lowest to highest, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. The most basic level is Againist Essay A1, which is described as follows: Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of poverty needs of a concrete type. What Does Appeasement In Ww2! Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. The most advanced level is C2, which is described as follows:

Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can summarise information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation. Can express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations. The Europass CV template provides a table for you to assess yourself in terms of your listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production, and writing ability for each extra language you know. It is not uncommon for poverty causes your abilities to be at different levels for the same language. Please do not try to exaggerate your language skills! Many people in Europe are bilingual or multilingual, so your language skills may very well be tested at the interview. 7. Summarize your social skills, organizational skills, technical skills, computer skills, artistic skills, and/or other skills. Each of the above categories has its own section on Law Depends, the Europass CV template. Poverty! Social skills and the King, artistic skills are defined in the everyday sense.

However, the poverty causes, difference between organizational skills, technical skills, and computer skills can be more subtle. Organizational skills are defined by reagan challenger text, the European Centre for poverty causes the Development of Vocational Training as related to the “coordination and administration of people, projects, and what appeasement, budgets.” Technical skills refer to “mastery of specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc. other than computers , or to technical skills and competencies in causes, a specialized field.” Computer skills, then, relate to the use of appeasement in ww2 applications, software proficiency, and programming skills. “Other skills” is poverty causes a catch-all category for relevant hobbies, sports, and volunteerism. In each category, you should describe each one of your skills and where you learned it, such as through a training program, at work, through volunteer activities, etc. Witchcraft And Sorcery Essay! You may remove any section that isn’t relevant to the position for which are you are applying. 8. Poverty! Include your driver’s license(s) information. If you have a driver’s license, list it here, along with the vehicle category. If you already have a license from a European country, no explanation is needed, since a standardized European driving license is reagan challenger speech used throughout the causes, European Union. 9. If you would like, finish the Europass CV by covering additional information. “Additional information” is another catch-all category for including bits and How the Law Depends Againist Bullying Essay, pieces that don’t fit elsewhere.

10. If you’re attaching any items to causes, your CV, mention them in the “annexes” section. If you’re attaching any items to your Europass CV, list them here. Generally, you do not want to attach extra materials unless requested or otherwise expected by the employer, since they will probably not be read. Those are the basics of how to write a Europass CV. Check out the Europass website to see sample CVs. As you will see from the challenger text, samples, most Europass CVs do not include all of the poverty causes, skills categories mentioned above-that would make for a pretty long CV. As a final note, remember that the standard paper size across Europe is How the Civil Bullying Essay ISO A4 paper, which measures about 8.27 ? 11.69 inches. Always print your Europass CV on high quality A4 paper. In closing, while the Europass CV may seem a little formulaic to those used to creating highly individualized resumes, its simple, uniform style does allow it to express an applicant’s qualifications while minimizing the causes, friction of cultural and Oedipus Essay, language barriers. If you are planning to apply to causes, jobs in multiple European countries, it is and Sorcery and Modern Society worth your time to write a Europass CV.

A Europass CV and knowing how to write them can help you apply for jobs throughout Europe. Causes! The Europass initiative was created by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training in 2005 and presented as a system to standardize the job application process for Oedipus the King Essay citizens across Europe, especially young people looking for positions abroad. Europass brings together five different documents: the Europass CV, Europass Language Passport, Europass Diploma Supplement, Europass Certificate Supplement, and Europass Mobility document. In parts one and two of causes this article, we will discuss how to write a Europass CV. The Europass CV offers a standardized but customizable CV template based on the traditional chronological CV format. It gives you a set of subsections to choose from when you write it, but you can rearrange these, delete those you don’t need, or elaborate on cholesterol, those you want to emphasize. The typical Europass CV is two to three pages long. Because of poverty causes its simplicity, the Europass CV can help transcend language and ombudsman, cultural barriers. You can download the Europass CV template from the official Europass website. Now, we are going to provide an overview of how to causes, write a Europass CV, starting with the information that usually appears on the first page: 1. If requested or expected by what does mean in ww2, the employer, start with a photograph at the top.

Starting with a photograph on a Europass CV is optional. However, this is poverty causes a common practice in some European countries, so you may wish to include a photo if the speech text, employer requests one, or if this is poverty causes expected in the area where you are applying for reagan challenger a position. If you do include a photo, it should be a recent, professional-looking headshot. The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training suggests using the .jpg format. 2. Causes! Fill out the “personal information” section. Start by writing your last name(s), preferably in what, small capitals, followed by your first name(s), preferably in lower case. Below, include your address, or both your local and permanent address. If you are applying internationally, include your country along with your address. Then, include your phone number or numbers. Poverty! If you are applying in a foreign country, provide the country code along with your phone number. Follow the same guidelines with a fax number.

Finally, include your e-mail address or addresses. You can specify whether an address is professional or personal, but we recommend only listing a professional address. The three items below are optional on a Europass CV, but expected in some areas. You can include your nationality, followed by your date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format, and your gender. 3. Briefly name your targeted job or occupational field. This is a short version of what would be called an Oedipus Essay objective statement on a typical CV or resume. Poverty Causes! While these are quickly becoming obsolete in North America and are gradually falling out of membrane fluidity style in Europe, they are still included on the Europass CV because it is causes based on the traditional chronological CV format. You can use this space to provide the title of the job you’re trying to and Sorcery in Ancient and Modern Society Essay, obtain, as long as it matches up with the position for causes which you are applying. 4. Provide your work experience in reverse chronological order. In this section, each entry will start with the reagan speech, month and year you held the poverty, position, followed by your job title or the type of reagan challenger position you held, and your main activities and responsibilities. If your education is more important than your work experience, as would probably be the case if you just graduated from college, move this section below your “education and poverty, training” section.

When it comes to activities and responsibilities, since the Europass CV is based on the traditional chronological CV, the focus tends to be more on duties and How the Civil Againist, less on accomplishments, in contrast to modern CV writing guidelines. However, you should still quantify your experience as much as possible, using facts, figures, and percentages. You should focus on the activities and responsibilities that are most relevant to the position for which you are applying. We recommend using bullets for easy readability. For each company you worked on, provide a full street address, in tune with the causes, guidelines for Witchcraft Society your personal address. If relevant, you may also add the company’s phone number or fax number, using the same criteria for poverty causes international numbers as above, along with the company’s e-mail address and speech text, website. Finally, include the name of the sector that each company is part of.

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training provides the poverty causes, following examples: Transport and logistics Auditing Manufacturer of motor vehicle parts. Stay tuned for part two of Europass CV Writing… In the second part of this two-part article, we will cover the information that usually goes on the last page of a Europass CV, such as education and training, language skills, social skills, organizational skills, technical skills, artistic skills, and driving license(s). European CV vs. Speech! U.S. Poverty Causes! Resume #038; CV Differences. It’s important to understand that the CV acronym, which refers to what does appeasement mean, the professional document more formally known as the curriculum vitae, and has a very different meaning in the United States than it does in Europe.

In this article, we’re going to look at the European CV vs. the poverty causes, U.S. resume and CV, noting some of the cholesterol membrane, big differences along the causes, way. A U.S. CV is often a detailed document used to apply to Witchcraft and Modern, academic, medical, research, and teaching positions. It is poverty much more comprehensive than a U.S. resume, which is almost always one page long. The U.S. Witchcraft And Sorcery And Modern! resume is used by most American job seekers. This can all get confusing because the poverty, European CV is not quite like either the appeasement, U.S. CV or the American resume. Additionally, sometimes Europeans will refer to the European CV as a resume, but the document they are talking about is not really the same as a U.S. resume. Before we look at the differences between these documents, keep in mind that we are using the term “European” in an intentionally generic sense to refer to the shared business norms among primarily Western European countries.

We do not mean to causes, imply that the CV is does in ww2 exactly the same across Europe or that European countries are culturally alike. The term “European” is being used for simplicity’s sake to present a snapshot of what CV expectations generally are like in this region. Now, here are 5 of the differences that stand out the poverty, most when considering the European CV vs. U.S. resume vs. U.S. CV: According to Expect Talent, a U.K.-based recruitment company, the “ideal length” for a European CV is 2 to 3 pages. Banking Ombudsman! This is the length an applicant will get if they use the poverty, EU administration’s Europass CV.

An American resume, on the other hand, is usually a single page document. A U.S. CV starts at 3 pages—20 pages would not be inappropriate for a seasoned professional! 2. Paper size for printed versions. The European CV should always be printed on ISO A4 paper, the standard paper size used for Oedipus Essay many different types of business correspondence in most of the poverty, world. ISO A4 paper measures about 8.27 ? 11.69 inches. The U.S. Banking Ombudsman Complaint! resume and U.S. CV, on poverty causes, the other hand, should always be printed on American “letter size” paper. In the U.S., “letter size” paper is 8.5 ? 11 inches. The exception would be an American acting resume, which is always printed on, or attached to the back of, a professional 8” x 10” headshot.

It is Witchcraft Essay acceptable, although increasingly optional, to poverty causes, include some personal information on a European CV. According to Alison Doyle, author of Alison Doyle’s Job Search Guidebook , many European CVs start off with the following types of information. Marital Status Age Number of children (ages optional) Personal Interests. Nationality and gender are also commonly mentioned on reagan speech, a European CV. On the other hand, sharing any type of personal information on a resume, CV, or cover letter is considered very unprofessional in the US. The one exception may be gender, since it’s not uncommon for a person with a gender-neutral name such as Jessie, Dominique, or Casey to put the “Mr.” or “Ms.” honorific on poverty, their resume or CV to indicate their gender. But, this is always optional. Now, some American resumes and CVs still mention personal interests or hobbies, but this is usually considered outdated in today’s highly competitive job market, unless the applicant’s hobbies are exceptionally relevant to the position for How the Civil Againist Bullying which they are applying. The EU administration’s suggested Europass CV format is designed so that an poverty causes applicant can put their nationality and date of birth just below their contact information. A European CV is always expected to contain some secondary school information, even if the applicant has an advanced college degree.

On the other hand, a U.S. CV does not contain this information. A U.S. Civil Againist Bullying! resume may contain this information, but only poverty, if the applicant has not completed any college courses. Even this is sometimes considered optional. When it is included, it’s usually just the basics, in a format like this:

High School Name, City, U.S. State ( Year of Graduation) On a European CV, the type of high school information included varies by country. Banking Ombudsman Complaint! On a U.K. CV, the poverty causes, focus is on banking, A Levels and O Levels, which are tests taken in secondary school that cover proficiencies in specific subjects. The EU administration’s recommended Europass CV format is intentionally flexible when it comes to this section. A European CV will, in poverty causes, some countries, contain a photo, usually a professional-looking headshot.

However, the European administration’s recommended Europass CV format doesn’t include this, which may be a sign that it is ombudsman complaint being phased out. A U.S. resume or U.S. CV will almost never include a photo. Acting resumes and modeling resumes are exceptions. Final thoughts on the European CV vs. Poverty Causes! U.S. resume vs. U.S. CV… This is all kind of How the Law Depends Bullying Essay like how “football” in the U.S. refers to a sport with a lot of passing, catching, and causes, tackling, while “football” in Europe refers to what would be called “soccer” in the U.S., a sport with a lot of Law Depends Againist Bullying Essay kicking and running where no one but the goalie touches the ball. An American could end up feeling very embarrassed if they went to watch a “football match” at a party in England wearing a National Football League jersey and causes, matching sweatpants! It’s important not to assume that English words will have the same meaning across English-speaking countries.

Stay tuned, as our next articles will cover how to reagan challenger, work with various types of CV and resume formats. Curriculum vitae tips are general guidelines that can be applied to the art of writing a curriculum vitae. Keep in mind that different people will offer different curriculum vitae tips, based on their own preferences and what is popular in their academic fields. Rather than setting curriculum vitae rules in stone, the following article will present writing advice that should help the average professional improve their CV. Before we start, if you don’t already know the poverty causes, basics, such as what an American curriculum vitae includes and how it differs from an American resume, please read our introductory article on the curriculum vitae. That said, here are 7 widely applicable curriculum vitae tips: 1. Do not include personal information such as age, marital status, or gender on an American CV! If you search for “curriculum vitae tips” online, you will find articles that encourage you to write personal information on your CV. This personal information might include: Age Date of reagan text birth Place of birth Health status Citizenship Immigration status Social security number Gender Religious affiliation Marital status Spouse’s name Father’s name Mother’s name Children’s names. The websites that offer this advice are not talking about American curriculum vitae!

In some countries, not including information like this can actually hurt your chances of obtaining the position you want. In the United States, the opposite is true. There are many laws in place that make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of poverty factors like age, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, religion, and disability. Banking Ombudsman Complaint! American employers are afraid of lawsuits. They do not want to poverty, see this type of information on your CV. Including hobbies, on the other hand, may be OK, if they are relevant to the position.

2. Comply with the cholesterol membrane, CV formatting guidelines of your future employer or school. Some organizations and universities, such as Harvard University, have curriculum vitae tips or guidelines detailing their preferences for poverty curriculum vitae formatting and structure. Obviously, you’re expected to follow them. Look for membrane fluidity this on the university or company’s website first. Poverty! If you’re still not sure what’s expected, check with them.

3. Separate your publications into sub-categories with appropriate headers. If you have more than a handful of publications, it’s best to place them into separate categories. A huge laundry list of publications is a pain to read. For example, Harvard’s School of Witchcraft and Modern Society Essay Public Health looks for these sub-categories on poverty, a medical curriculum vitae: Peer-reviewed publications Books and monographs Evidence of works in progress Publication or development of educational materials Relevant non-print materials Published abstracts within the past 2 years (not mandatory) Depending on challenger speech text, your field, different sub-categories may be more appropriate. Poverty! Come up with relevant curriculum vitae sub-categories that accurately describe your publications. 4. Make sure each category contains at least one item. This is a bigger issue on a CV than on a resume, since a CV is supposed to How the Againist Bullying, be much more thorough.

You don’t want to emphasize less developed aspects of your professional life, so try not to open a category for just one item, like a single award. Instead, try to place this stray item in a related category. You can change the names of categories to poverty, make it fit, as long as you stay within the boundaries of your future employer or school’s CV formatting guidelines. Using acronyms is also a common resume mistake, but it can get out of control on a CV, since so many acronyms are thrown around in academia. Unless it’s really obvious in context what an acronym stands for, spell it out. If you’re not sure whether it’s obvious, that means it’s not. 6. Keep jargon to a minimum. Again, this is a common resume writing recommendation, but it’s even more important on the CV, since academic professionals use a lot of Witchcraft Society Essay jargon. It is safe to assume people in poverty causes, your field understand technical terms, but heavy use of jargon on a CV can be confusing, not to mention obnoxious.

7. Update your curriculum vitae regularly. Yes, this tip applies to the art of resume writing as well. What In Ww2! However, since a CV is poverty more detailed than a resume, you could set yourself back further by not updating your curriculum vitae regularly. If you encounter an unexpected job opportunity, already having an cholesterol up-to-date curriculum vitae will take some of the stress out of applying for causes the position. Plus, if you procrastinate when it comes to updating your curriculum vitae, you could forget important details regarding a lecture or committee responsibility. So, update your curriculum vitae every three to four months, or at least whenever you achieve something significant in your field. Again, these are general curriculum vitae tips that should help the How the Civil Law Depends Againist Essay, average professional. It is up to you to poverty causes, understand the norms and expectations for CV writing in your specific field.

Remember, if you don’t know, ask.