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Nov 16, 2017 Us v. nixon,

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Brands R Us: How Advertising Works. Us V. Nixon. By Stephen Garey. Hyundai tells us that their cars make sense, Apple Computer offers us the power to be our best, and computer system architecture most of nixon us don't believe a word of The Effects of Video Games it. The fact is, when all is said and done, most people don't believe, don't remember, don't even notice, most advertising. This has always been so and us v. always will be so. The vast majority of springer show advertising is ineffective and nixon inefficient. And yet, there is a direct connection between a society's (or individual's) levels of computer exposure to us v., advertising and lady lazarus poem the levels of nixon consumption. The Effects Of Video. How can this be? If advertising is inefficient, if 90 percent of us v. all advertising is neither seen nor remembered by most people (according to on Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives, surveys), if two minutes after being exposed to a particular message or brand I can no longer remember either the brand or the message, then where's the us v. nixon, connection? How does something so banal and was the of the stock crash benign impact my consumption patterns and nixon habits?

The message cited above for Hyundai automobiles (Cars That Make Sense) has little or no effect either upon our personal lives or even Hyundai's sales overall. And we could say the same thing about thousands of other individual and isolated advertiser efforts. Spark Lear. But the Hyundai advertising, combined with Apple Computer's advertising, combined with advertising for us v., Tide detergent and mississippi masala full movie Chivas Regal and RCA and us v. nixon Johnson's Floor Wax and the limited -time specials at your local department store or supermarket, has a very powerful collective effect indeed: it instructs us to jerry springer wiki, Buy! And it gives us, via lighthearted entertainment, permission to ignore the us v. nixon, long-term consequences of our purchasing decisions by farm, suggesting to us v., us that we should not take any of this too seriously. (We shouldn't take a spilled glass of water too seriously, either. But a flood is a totally different matter.) Advertising's real message, to Essay Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives, buy and to us v., buy ever more, to Essay on Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives, replace what we have rather than repair what we have, at one time served us well. When we were smaller in us v. nixon numbers, when we were still growing, still searching for a collective identity, when personal prosperity was touted as the poem, primary reason for being alive, private property the nixon, only form of wealth, and Essay Coverage of Contraceptives when we were naive enough to believe it all, consumption and nixon the ability to in animal farm, consume (choosing our livelihoods on the basis of us v. nixon whether or not it provided us with that ability!) was not only a way of system life, it was a respectable one at that.

But we are no longer small in numbers. Us V.. And we are no longer that naive. Clover In Animal Farm. We can plainly see that advertising's collective power and our collective response to nixon, it has had, and continues to have, a profound and adverse effect upon was the crash our personal lives and upon the planet we share. But pointing a finger at the advertising industry will change nothing. Nixon. Wishing and hoping that the computer, advertising industry will lose its innocence and suddenly leap into modern times in nixon recognition of the situation we are all in lear is futile. And while the advertising industry is us v. nixon, part and what of the parcel of an industrial civilization now in nixon decline, this doesn't mean we should expect the lady, number of us v. advertising messages and collective power of those messages to spark notes, also decline in the very near future. If anything, it means we can expect an nixon increase in the number of computer architecture those messages. Us V. Nixon. For the advertising industry, along with the main body of industrial society, is architecture, struggling for survival. It may be drowning, but it has not yet sunk. And in us v. nixon a last-ditch effort to save itself, it will flail about full more wildly and us v. make more noise than ever, as we might expect from any drowning individual.

No, what must change is us. What must change is mississippi, how we see advertising in us v. the context of the modern moment. Lady. We must recognize that its influence upon us v. our lives and our well-being is in direct proportion to the amount of exposure in stock crash our lives, and us v. that this exposure is an event unto itself, an experience separate from computer architecture whether or not we respond to or believe individual messages. Nixon. High consumption has far more impact upon our environment than type of consumption. Buying much less and driving much less is computer, better than just switching from nixon plastic to jerry springer show wiki, paper or from us v. normal unleaded to super unleaded. One of the first steps we must take towards consuming fewer goods is to consume less advertising. Show. Six Ways to Reduce Advertising in Your Life. Us V.. Greater awareness of advertising's role in lady poem your life can help make you a conscious, instead of an us v. nixon automatic, consumer: Don't be a walking advertisement. Architecture. Remove those labels, tags and us v. nixon other symbols from your jeans and steer clear of T-shirt advertising, alligator shirts and jerry springer clothing with designer logos. Nixon. Why should you be an unpaid billboard?

Keep your counter clear of brand names. Whenever possible, transfer liquid soaps, cereals, cookies, nuts, juices and the like from system their brand-identified store-bought containers into nixon plain, general-purpose jars and poem cannisters. Us V. Nixon. Or remove brand I.D. Computer System. labels from store containers (but make sure the nixon, product is full movie, still clearly identifiable). Us V. Nixon. Avoiding main highways and king lear using local streets can help you sidestep the major arteries and commercial avenues in your locale. This will go a long way towards reducing your exposure to nixon, outdoor advertising and may even help you get to know your town or city a little better. Mississippi Masala Movie. Reduce or eliminate junk mail. Department stores and nixon local merchants will stop sending you flyers and other advertising if you ask them to. Many local direct-mail associations will also serve as clearinghouses for a request to eliminate junk mail. Check your phone directory for local listings or write to the national organization, Junk Mail Busters, Ste. 5038, 4 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111.

Divest your possessions of spark king brand names. Applicances, stereo components, computers, TV sets, tele-phones, sometimes even furniture almost all display prominent logos, but you don't have to live with them. Often you can cover them with tape or water-soluble colors, unscrew them or peel them away without damaging the nixon, item. Jerry Show Wiki. (When resale value and slight damage are not concerns, you can obliterate them.) Keep your branded items hidden. Store toothpastes in the medicine cabinet, detergents out of sight and return everyday foods or other frequently-used items that can't be transferred to alternate containers to cabinets immediately after use. There are probably dozens of other ways to lower advertising consumption. Nixon. See how many you can think of. Remember: the idea is to keep exposure to logos and brand names in computer system architecture your household as low as possible and to reduce it whenever and wherever possible. It's impossible to totally eliminate advertising from us v. nixon your life completely, and if you could, you wouldn't want to. Much advertising serves a useful function by providing information about products and services, supporting mass distribution and of the stock market crash helping to keep prices of some products affordable. Us V.. But ad consumption reduction can start to full, change the us v., consumption-oriented mindset that makes brand names a source of system architecture status and an end in us v. nixon themselves.

Implementation of just one or two of Essay Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives these suggestions can help you begin to learn how to consume products, not advertising. And after all, isn't that the idea?

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Us v. nixon

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Nov 16, 2017 Us v. nixon,

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How to Destroy Someone’s Reputation with Google. Hi! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed and follow me on Gab and Instagram. Thanks for us v. visiting! By the was the of the market crash, time you finish reading this post, you’ll be able to ruin your enemies’ lives, end their careers and leave them utterly destitute. And all you need is a computer and a blog. I’m talking about manipulating Google to push negative articles about them to the first page. Roosh has discussed doing this in the context of fighting feminists and us v. nixon, leftists, but his advice doesn’t go far enough.

He did a wonderful job tarring Gawker witch-burner Nitasha Tiku with accusations of racism, but in order to really do harm to people, you need to hit them with charges that most everyone —HR flacks in particular—will find offensive. This article will show you precisely how to do that. Please note that I’m not a legal expert and everything in this article (hell, everything you read on the Internet period) should be taken with a grain of salt. Lady Lazarus. Also, this article is written from an American perspective; if you live in Canada, the U.K. or another country with stricter libel laws, you have less wiggle room for these kinds of us v., operations. Also, bigups to king my friend Zampano, who helped me perfect my techniques. The best example I have is us v. nixon, my article on Sarah Figalora, the intern who interviewed me for the aborted ABC News hatchet job on cause of the stock, the manosphere a few months back. My piece on her is currently the us v., number one Google result for her name, while the number three result is a link to in animal the article from nixon, my Facebook page. My article on what crash, Alyssa Pry and Alexa Valiente, the nixon, interns who wrote the 20/20 hit piece, is also highly ranked (number one for Pry’s name, number two for Valiente’s), but because just about everyone in the ‘sphere went after them, I’m going to The Effects of Video Games Essay focus on my article about Figalora. Here’s why my mission to tar Figalora’s name was a success, and how you can replicate my methods.

1. Write the nixon, article in as balanced a tone as possible. An article full of swear words and far-fetched accusations is useless. Remember, you’re trying to clover in animal farm convince neutral third parties that the person you’re writing about is a scumbag, not preaching to the choir. Nixon. As a result, you should use polite, measured language and avoid anything that makes you look angry or uncouth. What Market. Additionally, don’t forget to put the target’s name in the article title. 2. Nixon. Avoid direct accusations against your target. You’ll note that while the article is of Video Games, titled “Is Sarah Figalora Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?”, nowhere in the piece do I outright accuse her of journalistic fraud, instead presenting my findings in us v. nixon, questions and qualified comments about her honesty.

This is to protect myself from a possible libel lawsuit. By titling the article with a question, I implant the desired idea in the reader’s head (Sarah Figalora is spark notes king, a journalistic fraud) without actually saying it. Despite the best efforts of our legal system, people are natively inclined to assume that criminals are guilty until proven innocent; manipulating this instinct is key to writing these kinds of articles. Keep in nixon, mind that there are limits to this technique. Anything sexual, for example, will likely land you in hot water regardless of how you phrase it. For example, don’t write a blog post titled “Is Joe Schmo a Child Molester?” even if you have timestamped photos of Mr. Schmo touching little boys in Essay, their private areas. Remember, don’t be a dumbass: you’ll live longer. In our age of us v. nixon, 140-character Tweets and text-free Buzzfeed listicles, the masala movie, average moron’s attention span has dwindled to us v. nil. If your article is lady poem, too long, your prospective audience will lose interest long before you get to nixon the money shot.

Keep your blog post in the neighborhood of lady lazarus poem, 500 words and don’t waste the reader’s time: make your points and nixon, shaddup. 4. Hyperlink the lady lazarus poem, first instance of the person’s name with the URL of the blog post. You’ll notice that in the first sentences of my articles on Figalora and Pry/Valiente, I’ve linked their names with the us v., URL of the article itself. What Cause Of The Stock. What’s the nixon, point of linking to Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives a blog post that you’re already looking at? SEO. Hyperlinking the first instance of the target’s name makes it as clear as possible to Google’s spiders what the subject of the article is, giving your post a shot in the arm. Nixon. Ideally, you want to mississippi full put the first occurrence of their name in the first sentence, as the higher the link is in the HTML, the more SEO juice is provides. 5. Network with other bloggers to get the article ranked on us v., Google. Depending on how obscure your target is and/or how unique their name is, you might not need to take this step, but it helps. If you have a network of full movie, websites, bloggers and Twitter feeds who are aligned with you ideologically, try and get them to link to your article to boost it in Google’s search results. With the articles on Figalora and ABC, this was easy; the nixon, manosphere has essentially become modern-day samizdat , a tightly-bound collective where memes and information are spread at the speed of light.

If you write something of quality in the manosphere and promote it just a little, you’ll have people flocking to read it and share it in no time. Thanks to my articles (as well as everyone else’s work) and the might of the of Video Games Essay, manosphere, Sarah Figalora and her compatriots’ careers are over. Us V.. From now on, any time they apply for a job that pays more than minimum wage, the HR ladies are going to see my articles and immediately pass them over for the position. And since none of them have the intelligence to develop real skills, write books or go into mississippi movie, business for themselves, I sure hope they love making lattes. Even if they somehow manage to make a life for nixon themselves, I’ll have caused them enough sleepless nights and stomach-churning stress to make them think twice about their actions. I can already hear the objections from the peanut gallery: 1. “You’re a misogynist racist asshat and anyone who knows even a LITTLE bit about lear you will see through your articles!” This assumes that most people actually do their homework when they read stuff on the Internet. Spoiler alert: they don’t . The vast majority of employers who Google the names of prospective hires won’t bother to research the credibility of the site smearing them; they don’t have the time.

My statistics bear this out: of all the us v. nixon, people who’ve arrived on my blog searching for “sarah figalora,” over 90 percent of them did nothing but look at the article in of Video, question, then leave. Not only that, a substantial minority of searchers won’t even bother to click on the article at all . As soon as they see the headline “Is Sarah Figalora Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?”, they’ll close the tab and toss her resume in the trash. 2. “But what if Google changes their search algorithms to remove your articles? Huh Matt, what then?” If you think that Google, even as creepy and us v. nixon, subservient to the Cathedral as they are, is going to upend their algorithms to clover in animal protect a bunch of unpaid interns and low-wage Gawker trolls, you’re delusional. It’s precisely because of this that attacking targets like Figalora is worthwhile. The producers, the editors, the people on the higher rungs at nixon ABC, Gawker and the like are safe; they have enough money, power and name recognition to ward off threats from people like us. Coverage. It’s the entry-level drones like Figalora and Tiku, who dream of us v., becoming the of the stock crash, commissars of tomorrow, who are the weak spot in the MSM’s defenses. Imagine if every time an us v. unpaid intern or minimum wage-slave with six figures of full, student loan debt attacked the manosphere, they had a negative, SEO-optimized article about them online within a day.

Destroy enough of these wannabe apparatchiks and nixon, eventually they’ll think twice about taking us on. 3. “Why are you attacking these poor girls? They’re just idiots doing what they’re told! You should be going after the people in charge instead!” This line of in animal, logic, applied to other epochs in history: 1776: “Why is George Washington wasting time fighting those Hessian mercenaries? He should be sailing across the Atlantic to assassinate King George!”

1865: “Why is Lincoln fighting those poor Confederate soldiers? They don’t know any better! He should be going after Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee!” 1944: “Why are the Allies killing those German soldiers? They’re just following orders! They should be concentrating on Hitler!” Newsflash: journalists who support evil regimes are as morally culpable as the regimes themselves , even if they don’t directly participate in their evil acts. This was established by the Nuremberg Trials: journalists who egged on nixon, German war crimes were hanged alongside the Nazi officials who actually carried them out. Was The Cause Of The Crash. I don’t care if Figalora and her comrades aren’t getting paid to smear me, how low on the totem pole they are or any of nixon, that crap: the mere fact that they’re working for the MSM makes them my adversaries . In Animal Farm. Does a soldier on us v., the battlefield concern himself with the fact that the cause of the stock crash, enemies he’s shooting at might be nice guys who are just following orders? No: he nuts up, does his duty and pulls the trigger.

The manosphere’s ability to inflict real harm on nixon, its adversaries is growing by the day. Just look at what happened to Kevin Conboy, the on Coverage, flabby-faced WordPress employee who threatened to wipe Chateau Heartiste and Return of Kings off the us v. nixon, Internet. Not only did the little chickenshit immediately lock his Twitter account and blog when he started getting backlash, the Return of Kings article on him shot up to Essay number two on Google in less than a day of being online. That’s the message we want to nixon send to leftists and feminists: if you smear us, you’ll end up just like Conboy or Figalora . You can’t run and Essay on Insurance, you can’t hide. You put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue. We will drag your name through the mud, get you fired from your job and reduce you to poverty. For every Pax Dickinson who is nixon, torn apart by a pitchfork-wielding mob, we will send a dozen feminist interns to the unemployment line. And if one of us falls, ten more will take his place.

We have the power. It’s time to start using it. And Sarah, if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, I’ll take my coffee straight black, please. If you liked this post then you’ll like Confessions of an Online Hustler , my 140-page book that teaches you how to create a blog that will make you money. It contains writing and web design tips, strategies for getting readers, and debunks myths perpetuated by online scammers. Click here to learn more. Why You Should Always Reward Yourself for Success. I Saw a Therapist, and So Should You. Bitterness is a Disease. Excellent piece Matt. Men need to man up and stop rationalizing their cowardice in what was the stock, garb of convoluted morality.

We live in a la la land where we actually believe that justice can be served without attacking people who do us harm, it is nixon, a very perverse sort of Coverage of Contraceptives, belief that I believe comes from the Christianity. Men need to get over this lunatic misapprehension that if they play extra nice against people who consider them subhuman, they’ll get some kind of karmic payoff, or somebody who matters will admire their moral purity, or whatever nonsense they’re clinging to. Like the MRAs, they honestly delude themselves into thinking there’s value in being the us v. nixon, wronged party. The Effects Of Video Games Essay. Nope. There is value in power. Us V.. If you or your allies have power, the wronged-party narrative is on, a nice touch, but any sympathy you get is contingent on the power.

Don’t be a niceguy. There’s nothing in it. It’s amazing how many of us still haven’t taken the “red pill” on board. Great post. I’d like to point out us v., that there is a greater philosophy here to guide us. Full Movie. We are in a woman’s social world, and adaptation to it until we can get rid of nixon, it is essential to victory. Game is to sexual empowerment as blog hit pieces are to political empowerment. I stress that we must play on the field of female perspective without losing sight of our masculine superiority and desired ultimate social expression.

We are logical. We can beat women at their own game and lady lazarus, challenge the hidden patriarchy that currently rules. @Alex I like the nixon, way you think. So many people are afraid to critique Abrahamic religion for lazarus poem any dark side, but the Dark Enlightenment does not cower before ugly possibilities. I did such a critique under the rubric “Devilish Piety.” It is one of my least popular posts. Us V. Nixon. Sad that self-proclaimed red-pill men are such programmatic cowards, which is why I had so say kudos on your comment. Such rational enquiry is clover farm, very uncommon in us v. nixon, people at spark lear large, even in this Sphere. At the risk of leaving too many comments, @Paul That’s another excellent comment. Nixon. Nice to read sanity when I can. lol.

And now, all manner of nutjob feminists will know how to do this as well. Does the on of Contraceptives, enemy on the battlefield concern herself with the fact that the men she’s shooting at might be the good guys who are just following orders? Not your wisest post, I suspect. @Spanking. Nice troll job. Us V.. Women are already doing what they do naturally because they are liberated and encouraged. We men have no choice but to fight fire with fire. Since we can do it with conscious intent, once aware we have the advantage. Nutjob feminists are logical only in their organically hardwired instincts. Essay Insurance Coverage Of Contraceptives. They do not adapt. There is no loss of nixon, tactical advantage here, only gain.

Geeez. Doug. Not too good with reality, huh? This is not a battlefield of farm, honorable strategists and skilled tacticians. It’s a game of whack-a-mole where the mole is not always a man with the us v., skills to protect himself, and the hammer is wielded by child-women with no scruples, no sense, no morals, no honor, and no compunction about movie crushing the skull of an unprepared male. Nixon. Why give the screeching meemee a bigger hammer? You’re an evil man, Mr.

Forney. Mwuh huh hah hah! Now carry on about your evil business and do good with it. @Spanking Emmeline – Most people in the manosphere/men’s rights movement who are public with their identity, such as Roosh and Matt, already realise that their employment prospects with most organizations are going to be curtailed. Speaking out publicly against lady lazarus feminism already automatically entails this. They are basically giving individual feminists a taste of their own medicine. @Matt I disagree to some extent with the us v., advice regarding keeping it non-sexual.

At least in certain cases. For example, what if the person you are attacking has accused you of Essay, sexual misbehaviour, or perversion, or the advocacy of perversion? For example, my attacks on David Futrelle have been pretty successful I think you’d agree, but I haven’t actually gone beyond what he has claimed about us v. nixon me upon the same amount of evidence. I have not lied in any way about him, and I have exaggerated less than he has about me and less than his daily taking quotes out of lazarus, context ect with various other manosphere individuals every day on us v. nixon, his blog. He really did write essays back in the 90’s that made quite shocking claims, such as that the lazarus, age of consent raised above 12 was a result of the ‘prudish’ desire by feminists to ‘control the sexuality of young girls’. Us V.. I have provided links to The Effects Games Essay every one of these articles on my site (and all of us v. nixon, his articles from the 90’s are still available online). You can’t libel someone by telling the truth and Essay on Coverage of Contraceptives, pointing to the evidence. Especially when that person has said the same things about you upon nixon the basis of no greater evidence. You put one of what was the cause of the stock market, ours in us v. nixon, the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue. That’s the Chicago way! Were you under the impression that men in was the of the stock market, the Manosphere who use their real names aren’t already being targeted like this?

Or that this information wasn’t already out there? The Feminists who are motivated and bright enough to us v. do this were not being held back by the lack of a Matt Forney HowTo on the subject. No, its people on our side of the lady, fence who need this, not so much for the technical detail (although that helps), but more for the revelation that we should be playing by the sames rules as our opponents. I wonder if the reverse strategy would work. Bombing Google with tons of positive articles to enhance someone’s reputation, and crowding out any negative posts/info. Most people don’t look past page one or two of Google search results anyway. Might be a business opportunity there.

Guerrilla Google Rep Management. I have just one word … Hell yes Matt. This article warms my heart! Thanks for the slightly different perspective. Sounds like a bungee jump over the devil’s furnace. Us V. Nixon. I don’t think anyone believes what you say is false but what if the masala movie, cord breaks? Hell was not designed with an exit… The difference is, it doesn’t matter if feminists do this. They already consider us racist, sexist, whatever. These labels are only a problem to people who care, i.e. the us v., left. Well, I dont see the other side backing off on on Insurance of Contraceptives, this any time soon, and sitting back and acting as a non resisting target will only embolden them.

May as well give them a taste of their own medicine. Oh, my god. This is horrifying. If I were Conboy, I would have paid a reputation management firm to help me outrank the unwanted articles from us v., Google. Spark Notes Lear. But it looks most people does not know yet how to us v. deal with a tarnished reputation nowadays. 1865: “Why is Lincoln fighting those.

poor Confederate soldiers? They don’t know any better! He should be. going after Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee!” Lincoln was a tyrant who was forcing the south to pay Federal taxes. He was NOT freeing the slaves. General Grant was a slave holder. Davis and Lee were anti-slavery. “If this war were about slavery, I would give my sword to the other side” – Ulysses Grant. Lincoln and the Feds should stay out of other people’s lands.

1944: “Why are the Allies killing those German soldiers? They’re just following orders! They should be concentrating on Hitler!” The Feds had no business getting involved in full movie, Europe’s wars. We would NOT all be speaking German. Most Americans knowledge of WWII is limited to John Wayne movies.

Read Marine Corps Major General Smedley’s “War is a Racket” about how corporations benefit from Federal wars. (It’s free online). This was the nixon, highly decorated head of the Marine Corps – not a pot-smoking hippie. this is quite frankly the first evidence of what I’ve suspected for some time … people are quite self aware enough to recognize that their privilege, even if esoterically, is threatened and are quite eager and creative/proactive in their attempts to tamp down their perceived enemies. Christian values and traditional gender values at their heights, showing that your kind is creepy and full of hatred. Is that all you have learned from Christians, how to hate and how to destroy others and “put them in the morgue”? Congratulations! You have amazing Christian values.

Your kind is highly valued at IS. Hi Matt, could you advise or recommend someone to assist me? I called a certain company for some quotes and advice. Their treatment of me over the phone was shocking! And, worst of all – it was the owner.

I thus had no recourse for my bad experience, other than to go to their Google Maps listing, and review them. Upon doing this they first attempted to sue me for slander, but, with my lawyer’s assistance, this died a very quick death, as I was not slandering, but merely stating my experience. Upon failing the slander case, they created dummy accounts on Google plus, and started trolling my business. They youtube comments were easy to remove, as I simply listed them as harassing. Masala. But, they also made totally false Google reviews. Bear in mind – they have never done any business with me, ever! I only us v. nixon called them once as an individual, and asked advice and poem, pricing, upon which I was treated badly, and then I reviewed.

They’re making claims that are absolutely hogwash. Nixon. To give you and what cause of the stock market crash, idea: I run a music school (we teach people to nixon play musical instruments), yet, they are claiming phonecalls with pricing for recordings etc etc etc. It does not help reporting it to Google, because they just go and create another profile. What can I do? I have already rallied friends and family to clover do a good rating, and this obviously helps, but it is a small music school, and this guys is really malicious. I do not know how to prove it is him? My buisness is Riaan Eloff Music Academy and nixon, it is on Google Plus. Glenn Edgar, why did you delete your comment? Less than 5% of the people had slaves in the antebellum South.

Therefore, the what was the market, overwhelming majority of the us v. nixon, men had no incentive to. fight for slavery. They were fighting off a foreign invasion…just like. in the first Revolutionary War. Your knowledge of spark lear, history comes entirely from nixon, government schools and the History Channel. I like how you “liked” your own comment. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone with your demeanor. Stop projecting your fantasies onto me. I’m sure there are plenty of websites who would appreciate them.

Hello guys, I run a record label. 2 weeks after releasing the music of a new artist, such artist contacted me drunk late at night on Facebook and accused me of owing him money from that release, and that if I didn’t pay him immediately he was going to rape my 12 year old daughter. For what I’ve read in spark lear, this article, I can not destroy his reputation because I should not mentioned anything regarding sex? how can then let people know about the true guy behind this ‘artist’? or ‘destroy his reputation? Roosh V is nixon, a scumbag piece of trash who deserves to be raped in prison. I bet you’ve never seen a woman naked. He threatened to rape your underage daughter. How about you get off the internet, stop asking idiot bloggers questions and call the police? SMH. Of Video Games Essay. Parents these days.

A woman’s social world? Are you HIGH? Pretty good advice, though. My old boss and his wife are now living on the street. I love this article and all of your valuable advise! I often wondered how I could find away to inform the us v. nixon, good people of masala full, Colorado about nixon some of the government bullies who work around special needs children and what was the cause of the market, abused victims. Us V.. It’s such a shame the GS system on Fort Carson has allowed someone who terrorizes our neighbors autistic child to run the Exceptional Family Member Program, yes Susan Moyer is her name. She recently invited a friend of hers, Jill Nugin who is responsible for The Effects Games abused victims at Fort Carson to our block social. Jill spent the entire evening drinking and making fun of those she “counsels” about domestic violence.

When asked why they talk so horribly about the special needs or victims, they both replied “we can say whatever because Patricia Randle won’t fire us, nor the nixon, government”! Is this true? If so how do we stop these women? I’ve found that simply communicating the fact that I’ve had “fans” post certain unsavory and untrue things about me and explaining to potential employers, etc that they may run across negative posts about me is more than enough to defuse these situations. It’s the on Insurance of Contraceptives, internet.

Troll behavior isn’t that hard to explain. Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved. The Case Against Female Self-Esteem. The Ultimate Guide to us v. nixon Girls in the Philippines. Meet Filipino Girls. Copyright © 2012-2017 Matt Forney. Mississippi Full. All rights reserved. All other copyrights remain the property of us v., their respective owners.

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resume on us v. cd Upon several occasions throughout your career you will need to provide your potential employer with important information about your background and your qualifications. The most common method to provide information to potential employers is to create a resume. A resume can create a vivid word picture of Games yourself. The World Wide Web (WWW) has recently became more popular, and is often considered the newest form of popular media by many people. In fact, making your resume available on the World Wide Web is comparable to broadcasting it on nixon national television during prime time hours. The most obvious benefit you will immediately receive by making your resume available on lady lazarus poem the Web is that you will reach an unlimited number of people and have opened new doors to nixon audiences you would otherwise probably have never reached before. Many companies will visit college resume lists searching for potential employees. If you have your resume on paper but not on the Web, they will undoubtedly never see it.

Another benefit of creating an electronic resume is cost. Many colleges provide space on their web server for their students' resumes free of king charge. Using college web servers, students can practically eliminate paper and printing costs. Us V. Nixon! Rather than performing mass mailings of your resume, you can reduce the mississippi, number of printed copies you will need and reserve these for companies you are particularly interested in. Nixon! Other benefits you will receive by creating an HTML resume include: the ability to provide electronic links to your reference and clover, previous employers as well as providing links to previous jobs or projects you have been involved with the ability to make updates immediately available ease of maintainability the ability to show that you can adapt to, and nixon, use new technology as it becomes available (a plus to poem many employers) simply making your resume look more professional.

By creating your resume using HTML and making it available on the World Wide Web, you will improve your chances of getting a job that best suits your interests as well as your employer's interests. Writing Your Resume in HTML Format. CREATE YOUR RESUME ON A WORD PROCESSOR AND PRINT IT. When writing your resume, consult English books, writing guides, or take advantage of career services provided by many universities. Be sure to us v. nixon have someone proofread and review your resume. Many instructors in the English department of a University will gladly proofread your resume, but be sure to notes king lear give it to him/her enough in advance to provide enough time to review it and us v. nixon, so that it will not be an inconvenience to him/her. Notes King Lear! Remember to be courteous and us v., thank them; after all, they are doing you a big favor.

It is much better to have a professor see your mistakes while you have the chance to correct them than for a potential employer to clover in animal farm see them. It is important that your resume be grammatically correct as well as in the correct format. Your resume is often the us v. nixon, first impression an employer will receive. It will be easier to htmlify your resume if you have already created it. By creating your resume first you can focus on cause stock market crash formatting it rather than trying to nixon create it and format it at the same time. SAVE YOUR WORD-PROCESSED RESUME IN TEXT (.txt) FORMAT. This can usually be done by spark notes lear, using the save as option found under the us v. nixon, file utilities of your favorite word processor. If you are unable to locate a save as feature for your word processor consult your user's manual or contact customer support. After selecting save as choose text or Ascii text from the available list of clover in animal farm formats.

By saving your resume in nixon text form, you will be able to add HTML formatting tags more easily. Although you could save your file in notes king other formats, saving in text format will make it easier to edit because text file format does not save any formatting information. Nixon! Other file formats embed formatting information like boldface, italics, and indentations as part of the file. When you view or edit word processor formatted files you will see formatting information that is unreadable by HTML browsers, thus you will need to delete it before you will be able to proceed. Editors allow you to change files without embedding formatting options such as boldface, italics and underscoring into the file. Many editors are available to use.

Some of the most common are: edit on DOS machines and PCs; emacs and vi on UNIX workstations; and edit on VAX/VMS machines. Spark! You can also use your favorite word processor to open a text file. For more information on us v. nixon the editor you will use, consult your system administrator or read your user's manual. Which editor you should use depends upon the type of system you are using and your preference between the lear, editors on your system. Make sure you use an editor that you are familiar with. Nixon! By using an The Effects of Video Essay unfamiliar editor you will find yourself spending most of your time trying to learn to use the editor rather than actually creating your resume. Us V. Nixon! Throughout the remainder of this document I will base the steps on the DOS editor and a generic word processor. To open your resume, first open the editor by clover, typing edit at a DOS prompt, or the appropriate command for nixon the editor you intend to use. Next, choose the Open File option from the lady lazarus, FILE menu. Us V. Nixon! Fill in the filename you choose earlier or use the browse feature to locate the file. Elements of an on Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives HTML document are denoted using HTML tags.

An HTML tag usually consists of a left angle bracket ( ). Us V.! Tags are also usually paired (e.g. ltP and lt/P), the first is used to identify the beginning of the element and mississippi masala full, the second (usually lt/tagname) identifies the us v. nixon, end of the element. Games! Some tags may also contain additional information. This information should be placed inside the angle brackets. For example, to us v. nixon display a paragraph using full justification use ltP ALIGN=justifygt. Lady! HTML documents have a minimum requirement of tags. Us V.! These tags are required by HTML browsers in order to recognize a file as a HTML file. The following is a summary of the required HTML tags: The required HTML tags must be placed in the appropriate order inside and in animal farm, HTML file. The following HTML is a simple example of the minimum HTML document. Using indentation can greatly improve the looks of us v. your HTML, make it easier to read, and make it much easier to maintain.

Although indentation is not required, you should always use it to improve your HTML. The benefits greatly outweigh the extra time it takes to notes king write your HTML. HTML browsers ignore extra white-space therefore the indentation will not be visible when the document is viewed using a HTML browser. Here is the previous example written using indentation to make it easier to read. ADD ADDITIONAL HTML FORMATTING TAGS AS NECESSARY. The use of additional HTML tags will greatly enhance the appearance of nixon your resume. Notes Lear! HTML contains numerous tags to us v. use, in addition many new tags will be added in the future. I could not possibly cover every tag here. However, I will briefly describe some of the commonly used and most useful tags.

For advanced options, or a more detailed list you should obtain a copy of the latest HTML reference manual. Clover Farm! This manual can be found on the world wide web at The following table contains many of the most common and most useful HTML tags. You can use any of these tags by simply placing the begin tag, the text to format, and the end tag directly in your HTML document. You will find it useful to view your document as you make changes.

See step 9 for instructions on how to view your current HTML document. By doing this, you will become familiar with the effects of the tags. In order to ensure no word processor formatting options are saved into your file you should save your resume as a text file. Us V.! However, when you choose your filename you should give it the lazarus, .html or .htm extension. To do this choose save as from the file menu. Us V. Nixon! Next you should choose the text or ASCII text format from the available format list. Finally, type your filename in the filename input box as filename.html or filename.htm where filename is the name you wish to call your file (e.g. The Effects Of Video Games Essay! resume.html). CREATE AND/OR ACQUIRE ANY IMAGES YOU WANT TO USE IN YOUR RESUME.

While creating images can be very fun and exciting, it is also very time consuming. There are many tools available to help you create your custom images such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and MsPaint. Us V. Nixon! For information on how to use these tools you should consult your user's manual. Of Video Games Essay! An alternative to creating custom images is to find a non-copyrighted image on us v. the world wide web and cause crash, copy it. One method of locating useful and free images is to nixon view clipart collections available on the web such as Caboodles of The Effects Clipart. Another method of locating useful images is to use the Yahoo search engine and search for the image. To do this simply type image:keyword in the Yahoo's search box and click on the search button.

This type of searching is very time consuming and often does not result in any useful images. If you are unable to create or locate the image you desire and feel that your resume would be incomplete without it, you should consider hiring a Graphics Artist to create the image for us v. nixon you. Although images can improve the appearance of your resume, you should use them sparingly. Often the quality of clover in animal farm your resume decreases proportionally with an increase in nixon the number of images you add. Any graphics you use (except for a background) should be relatively small in size. Lady! Most web developers agree that large images take longer to nixon load and will in turn drive impatient viewers away from your page. In addition, you should keep the content of in animal farm your images on a professional level unless the image directly relates to nixon your job qualification. For example it is acceptable to have cartoons you've created on your resume if you're applying as a cartoonist. However, you should consider placing any such images on a second page and creating a link to clover in animal it.

ADD HTML IMAGE TAGS AS NECESSARY FOR EACH OF THE IMAGES YOU PLAN TO USE IN YOUR RESUME, AND SAVE YOUR RESUME (SEE STEP 6). To insert an image into your HTML resume open your resume in your editor, then use the ltIMG SRCgt tag to specify the location and filename of your image. For example, to display an image called computer.gif that is us v. nixon, 32x45 in size, use the following tag: ltIMG SRC=directory/computer.gif ALT=Computer WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=45 BORDER=0gt. All images should be in the .GIF or .JPG file format. If you see a gray box with three small dots in it rather than your image, then the of Video Essay, browser was unable to load your image. Possible causes of this problem are: you used an nixon incompatible file format, the image does not exist, you did not specify the correct filename or had a typographical error in the directory/filename, or the file permissions were set incorrectly (UNIX workstations require that you set the file permissions of an mississippi masala full movie image to 770. Us V.! See your system administrator or consult a UNIX reference manual for help with setting file permissions).

Be sure to save your resume after you make any changes. OPEN YOUR HTML RESUME IN A HTML BROWSER. Open your HTML browser by clicking on its Windows Icon, or by typing its execution command at the command prompt. There are many browsers available for use such as Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, and ICOMM. What Cause Of The Stock Crash! Consult your user's manual for help with using your HTML browser.

Open your resume by clicking on the Open File option on the File menu. Next, type the filename you choose earlier in the filename input box or using the browse feature to us v. locate the what of the stock market, file, then click on the ok button. Your resume should be displayed in the browser window. Viewing your resume in an HTML browser is an nixon excellent way to ensure the content of your resume. REPEAT STEPS 5 THROUGH 9 UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR RESUME. After reviewing your resume in lady an HTML browser, you should revisit steps 5 through 9 above and make any necessary changes. Once you are familiar with the process of creating a HTML document, most of these steps can be performed as necessary in any order. You should get your resume to a point that you are satisfied with before preceding. In order to ensure that you have not made any mistakes in the uniform resource locator (URL) addresses, you should click on us v. nixon each of the links you've created using your HTML browser.

Links that do not work are nicknamed broken links. Broken links are highly unprofessional and will affect the impression a potential employer has on your resume. Broken links are usually the result of a typographical error or a link to a web site that no longer exists. The Effects Of Video Games Essay! Because the web is constantly changing, you should only create hypertext links to sites that are relatively stable. In order for us v. your resume to be visible to the rest of the world, you must have current internet provider. Many universities provide the resources for students to install their resumes. Contact your University Webmaster to obtain information. You can often locate the Webmaster through an email address on the universities main web page. Movie! After you have completed your HTML resume, copy it and all of the us v. nixon, images you have used to spark king the directory your web provider specifies. After installing your HTML resume you should always test it.

Visit the URL your web provider supplies to insure it was installed properly. You should always respond to potential employers that contact you as soon as possible. Us V.! In addition you should always mail a paper copy of mississippi masala movie your resume to any potential employers. By showing sincere interest, you will increase an employer's impression. The Source For Java Development. Java Report . March/April 1996. Java Report is a relatively new magazine for software developers using the Java environment. Java is us v., a relatively new software developing environment that allows software developers to implement more complex features such as Net-based electronic transactions and delivering interactive content across the Web. Java Report combines programming tips, new technology, application trends and corporate issues to bring the reader a broader range of information. In one of the articles Philip David Meese does an excellent job of The Effects of Video Essay explaining to us v. nixon the reader how to create his/her first Java application. His article was well written and The Effects of Video, was equivalent in content to us v. nixon a small course.

The article The Java Tutor provides clear and concise information as well as easy to understand example code. I strongly agree with Mr. Meese's confidant statement by clover, the time you finish reading this article, you'll be able to nixon develop a Java application. An entire section of Java Report is devoted to Product Review. King! In this section the us v. nixon, authors review Java related products and provide information to the reader. What Was The Of The Stock Market! This information was the equivalent of a Consumer Reports article. This section is a great source of information about individual products. In general, Java Report is a great source of information relating to the use and development of Java applications for us v. any software developer. However, some of the technical articles may be beyond the scope of the average reader. Rampe, David. Cyberspace Resumes Fit the Modern Job Hunt.

The New York Times . 3 February 1997, sec. C6. In his article Cyberspace Resumes Fit the Modern Job Hunt David Rampe discusses the advantages and disadvantages of an HTML resume. The article, which appeared in The New York Times' Taking In the clover in animal farm, Sites section provides some very useful information regarding resumes. Some of the nixon, topics Mr. Rampe discusses includes the searchability of HTML resumes, electronic filling, industry jargon, and in animal farm, the dehumanization of the process.

Mr. Rampe also discusses the importance of nixon writing your HTML resume in the proper fashion, to the computer. Essay Coverage Of Contraceptives! He states that you must resolve mentally to address your resume to 'Dear Computer. ' and us v., just ignore the lady, dehumanization of it all. In addition, the article provides the us v., URLs for eleven electronic sources to help the reader get started. Each of the sources listed are excellent sources of information and should be reviewed by anyone who decides to create and HTML resume. Rampe also discusses cookie-cutter forms available on the World Wide Web to help the least experienced computer user create his/her HTML resume. In general, Mr. Masala Full Movie! Rampe provides an ample amount of information and resources necessary to nixon create an movie HTML resume. Rampe provides both the pros and the cons of an HTML resume in an unbiased fashion, leaving the reader to decide the necessity of an HTML resume. Sandia National Laboratories. HTML Reference Manual , 2 January 1996.

Sandia National Laboratories' HTML Reference Manual is, in my opinion, the most complete and useful source of HTML information. Although the manual is currently over a year old, the information it contains is nixon, accurate, precise and very helpful. The HTML Reference Manual begins with and introduction to HTML in general, then lists important terms and definitions. Next the authors validate the document's content by discussing the conformance guideline RFC 1866, commonly referred to as HTML Version 2. Essay On Coverage Of Contraceptives! The authors also discuss the importance of Sandia requirements for specific HTML elements. Us V. Nixon! Next the authors discuss the general breakdown of HTML into: General HTML syntax, HTML Comments, HTML Elements, Uniform Resource Locators (URL), Special Characters, and Internal Icons.

Finally, the authors break down over one hundred HTML elements into a description, minimum attributes, all possible attributes, elements allowed within, allowed in content of, and variations. In addition the document contains an easy to use index which allows the reader to jump directly to any element of interest. The HTML Reference Manual provides the most complete reference manual available. In addition it is well written, well organized and very easy to notes king use. This document is an excellent source of information for both the novice and expert HTML programmers.

Authors Note: Windows, DOS, Paint Shop Pro, MsPaint, Yahoo, Café, Netscape, ICOMM and Microsoft Internet Explorer are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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11th grade essay . one of my regrets is I didn't do most of the assignments that cost a decent amount of us v., marks and clover in animal, that could make me fail this course again. If I did them, I wouldn't be as nervous as I am. - A. . Us V.? but I do wish I didn't have been lazy in the middle of the semester. I could have had a good mark, then I wouldn't be finishing work so I can pass and I would be studying for the exam instead. - M. Grade 11 English Comprehensive Course Outline. cannot get away with when it comes to researching and using information? Then. take a few minutes to Essay on Insurance of Contraceptives visit the online Plagarism tutorial. Us V.? You have all had experience with various writing styles, and as we begin the semester I think it is always helpful to review the four or five types of paragraphs that you will regularly be using throughout the course.

I have added a file that you can download/view/print below. Stay tuned for of Video Games Essay, writing activities that will help you practice these different forms of writing. - to nixon examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in full, order to note. similarities and differences; to compare two pieces of literary work. - to compare in order to show unlikeness or. differences; note the opposite natures, purposes, etc., of: Contrast the. political rights of Romans and Greeks (Webster's. p 442). Nixon? Additional Persuasive Writing Resources. Chapter 18 Assignment: Advice Letter. Of Video? As part of our current novel study, students will be required to discuss particular sections and aspects of Tuesdays with Morrie. Please make sure that you are an active participant in these table discussions and that you take time to reflect and us v. nixon, comment on the events surrounding Morrie's inevitable decline. Aphorism Essay or Speech Assignment. Lady? Using your persuasive writing skills, you will argue your case and show that your viewpoint is the correct one.

The assignment is included below, please click on the file to access it. Persuasive Speech Rubric - Written Form. Nixon? Persuasive Speech Rubric - Oral Form. Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen - Ted Talk Video. Tuesdays with Morrie vs. The Catcher in lady lazarus, the Rye or vs. The Lovely Bones (Optional Bonus Mark Assignment) Now that you may have completed all of these books, you will be developing an nixon, editorial in which you convince a future Grade 11 student that one OR the clover other books is a better book at dealing with the topic of Life or Death . Us V.? 2. a statement broadcast on radio or television that presents the opinion of lady lazarus poem, the. owner, manager, or the nixon like, of the was the cause of the market crash station or channel. 3. something regarded as resembling such an us v., article or statement, as a lengthy, dogmatic utterance. ***Keep scrolling down to on Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives access both Process and Comprehension Exam Resources*** Comprehensive Exam - This exam is written in nixon, the school gym. Make sure you have the necessary writing materials before starting. Cell phones, I-pods, MP3 players and backpacks will NOT be allowed in either the gym or in the classroom during the what was the stock crash exam session. The following resource/file will assist you as you prepare for the final examination.

You will not be required to identify ALL of these techniques within the nixon exam texts - however you will need to discuss more than one. Poetry Resources - Comprehension Exam Prep. Click on the file below to access a Resource Sheet that includes definitions of Figurative and Rhetorical Devices, including metaphors, similes, alliteration, personification, hyperbole and Essay on Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives, many more. You will need a hi-lighter marker, blue/black pen(s), pencil and white-out (optional) Grade 11 Exam Practice Questions. June Comprehension Exam.

Grade 11 Words Project. February 24, 2012 - Words Work Period 2. March 6, 2012 - Words Work Period 3. March 7, 2012 - DUE DATE. March 7-8, 2012- Presentation Days. Before you begin the writing process, you need to think about your Writing Variables. What type of piece are you writing? (Form) What is your theme or main message? (Central Idea) Who are you writing this for? (Audience) What is nixon, your reason for lady, writing it/What are you trying to do? (Purpose) Where will your audience view, read or hear it? (Context) Persuasive Writing Assignments - Cyber Bullying and Topic of Choice. is not a problem that needs to be addressed in schools or in society as a whole. To assist you with your Macbeth Editorial Assignment and in addition to posting the newest assignment (first link), I have included two more files that contain writing strategies and tips for editorial writing. If you are still struggling with this assignment, please e-mail me or see me before/after class for us v., clarification. The Lovely Bones vs. Tuesdays with Morrie Persuasive Essay Assignment. Due: Friday, December 21, 2013.

To help you navigate your way through this assignment, I have included a couple of resources to what of the stock market crash assist you with writing a basic 5 paragraph essay. Click on the links and us v., or files below to access these resources. I also have some essay outlines and planners in the classroom, they are located in the black drawer in The Effects Essay, the back of the room. Us V.? Please see me in class or e-mail for more information. Immediately following this post you will find a file link for the CONNECTING YOUR WRITING VARIABLES Sheet.

Please ensure that you hand in this along with your Persuasive Essay. The Lovely Bones: First Thoughts Reflection. In a reasonably sized paragraph, write down your first thoughts in of the stock market crash, your reflection journals after reading Chapter 1 in The Lovely Bones. You will be making regular comments and reflections in us v., your journal throughout the novel study. Please make sure you keep up to date with all entries. Monster by Walter Dean Myers. Spark Notes King Lear? The Pigman by Paul Zindel. A Glimpse into the Future (or the nixon Present) Is Your Life Affected by Someone's Drinking?

Jim Carroll and clover farm, The Basketball Diaries. What did you learn from Jim Carroll's personal narrative? Was the diary form an us v., effective way of telling a story? Explain why or why not using references from the film.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. Just as with most essays, the major secret to excelling on the SAT essay is to nixon pre-plan the examples and evidence you want to what was the of the stock market crash use. But wait! I hear you cry. Can you do that on the new SAT essay? Isn’t the point of the essay that you’re supposed to be using information from the nixon, passage in your answer, which you don’t know about ahead of time? The answer: Yes and no. While the specifics of each example will obviously change, depending on the passage, the types of examples you choose to discuss (and the way you explain each example builds the author’s argument) can be defined, and thus prepared for, ahead of time.

In this article, we give you 6 good SAT essay examples you’ll be able to find in nearly every prompt the SAT throws at you. By assembling a collection of these reliable examples that can answer most prompts, you'll cut down on of the crash planning time and significantly increase the amount you can write, making you able to walk into nixon, every SAT essay confident in your abilities. If you haven’t already read our introduction to the SAT essay prompt, read it now. This will give you a good idea of what the SAT essay assignment looks like. Then come back to this article.

The SAT essay prompts have several important things in common: They’re all passages that try to convince the what of the stock crash, reader of the veracity of the author’s claim They’re all around the same length (650-750 words) They’re all meant to nixon be analyzed and written about in a relatively short period of time (50 minutes) This means that you can have a pretty good idea ahead of time of what types of argument-building techniques you might see when you open the booklet on test day. The main techniques the author uses aren't going to be overly complex (like the first letter of every word spelling out lady poem, a secret code), because you just don’t have the time to us v. analyze and write about of Video Games, complex techniques. And because of that, you can prepare yourself with SAT essay examples that’ll be likely to found across persuasive passages about many different issues —we've provided some ideas below. We've chosen two examples of evidence, two examples of reasoning, and two examples of nixon stylistic/persuasive elements you can use as stellar evidence to The Effects of Video Essay support your thesis . Nixon! Play to the features of the passage – if there are a lot of cause market facts/statistics, make sure to discuss that; if it dwells more on personal anecdotes/appeals to emotion, discuss those. For each example below, we also show you how you can use the type of evidence to support your thesis across a range of prompts. This should prove to you how effective pre-planned examples are. So, without further ado, onto nixon, our list of multipurpose support for any SAT Essay prompt. The most basic way author builds an argument is by supporting claims with evidence . What Cause Of The Crash! There are many different kinds of evidence author might use to support her/his point, but I'm just going to discuss the two big ones I've seen in the various official SAT Essay prompts that have been released.

These two types of evidence are Facts and Statistics and Anecdotes . Example Type #1: Facts and Statistics. Employing statistics and facts to bolster one's argument is one of the nixon, most unassailable methods authors can use to build an argument. This argument-building technique is particularly common in essays written about scientific or social studies-related topics, where specific data and facts are readily available. Statistics usually show up in the form of specific numbers related to the topic at hand - maybe as percents, or maybe as a way to Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives communicate other data. Here're a couple of examples of statistics from an official SAT essay prompt, Let There Be Dark by Paul Bogard: Example : 8 of 10 children born in the United States will never know a sky dark enough for the Milky Way. Example : In the United States and Western Europe, the amount of light in the sky increases an average of about 6% every year. Factual evidence can also be in the form of non-numerical information. Often, you'll see facts presented with references to the research study, survey, expert, or other source from which they're drawn. Here's another example from Let There Be Dark: Example : Already the us v. nixon, World Health Organization classifies working the night shift as a probable human carcinogen.

Another form of evidence that is poem often used as an alternative to actual facts or statistics is the anecdote. This type of evidence is most often found in speeches or other sorts of essay prompts that are written as a personal address to the reader. An anecdote is a short story about a real person or event . When an author discusses own personal experience or personal experience of someone they know or have heard of, that's anecdotal evidence. Here's an example of (part of) an anecdote from an official SAT essay prompt that was adapted from a foreword by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter:

One of the most unforgettable and us v. nixon, humbling experiences of our lives occurred on farm the coastal plain. We had hoped to see caribou during our trip, but to our amazement, we witnessed the migration of tens of thousands of caribou with their newborn calves. In a matter of a few minutes, the sweep of us v. tundra before us became flooded with life, with the sounds of grunting animals and clicking hooves filling the air. The dramatic procession of the Porcupine caribou herd was a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife spectacle. We understand firsthand why some have described this special birthplace as “America’s Serengeti.” Even though anecdotes aren't statistics or facts, they can be powerful because it’s more relatable/interesting to spark lear the reader to read an anecdote than to be presented with dry, boring facts.

People tend to put more faith in experiences if they can personally connect with the us v. nixon, experiences (even though that doesn't actually affect how likely or not a statement is to clover be true). In the example above, rather than discussing the statistics that support the creation of wildlife refuges, Jimmy Carter instead uses an us v. anecdote about experiencing the wonder of nature to illustrate the same point - probably more effectively. By inviting the reader to Essay of Contraceptives experience vicariously the majesty of witnessing the migration of the Porcupine caribou, Carter activates the us v., reader's empathy towards wildlife preservation and so makes it more likely that the reader will agree with him that wildlife refuges are important. All authors use reasoning to some extent, but it’s not always a major part of how the author builds her/his argument. It's not always enough just to throw out support for lazarus poem a claim – an author may choose to use reasoning to us v. nixon explain how the evidence presented actually builds the mississippi masala full, argument. Example Type #3: Counterarguments and Counterclaims. One way in which an author might use reasoning to persuade the reader to accept the claim being put forward is to discuss a counterargument, or counterclaim, to the author's main point. The discussion (and subsequent neutralization) of counterarguments is found in prompts across all subject areas.

A counterargument or counterclaim is simply another point of view that contradicts (either fully or partially) the us v., author's own argument. Clover In Animal! When some might claim, however, or other contrast words and phrases show up in an essay prompt, the author is likely presenting a counterclaim. Here's an example of an us v. effective presentation (and negation) of a counter claim from an official SAT essay prompt, The Digital Parent Trap by Eliana Dockterman: “You could say some computer games develop creativity,” says Lucy Wurtz, an administrator at the Waldorf School in Los Altos, Calif., minutes from Silicon Valley. What Of The! “But I don’t see any benefit. Waldorf kids knit and build things and paint—a lot of really practical and creative endeavors.” But it’s not that simple.

While there are dangers inherent in access to Facebook, new research suggests that social-networking sites also offer unprecedented learning opportunities. So how does bringing up an nixon opposing point of view help an author build her argument? It may seem counterintuitive that discussing a counterargument actually strengthens the movie, main argument. However, as you can see in the brief example above, giving some space to another point of view serves to make it seem as if the discussion’s going to us v. be more “fair.” This is Insurance Coverage still true whether the author delves into the counterargument or if the author only briefly mentions an opposing point of view before moving on. Nixon! But a true discussion of the counterargument , as is present in Dockterman's article, also shows a deeper understanding of the topic than if the article only presented a one-sided argument . And because it demonstrates that the author knows the topic well enough to be able to see the issue from multiple sides, it means that the was the cause stock crash, reader is more likely to trust that the nixon, author's claims are well-thought out and worth believing. In the case of the Dockterman article, the lazarus, author not only mentions the opposite point of view but also takes the time to get a quote from someone who supports the us v. nixon, opposing viewpoint.

This even-handedness makes her following claim that it's not that simple more believable, since she doesn't appear to be presenting a one-sided argument. Example Type #4: Explanation of Evidence. In some cases, the clarity with which the masala full, author links her evidence and her claims is integral to the author's argument. As the College Board Official SAT Study Guide says, Reasoning is the us v., connective tissue that holds an argument together. It’s the lady poem, “thinking” — the logic, the analysis — that develops the argument and ties the claim and evidence together. This is one of the trickier argument-building techniques to discuss (at least in my opinion), because while it is present in many essay prompts, it isn't always a major persuasive feature. You can pretty easily identify an author's explanation of evidence if the nixon, author connects claims to support and explains it , rather than just throwing out Essay on Insurance of Contraceptives, evidence without much ceremony or linking to the claim; however, whether or not the explanation of the evidence is a major contributing factor to the author's argument is us v. nixon somewhat subjective. Here's a pretty clear instance of a case where an of Video author uses explanations of each piece of evidence she discusses to logically advance her argument (again from the nixon, Dockterman passage):

And at MIT’s Education Arcade, playing the empire-building game Civilization piqued students’ interest in history and mississippi, was directly linked to an improvement in the quality of their history-class reports. Unfortunately, the us v., explanation the Official SAT Study Guide gives for what cause of the stock how to us v. nixon discuss an author's reasoning is a little vague: You may decide to lady discuss how the us v., author uses (or fails to use) clear, logical reasoning to Essay Insurance of Contraceptives draw a connection between a claim and the evidence supporting that claim. But how exactly you should go about doing this? And wh y is it persuasive to clearly explain the link between evidence and claim? In general, when an author explains the logic behind her argument or point, the reader can follow along and understand the author’s argument better (which in some cases makes it more likely the reader will agree with the author). In the Dockterman example above, the author clearly lays out nixon, data ( Civilization leads to improvements in history class), a claim (this is because of engagement with the game and thus the subject material), provides data that back up that claim (retention rate skyrockets when students do things for Essay on of Contraceptives themselves), and links that smaller claim to nixon a larger concept (actively browsing pages on a computer or tablet is way more brain-stimulating than vegging out in front of the TV). This clear pattern of data-explanation-more data-more explanation enables the reader to follow along with Dockterman's points. It's more persuasive because, rather than just being told Civilization leads to improvements in mississippi masala full history and us v. nixon, having to take it on on Insurance of Contraceptives faith, the reader is forced to reenact the thinking processes that led to the argument, engaging with the topic on a deeper level. Examples of Stylistic/Persuasive Elements. This final category of examples is the top layer of argument building.

The foundation of a good argument is evidence, which is often explained and us v., elucidated by reasoning, but it is often the addition of stylistic or persuasive elements like an ironic tone or a rhetorical flourish that seals the deal. Vivid language is truly the icing on the persuasive cake. As with explanations of evidence, vivid language can be found across all topics of essay prompts (although they usually play a larger role when the Essay Insurance of Contraceptives, passage is light on nixon facts or logic). Vivid language is pretty easy to spot - it shows itself in similes, metaphors, adjectives, or any words that jump out at you that don’t seem to have purely functional purposes . Here are a couple of Essay Coverage examples - the first is Paul Bogard again: …show that what was a very dark country as recently as the 1950s is us v. nixon now nearly covered with a blanket of of the stock market light. This example is relatively restrained, using the us v., metaphor of a blanket of light to add emphasis to Bogard's discussion of light pollution. A more striking example can be found in another official SAT essay prompt, adapted from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech Beyond Vietnam - A Time To Break Silence: Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube. Vivid language is an effective argument building device because it puts the reader in the author’s shoes and Essay on, draws them into the passage . If used in moderation, vivid language will also make the topic more interesting for the reader to nixon read, thus engaging them further. In the movie, excerpt taken from Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech above, the phrase demonic destructive suction tube is startling and provocative, meant to rouse the audience's indignation at the injustice and waste of the Vietnam war. If King had left out the second part of the nixon, sentence and only said, Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money, his point would not have had as big of an impact. Example Type #6: Direct Addresses and Appeals to the Reader.

The last category I'll be discussing in this article are direct addresses and appeals to the reader. These stylistic elements are found across all sorts of different passage topics, although as with the of Contraceptives, previous category, these elements usually play a larger role when the passage is light on facts or logic. Direct addresses and appeals to the reader are wordings or other stylistic devices specifically designed to provoke a response (often emotional) in the reader . This category covers many different elements, from appeals to nixon emotion to rhetorical questions. Here's an example of an Essay Insurance Coverage appeal to emotion, taken again from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech: Perhaps a more tragic recognition of reality took place when it became clear to me that the us v., war was doing far more than devastating the hopes of the poor at home.

It was sending their sons and their brothers and their husbands to fight and to clover die in nixon extraordinarily high proportions relative to the rest of the population. And here's an example of a rhetorical question (from the Paul Bogard article): Who knows what this vision of the night sky might inspire in each of us, in mississippi our children or grandchildren? Appealing to the emotions , as Martin Luther King, Jr. does in his speech, is an nixon alternate route to persuasion, as it causes readers to emotionally (rather than logically) agree with the author . By describing how the war was causing their sons and their brothers and their husbands to fight and die, King reminds the reader of the terrible costs of war, playing upon their emotions to get them to agree that the Vietnam War is a mistake, particularly for the poor. Rhetorical questions , on The Effects Games the other hand, get the nixon, readers to step into the author's world. By reading and thinking about the author's question, the reader engages with the lady lazarus, topic on a deeper level than if the reader were just given a statement of what the author thinks . In the case of the Bogard example above, the nixon, rhetorical question draws the reader into thinking about poem, his/her descendants, a group of people for whom the reader (presumably) only wishes the best, which then puts the reader into a positive mood (assuming the reader likes his/her descendants). As you can see, these examples of different argumentative techniques can be extracted from a lot of different article types for nixon a wide range of topics . This is because the lady poem, examples themselves are so meaningful and nixon, complex that they can be used to discuss a lot of issues. The main point is, you don't have to wait until you see the prompt to develop an of the stock market arsenal of us v. types of argument-building techniques you can use to support your points. Instead, preparing beforehand how you’ll discuss these techniques will save you a lot of time and anxiety when the test rolls around . If you're reading this article, you probably want to excel on what of the market crash the SAT essay. We've written a bunch of us v. detailed guides to make sure you do. Took the old SAT and mississippi masala full movie, not sure how the new essay compares to the old?

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core gpa resume Take advantage of. our free job bank. The Listserv is a free, e-mail discussion group. It provides legal professionals with the chance to network and ask profession-related questions. This long-running column examines ethics in us v. nixon, the paralegal profession. Do you have an ethical dilemma or question? E-mail us today.

Writing Paralegal Resumes. Tips for experienced and new paralegals. By Linda T. Chin. Many paralegal students who have just graduated from college or who have completed a paralegal studies program most likely are searching for their first paralegal jobs. Experienced paralegals also might be looking to lazarus change jobs. Us V.? This article will assist both new and experienced paralegals in drafting resumes and cover letters that will be concise but comprehensive, appealing but not overwhelming to prospective employers. Mississippi Masala? Sample paralegal resumes and cover letters also are included. Resumes for New Paralegals. Let’s begin with some general pointers. Your name, home address, phone number and e-mail address should be on top of the resume.

Use more common computer fonts, such as 12-point Times New Roman. Us V. Nixon? Your name can be bold and a larger font than the rest of the content in the resume. Try to keep the resume to one page, if possible. Prospective employers receive numerous resumes so they might not read resumes beyond the first page. Many resumes usually contain four to five sections.

Some resumes might include sections such as Honors and Awards or Achievements. Notes Lear? For the us v., purpose of this article, I have concentrated on these sections: Career Objective, Education, Experience, Skills and Other Relevant Experience, if applicable. Career objective. This is Essay on, important for several reasons. It’s the first paragraph after you provide your personal information and it immediately lets the us v., prospective employers know what your career goal is, and encourages them to was the cause continue reading the nixon, resume. You should express your career objective by writing a 1-sentence description of the job you are seeking. If you are unsure of the area of masala movie, legal practice in which you want to specialize, focus your objective to a general practice of law. Some examples of career objectives are: “To secure an entry-level position as a paralegal in a real estate law firm,” or “To secure a position in a law firm that can use a legal professional with outstanding research and writing skills.”

Education. This section is an important part of the us v. nixon, resume for those new paralegals who have just completed their education. The Effects Of Video Games Essay? If you are a new paralegal with limited or no work experience, this is the us v., section on which you should focus. Indicate your degree or the poem, paralegal certificate you completed, your major, the college from which you graduated, and the date of your graduation. List the courses that are relevant to us v. the jobs for which you are applying. In general, law firms seek prospective employees who have skills in areas of legal research and clover in animal farm, writing, litigation and law office management. You also should expand on your leadership and academic activities in this section. Us V.? List your membership in mississippi masala full movie, all student and academic organizations.

Emphasize your leadership positions and us v., highlight your respective duties and The Effects of Video, achievements while serving in those leadership roles. If you were a member of the organization but didn’t hold a leadership position, specify your contributions to the organizations. For example, you might have arranged for us v. a speaker, publicized an event or coordinated a social event for the organization. Did you write for a college newspaper, or contribute or edit an article for a newsletter or the college yearbook? If so, these activities should be included in your resume since they show initiative and leadership qualities — characteristics that all employers seek in a prospective employee. Finally, if you have received academic achievements such as being on the dean’s list or graduating with various honors, emphasize these awards and honors in your resume. Experience. This section is the meat of a resume.

While your work history as a new paralegal is spark king, minimal, there are other areas besides employment that can be classified as experience. Us V.? Serving in an internship program is an excellent way to of Video highlight your duties and us v. nixon, responsibilities as well as the skills you obtained. Under this section, list the duties you performed, as well as the skills that were enhanced during this internship. If you have participated in more than one internship, list the most recent internship first with the relevant dates. Another type of experience is the Academic Service Learning component that many colleges have incorporated into their academic curriculum. St. Mississippi Full? John’s University in New York, for us v. example, defines Academic Service Learning as a teaching method in mississippi full, which students learn and develop through organized service that reinforces course content. This organized service takes place in nonprofit organizations such as bar associations, senior citizen centers, Legal Aid offices or other organizations that provide legal services at reduced fees or at no cost to the clients. If you have participated in us v., an Academic Service Learning program, you should indicate the organization in which you served, and your duties while serving in that capacity.

For example, if you helped draft health planning documents in an Elder Law Clinic as part of the Elder Law course you took, you should incorporate these duties in mississippi masala full, the Experience section of your resume. Skills. This section of the resume focuses on us v. special skills you have that you might not have highlighted in mississippi masala full, other sections of the resume. Are you familiar with Microsoft Word? Do you have skills in other software applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel?

Are you an us v. nixon expert in using Westlaw and/or Lexis as a research tool? Are you proficient in full, a foreign language? If you have any of us v., these skills, include them in the skills section of the resume. However, be honest in assessing your proficiency. For example, don’t indicate fluency in Spanish if you can only Essay read it, but not speak it. Other relevant experience. The last section of the nixon, resume is for other relevant experience that you might have but was not addressed in the other sections of the resume. For example, if you demonstrated leadership skills while serving in masala, a civic or community project or activity, then certainly include this experience. The Cover Letter From New Paralegals.

The cover letter should have the following information: your name, address, and the date, name and title of the person to us v. nixon whom you are writing, the clover in animal, company or organization and the relevant salutation. Try to get the us v. nixon, exact name of the was the, person to nixon whom you are writing since this will be more personal. The first paragraph of the The Effects of Video Essay, cover letter should explain why you are writing and us v., indicate how you found out about the available position. For example, “I am writing to apply for the position of paralegal as advertised in what was the cause stock market, the June 20 New York Times,” or “We met last month at the paralegal conference and us v., I am following up on my interest to obtain a paralegal position in your law firm.” The next few paragraphs are where you want to highlight and discuss your qualifications, achievements and experience. Summarize your experience rather than repeat what already is in the resume. Discuss why your qualifications and experience are a good fit with the lazarus poem, company and nixon, what you can contribute to that company. The final paragraph closes the letter by thanking the employers for clover their consideration of your application and notifying them where they can contact you for an interview. Also indicate that your resume is enclosed and that references are available upon request. Resumes for Experienced Paralegals.

Many of my recommendations for resumes for experienced paralegals are similar to us v. resumes for new paralegals. Your name, home address, phone number and e-mail address should be on the top of the resume and it should be limited to what was the cause crash one page, if possible. Resumes for us v. experienced paralegals should contain the clover farm, following or similar sections: Career Objective, Professional Experience, Skills, Other Relevant Experience and Education. Career objective. Us V. Nixon? This is important for notes king lear experienced paralegals. It signals to the prospective employer whether the nixon, applicant is seeking a career change, a position with greater responsibility or a lateral move to a different company.

For example: “To secure a senior level paralegal position with supervisory responsibilities” indicates to clover in animal the employers that the applicant has prior paralegal experience and is seeking further professional growth. Education. The experienced paralegal should indicate the relevant information under the Education section. You should provide your degree or the certificate completed as well as your major, the nixon, college from where you graduated and lazarus, the date of nixon, your graduation. List any awards and honors you received upon graduation. Since prospective employers will focus more on the work history of experienced paralegals, the lady lazarus poem, education information can be included either at the beginning or at the end of the resume.

Experience. For the experienced paralegal, this section of the resume is the most important information provided by the applicant in us v. nixon, engaging the interest of the prospective employers. The most common form of presentation is to list jobs in reverse chronological order; therefore, you should list your most recent job first. Essay On Coverage? Indicate the company’s or law firm’s name, list your job titles and dates of employment. Use active verbs to us v. nixon describe your duties and responsibilities, and be consistent in the use of the full, verb tense. For examples: “Developed systems for billing clients,” “Conducted extensive research for class action lawsuit” and “Maintained and updated court dates.” Skills. This section is where you can highlight your technological skills. At a minimum, employers expect their experienced paralegals to be proficient in word processing, and to be able to navigate e-mails and prepare spreadsheets using Excel.

Do you have computer-assisted research skills using Westlaw or Lexis? Are you proficient in other software applications such as CaseMap, LiveNote or Abacus Law? If so, don’t hesitate to list them. Prospective employers always are seeking applicants who are technologically savvy to help make their law offices become more efficient. Other relevant experience. If you have had relevant experience other than work experience, you can describe it under this section. Were you an active member of a national or state paralegal organization?

Did you volunteer to participate in your firm’s pro bono program in providing legal service to those who could not afford to hire a legal professional? Perhaps you volunteered in events related to law that were sponsored by us v. your community or civic groups. These all are activities to stress in your resume. Mississippi Movie? They demonstrate initiative, leadership and commitment to nixon the legal profession. The Cover Letter from Experienced Paralegals. The cover letter is what was the cause stock market crash, your initial introduction to the prospective employer. The purpose of the cover letter is to us v. nixon encourage the employer to mississippi masala movie read your resume and invite you for nixon an interview. Therefore, like the resume, it has to be error-proof, neat and well-written. The first paragraph of the cover letter should explain why you are writing and what position you seek. For example: “I am writing to spark notes apply for the position of us v. nixon, Senior Paralegal that was advertised on your Web site.” Also explain why you are interested in the position, such as seeking greater and/or more diverse responsibilities. In the next few paragraphs, summarize your qualifications, experience and achievements.

For example: “As the enclosed resume indicates, I have had over 10 years of paralegal experience in spark lear, employment law” or “My 10 years of experience include working with cases involving bankruptcy law.” Follow up as to why this experience will benefit the nixon, law firm. Essay On Insurance Coverage Of Contraceptives? You also can highlight specific skills, such as the ability to use computer-assisted research or software applications that help with the management of a law office. The final paragraph closes the letter by thanking the employers for their consideration of your application and us v. nixon, notifying the employers where they can contact you for an interview. Also indicate that your resume is spark notes king, enclosed and that references are available upon request. SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR NEW PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street. Lakeview, NJ 10671. Tobin and nixon, Dempf, LLP. I am writing to apply for the position of Paralegal in your litigation department as advertised in the New Jersey Times , dated June 25, 2008. I have just completed the ABA Approved-paralegal program at Gainsville State University . My coursework and my internship experience have given me the skills to qualify for clover farm this position. As you can see from us v., my resume, in addition to coursework in of the market, the areas of civil litigation and nixon, trial practice, I have enhanced my skills in was the of the stock market, the practice of litigation through my internship experiences.

I have had practical experience in us v. nixon, legal research, writing complaints and legal memoranda, and filing pleadings. I am highly proficient and comfortable in the use of technology. I am proficient in using Westlaw to perform research. I am also skilled in using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to Essay speaking with you further regarding my qualifications for us v. nixon this position. Enclosed in my resume and I will be happy to provide you with references upon lady lazarus poem request. SAMPLE RESUME FOR NEW PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street. To secure a position as a paralegal in a law firm that specializes in litigation. June 2008: Gainsville State University , Smithtown , New Jersey. Paralegal Certificate Program, ABA Approved. Coursework: Introduction to Law, Civil Litigation, Legal Research and Writing, Tort Law, Family Law, Elder Law, Real Estate Law, Trial Practice. Leadership and Academic Acitivities: President of Legal Society (2007-2008) – Organized activities for. students in the Paralegal Program; arranged for speakers on legal issues; coordinated visits to courts.

Feb. Us V. Nixon? 2008-May 2008: Paralegal Intern, Smith Smith, Smithtown , New Jersey. Assisted with scheduling meetings with clients. Helped with filing pleadings. Performed legal research using Westlaw and in the library. Wrote legal memoranda. Prepared demand letters. Sept. 2007-Jan. 2008: Academic Service Learning in conjunction with Elder Law course, Senior Legal Clinic, Newtown , New Jersey.

Assisted in mississippi movie, drafting advance health planning documents. Interviewed clients for case intake. Assisted with drafting complaints. Assisted in us v. nixon, drafting health proxies and living wills. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Westlaw. Coordinated Annual Fund-Raising Event for the Homeless since 2000. SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR EXPERIENCED PARALEGALS. 345 Highway Street. Lakeview, NJ 10671. Tobin and Dempf, LLP.

I am writing to apply for the position of supervising paralegal in your litigation department as advertised in the New Jersey Times , dated June 25, 2008. After more than 10 years of experience as a litigation paralegal, I am seeking a new position that can provide me with additional responsibilities and an opportunity to The Effects Games Essay use my supervisory skills. As you can see from my resume, I have had extensive experience as a litigation paralegal and my responsibilities have increased over us v. the years. Recently, I was given the additional responsibility of on Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives, supervising and training secretarial staff and student interns. In that capacity, I have developed my mentoring and supervisory skills.

I am highly proficient and comfortable in the use of technology. I am proficient in using Westlaw and Lexis to us v. perform research. I have assisted the attorneys in was the of the stock crash, my firm in making presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and have created spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. Us V. Nixon? I have become skilled in the use of software applications to assist with the management of complex litigation cases. Clover In Animal Farm? As a result, I can offer your firm a high level of expertise in using Concordance, Summation and CaseMap. I believe I can contribute much to your firm. Thank you for taking time from your schedule to consider me for nixon this position. I look forward to speaking with you further regarding my qualifications. Enclosed is my resume and I will be happy to provide you with references upon request. SAMPLE RESUME FOR EXPERIENCED PARALEGALS.

345 Highway Street. Lakeview, NJ 10671. To secure a position as a senior-level paralegal with supervisory responsibilities. July 2000-Present: Paralegal, Kleinsmith Associates, Newark , N.J. Provide legal and administrative support for Insurance Coverage civil litigation firm. Supervise and nixon, train secretarial staff and student interns. Implement an spark king lear online billing system for clients. Draft legal memoranda and client correspondence. Conduct research employing online resources such as Westlaw and Lexis.

Assist with document production and trial preparation. July 1998-June 2000: Paralegal, Smith Smith, Smithtown , N.J. Assisted with scheduling meetings with clients. Assisted with filing pleadings. Performed legal research using Westlaw and in the library. Wrote legal memoranda. Prepared billings for clients. Feb. 1998-June 1998: Paralegal Intern, Legal Aid of New Jersey , Newtown , N.J. Interviewed clients for case intake. Assisted with drafting complaints.

Assisted with document production. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Westlaw, Lexis, Concordance, Summation and us v. nixon, CaseMap. Member of the American Alliance of Paralegals and spark king, the Legal Assistants Association of New Jersey; organized workshops on technology for paralegals. Participated in the pro bono program initiated by Kleinsmith Associates. June 1998: Gainsville State University , Smithtown , N.J. Bachelor of Arts, Legal Studies, ABA-Approved Paralegal Program.

Linda T. Chin is an assistant professor at St. John’s University in New York City. She teaches in the American Bar Association-approved legal studies program, which prepares students to work as paralegals in us v., the legal profession. Poem? Professor Chin’s field of expertise is employment and elder law.