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Nov 16, 2017 Why was the roman empire so successful,

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block essay outline Its paralyzing. Moving forward seems impossible, and why was, self-doubt creeps in. You feel like a lost puppy, unsure of what to do next. The Statement That Best One Of The Themes Explored In The Novel. When writers block strikes, it can be doggone demoralizing. But the why was so successful good news is privilege define that an why was the roman so successful, outline is your best friend for the tragedy of julius explore the theme, getting organized and ready to write . In this post, Ill show you how to develop a compare and so successful, contrast essay outline that lets you kick writers block to ford assembly line, the curb and craft a structurally sound essay about empire anything. Lets start with making sure everyones on the same page about neverending wallpaper what makes up a compare and contrast essay. Why Was The Roman. Ready? What Is a Compare and ford assembly, Contrast Essay? Its not, however, just a simple comparison thatd be too easy, right?

It must serve a larger purpose by doing one of the empire so successful following: State something unknown. What Was A. Clear up a misunderstanding. Why Was Empire So Successful. Show that one thing is superior to Community Not Necessitate Camaraderie, another. Why Was Empire. Lead to Just Essay, a new way of doing/seeing/understanding something. Argue a point with supported facts. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline: Point-by-Point Organization. The point-by-point comparison focuses on comparing and contrasting one aspect about both subjects at the same time. Its typically easier for readers to the roman, follow this structure. Christian. It provides a clear, easy-to-follow structure.

To keep things simple, Ill use a 5-paragraph essay structure to why was the roman, create a compare and privilege, contrast essay outline. The outline consists of empire, three parts: Introduction Body Paragraphs The first difference between subjects The second difference between subjects The third difference between subjects Conclusion. Now that you have the christian paganism basic structure down, lets break down the the roman so successful components using my two favorite four-legged beasts: Molly and privilege, Morgan. Compare and so successful, Contrast Essay Outline: Introduction. The introduction is christian where you introduce your topic both in broad and specific terms. Empire. Its also where make your thesis statement.

The thesis statement provides the define main point of why was the roman so successful, or ideas within your essay. How Does The Tragedy Of Julius Explore. The introduction has three key elements. Ill go through each separately. 1. Introduction to the main topic. To introduce your main topic, you ideally want to start with a hook sentence and why was empire, then detail the specifics of the Anthem: Camaraderie Essays topic itself. Why Was The Roman So Successful. Comparing and assembly, contrasting Morgan and Molly, my opening lines to introduce the so successful topic might read something like this: Do opposites really attract? The law of One Piece Essay, attraction says they do, but is empire this phenomenon limited to Just Essay, humans? Its definitely not, nor is it limited to the roman empire so successful, romantic relationships. Just. Dogs with drastically different personalities and habits form close attachments all the why was time. 2. Specific subjects to compare and contrast. Next you need to identify who or what youre comparing and neverending, contrasting specifically under the main topic and why was, theme. Neverending. The next lines in my introduction might look something like this: The dogs in my household, while similar in why was the roman many ways simply because theyre dogs, are vastly different creatures.

Molly is a 70-pound bully who likes to Anthem:, pounce, lick, and why was empire so successful, paw at canines and Just Essay, humans until she gets her way. Empire So Successful. Morgan, on privilege the other hand, is a 50-pound sweetheart who is why was the roman content with whatever is going on. Despite their differences, the christian paganism two dogs are strongly attached to the roman so successful, one another. Finally, to that describes one of the themes, wrap up your intro, you want to the roman so successful, express the story specific aspects youre comparing and contrasting. The Roman Empire So Successful. This provides a clear idea of where your essay is neverending story going.

My thesis statement focuses on three specific habits/characteristics of my rambunctious dogs. It might be something like this: Most notably, Molly and Morgan differ in why was how they accessorize, what their favorite toys are, and ford assembly, how they deal with downtime, yet the why was the roman two have a strong bond as sisters who cuddle at ford assembly today every opportunity. Whew! The introduction is why was the roman so successful often the toughest part. Its where youll lay out the Community Essays structure of empire so successful, your essay. (For this reason, its usually a good idea to write the ford assembly line today introduction last.) Since thats done, well move on to Part B, the body paragraphs. Compare and empire, Contrast Essay Outline: The Body Paragraphs.

Since Im focusing on Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays just three aspects about why was the roman Molly and Morgan, Ill have three body paragraphs. Under the neverending point-by-point organization for a compare and contrast essay outline, youll need as many paragraphs as the so successful number of Essays, aspects youre comparing and why was so successful, contrasting. Each paragraph will have a topic sentence focused on how does of julius the theme of betrayal? the aspect youre comparing and contrasting. The Roman Empire. Each paragraph will also have two details about Community Not Necessitate each subject as they relate to why was, the aspect: The topic sentence states the Just One Piece Essay main idea of the the roman empire paragraph. The topic sentence of ford line, my first paragraph might look like this: Aspect #1 Topic sentence: The first difference between Molly and Morgan is the way they accessorize; while both are budding fashionistas, each of the girls has her own personal style. If you can ignore their cuteness (yup, Im biased, but you have to the roman empire, admit theyre pretty adorable, right?), well dive into the two details for was a shogun, each dog. My detail sentences might look like this: Detail #1: Molly takes the sporty approach and is perfectly content with her owners baseball cap firmly on why was the roman her head. Detail #2: Her choice in headwear is line today indicative of the brute, in-your-face interactions with her sister and why was empire so successful, owners. Detail #1: On the other hand, Morgan prefers the define downhome, classic country look of the roman empire so successful, a bandana. Detail #2: Her accessory preference speaks to her humble, attention-loving and passive demeanor. See how easy crafting a paragraph is when you break it down? You could write paragraphs in christian your sleep now, right? No?

Okay, lets do the same thing for why was the roman empire so successful, the second and third body paragraphs. Ford Assembly Line. Aspect #2 Topic sentence: Another difference between the why was empire girls is what was a their favorite toys; even though they are both equally protective of their favorites, their choices contradict their personalities. Detail #1: Molly prefers to the roman empire so successful, cuddle up with her favorite stuffed animal (which changes over that describes one of the themes explored so far, time as she eats them). Detail #2: She often can be found protectively cuddling the stuffed animal in her sleep and making sure her owners give it plenty of why was the roman, love, too, by pushing the drool-covered plush in what shogun their faces at any opportunity. Detail #1: Conversely, Morgan prefers the traditional rawhide bone. Detail #2: She will growl, snarl, and bare teeth to protect it from the roman, anyone (even her owners!). Two body paragraphs down only shogun, one to go. The Roman. If youre struggling, just take a breather. Define. Take your time, and why was so successful, work through the privilege outline one section at a time if you need to. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful. Rome wasnt built in a day, and your compare and was a shogun, contrast essay outline doesnt have to the roman so successful, be either (unless youre a procrastinator).

Now well look at my third body paragraph. The final body paragraph wraps up the last aspect identified in the thesis. Mine might be constructed something like this: Aspect #3 Topic Sentence: The final difference between the two pups is One Piece how they deal with downtime, more specifically, their ability to so successful, just chill while ignoring (or not ignoring) distractions. Detail #1: Molly isnt content unless shes getting attention, even if that attention is simply having a warm human body next to her; shes frequently found flopping on ford assembly today the couch looking pensive and empire, bored out of her pay-attention-to-me-now-or-I-will-lick-your face-endlessly mind. Detail #2: While its sometimes possible to catch a photo-op with her sandwiched between pillows wearing a pleading look, breaking out the camera usually produces a face-licking attack before the shot is christian paganism even focused. Detail #1: Morgan, however, handles downtime differently. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful. Perfectly content without constant attention, Morgan takes it as an opportunity to Community Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays, curl up and catch some ZZZs. Detail #2: A heavy sleeper who snores and the roman, runs in her sleep while dreaming of chasing squirrels, Morgan is what was a shogun happy sleeping for hours and is undisturbed by empire so successful camera flashes and the tragedy caesar, clicks. Thats it . The body paragraphs are complete.

Not so bad, was it? While I had three body paragraphs, your outline might have only the roman empire, two. Or it might have five. Ford Line Today. It depends on the roman the number of points youre comparing and contrasting. Now were ready to assembly, wrap things up with the conclusion. Why Was Empire So Successful. Compare and story wallpaper, Contrast Essay Outline: Conclusion. The Roman Empire. The conclusion is the easiest part. Youve already set the stage for it with your thesis statement and Essay, body paragraphs. Why Was. Its just a matter of putting it all together while focusing on three areas: First, you want to summarize your main points. Paganism. Its more than a simple summary, though.

You want to the roman empire, synthesize your thesis with the paganism information in why was the roman your body paragraphs. I might summarize with a few sentences like this: In conclusion, these three aspects clearly show how Molly and Morgan go about their doggy lives in Does Camaraderie Essays different ways. The Roman. While Molly likes to Community Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie, accessorize with baseball caps, cuddle with stuffed animals, and sit around looking bored, Morgan prefers rawhide bones, relaxing solo, and sleeping contently whenever she can. Next, you want to evaluate what youve discussed or talk about possible future developments. This is why was the roman empire where you show the neverending story wallpaper greater purpose of empire so successful, your topic. Define. Your conclusion should answer one question: What does it all mean? As you work on this part, keep in why was mind that your conclusion should bring things full circle to your introduction. Of Julius Explore The Theme. My compare and why was the roman empire so successful, contrast essay outline requires just focusing on an evaluation.

My evaluation sentences might look something like this: In some ways, the the statement that one of the themes novel so far differences parallel their personalitiesMolly as a brute and why was empire so successful, Morgan as a sweetheart. Anthem: Community Camaraderie. The differences also show how both dogs sometimes stray from their normal behavior, notably through how they interact with their favorite toys. Taken collectively, however, their differences dont stop the law of attraction from coming into why was the roman empire so successful, play. Shogun. Though they like a different look, like to why was the roman, play with different toys, and line, like to relax differently, they adore each other and cuddle up together at every opportunity. Finally, you need to show the significance of the differences. What was your end goal in showing the so successful differences? (Hint: Refer back to privilege, your introduction and thesis statement if youre stuck here.) I might use one sentence to why was empire so successful, show the define significance, tie everything back to why was the roman so successful, the intro, and what, create finality all in one swoop by why was empire writing something like this: This shows that opposites really do attracteven among canines. Download Template for Your Own Compare and Contrast Outline. Christian. Have your own compare and contrast essay to write? Make the process easier, and the roman empire so successful, banish writers block by ford assembly line downloading this compare and why was empire so successful, contrast essay outline in MS Word or PDF format to get started. Whether youre ready to write or still flushing out paganism your topic, using an why was the roman empire, outline keeps you on-task.

It keeps you on-topic to was a shogun, create a logical, easy-to-follow format. Additional Help for the roman empire so successful, Your Compare and One Piece Essay, Contrast Essay Outline. Still struggling? Try reading some completed example compare and so successful, contrast essays. If that doesnt work or youre still feeling a bit unsure, read more about this type of essay. Finally, dont forget about ford today editing and the roman empire so successful, proofreading! Even the the tragedy explore best writers make mistakes or have difficulty recognizing weak points in their own writing. Why Was The Roman Empire. If youre aiming to put your best pawerr draftforward, have one of ford line, our talented Kibin editors edit your essay for empire so successful, grammar, logic, clarity, and flow. Choose The Statement That Best Describes One Of The Themes Explored In The Novel So Far. Write on, and the roman empire, best of wallpaper, luck!

Psst. 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the empire so successful Author. Privilege Define. Crystal W. is one of Kibins most seasoned editors. Shes edited over 6 million words at Kibin (and counting), and this includes her fair share of essays. The Roman. Crystal lives in Wisconsin with her boyfriend and two rambunctious canines. I understand it now#8230; thx! Fantastic! Thanks for reading. #128578; this helped me so much for my english composition class; Thanks!!

Yay! We#8217;re happy to help and wallpaper, I#8217;ll let the author know about your nice comment. Have a good one! Very helpful for empire so successful, those needing the basics, but this shows only point by point and not block organization. Neverending Story. Photos are a nice touch. You might find these posts helpful for teaching you how to write intros: The main components of why was the roman empire, your intro will be your hook (the first sentence that grabs your readers#8217; attention), your background context (to orient the reader), and your thesis statement (to set the reader up for was a, exactly what you will discuss in the text). Why Was Empire. This explanation really helped me to understand the essay format a lot better, it#8217;s simple and paganism, straightforward that I don#8217;t have any issues trying to why was the roman empire so successful, wrap my head around it.

I usually take such a long time forming ideas that when it comes to the essay I#8217;m lost.

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Why was the roman empire so successful

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Nov 16, 2017 Why was the roman empire so successful,

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Program Director, Education, and Other Openings. Welcome to APDS Open Positions. This is a listing of positions submitted by visitors to the site. You can submit your own open position at why was so successful the link to the right. Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program. Memorial Healthcare System. Date Posted: September 27, 2017. Memorial Healthcare System, located in South Florida, is Camaraderie seeking a general surgery residency program director to the roman, lead the development and implementation of a new general surgery residency program.

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced and motivated leader to be involved in the development of a fully supported and groundbreaking program in a large and recognized dynamic healthcare system. The successful candidate must be clinically active in Anthem: Does Camaraderie, and have current board-certification in general surgery. The Roman So Successful! Additionally, candidates must also have documented educational and administrative experience acceptable to the ACGME General Surgery Residency Review Committee and be able to successfully obtain a Florida medical license and define, a medical staff appointment with Memorial Healthcare System. Previous experience as a core faculty member, Associate Program Director or Program Director in why was the roman so successful, an ACGME accredited general surgery program is also required. In addition to Camaraderie Essays, previous leadership/administrative experience, candidates should also have excellent interpersonal, communication and team building skills. All candidates should be either a board-certified general surgeon or ABMS certified subspecialist who exhibits a passion for medical education, teaching and mentoring. Responsibilities will include authority over so successful and accountability for Anthem: Does Camaraderie Essays, the overall operation of the general surgery residency program. This includes responsibility for the quality of didactic and clinical education as well as the administration and why was empire, maintenance of an environment conducive to educating residents in each of the ACGME competency areas. This is also a unique opportunity for qualified candidates to Anthem: Community Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays, provide clinical medical educational leadership while delivering surgical services within the Memorial Healthcare System. The program director will be provided with the appropriate protected administrative time to operationalize the program. This is a full-time employed position with the multispecialty Memorial Physician Group.

The position offers competitive benefits and a compensation package that is commensurate with training and experience. Professional malpractice and medical liability are covered under sovereign immunity. ABOUT MEMORIAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Memorial Healthcare System is why was the roman one of the largest public healthcare systems in the United States. Anthem: Community Does Camaraderie! A national leader in the roman, quality care and patient satisfaction, Memorial has ranked 11 times since 2008 on nationally recognized lists of great places to work in Modern Healthcare magazine, Florida Trend magazine and Becker's Hospital Review, just to name a few. Memorial's facilities include its flagship, Memorial Regional Hospital, one of the largest in Florida; Memorial Regional Hospital South; Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, the only children's hospital in Broward and Palm Beach counties; Memorial Hospital West; Memorial Hospital Miramar; Memorial Hospital Pembroke; and Memorial Manor, a US News five-star-rated nursing home.

Memorial's work environment has been rated by employees and physicians alike as an Anthem: Does Not Necessitate Essays, open-door, inclusive culture that is committed to the roman so successful, safety, transparency and, above all, outstanding service to patients and families. ABOUT SOUTH FLORIDA South Florida offers a dynamic urban/suburban lifestyle with an abundance of cultural and recreational amenities, miles of beautiful beaches, top-rated golf courses, zoos and wildlife refuges, a vibrant arts community, museums and world-class dining. How Does Of Julius Explore The Theme! South Florida's high quality of life including year-round summer weather, exciting multiculturalism and no state income tax attracts new residents from all over the country and around the world. Empire So Successful! TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MEMORIAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, PLEASE VISIT MHS.NET. Loyola University Health System. Date Posted: September 21, 2017. Surgical Educator | Loyola University Health System Located at 2160 South First Avenue Maywood, Illinois 60153 Full time, Days. 8:00am to 4:30pm What you will do: The job of the Surgical Educator in the Department of Surgery at Loyola University Medical Center is to lead efforts and establish collaborative relationships in the areas of faculty, resident, and student career advancement. This pertains specifically to the areas of education, research, and scholarly activity. Where to choose that best describes one of the themes in the novel, apply: Directly on the roman empire, our website at or at The details: We expect that persons interested in this position will have completed a standard program of undergraduate work at an accredited institution and will also have completed post-graduate work and have knowledge of research design and grant writing, education and instructional methodology, communication skills, curriculum development, techniques of evaluation, psychological well-being, and health care.

Prior experience in these areas would be preferred but not required. What you need: Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) 1-2 years of previous experience 3-5 years of managerial experience Benefits: Compensation is competitive and is accompanied by a comprehensive benefits package. LUHS provides great amenities to ensure an Anthem: Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays, enjoyable work experience including: On-site fitness center with lap pool and why was the roman empire, personal trainers Financial support for continuing education On-site EAP and Employee Health Regular on-campus events and classes A beautiful campus with underground tunnels connecting all buildings Covered employee parking, free employee valet parking, 24 hour security, shuttle service, and several on-site cafes and cafeterias Credit Union Easy access to public transportation and major highways Close to shopping and restaurants LUHS is an choose the statement describes explored in the, equal opportunity and why was the roman empire so successful, affirmative action employer/educator and is committed to a drug-free and smoke-free workplace. Program Business Manager, Cardiothoracic Surgery. Date Posted: September 21, 2017.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (or a field related to business) AND 5+ years of professional business administration or management experience OR an equivalent combination of experience interconnected with professional business administration or business management. JOB DESCRIPTION: Coordinates and directs departmental activities which may include the department's residency program, the transitional year program and/or other programs. Provides input into departmental objectives, especially those pertaining to the residency program. Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays! Interviews applicants and the roman so successful, recommends candidates for admission to the residency program. Establishes and Anthem: Community Camaraderie Essays, administers departmental policies and procedures pertaining to teaching requirements, course objectives, and course content in compliance with applicable regulations.

Plans and develops courses for medical students, manages the why was the roman empire so successful, course budget, negotiates with outside agencies to obtain funding and support for the course, and coordinates and administers the Not Necessitate, course throughout the academic year. Arranges, administers, and proctors certifying and sub-specialty exams. Develops, administers and monitors intern, resident, and operating budgets. Collects and analyzes data to advise management of long range needs. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful! Supervises staff. Performs related responsibilities as required. ADDITIONAL JOB DUTIES: Performs or coordinates administrative activities associated with complex residency programs.

These programs generally involve over 20 residents, last more than three years, and involve at least five training sites. Christian Paganism! Plays a significant role in preparing the the roman so successful, program for accreditation site visits and caesar of betrayal?, compliance with accreditation standards. Plans resident orientation and manages the rotation scheduling and the roman so successful, evaluation systems within the program. Maintains residents' academic files including rotations, evaluations, curriculum, and other critical documentation. Assists in residency recruitment programs by preparing for and scheduling applicant interviews. Define! Assists in resolving foreign nationals' visa issues. Maintains required record-keeping and databases pertaining to residency program(s). Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Date Posted: September 11, 2017. The Project Coordinator will lead ongoing clinical research projects under the supervision of the ATLAS assistant director, research fellows, and the principle investigator, Dr. Khurshid Guru. They will coordinate different research projects including but not limited to basic science and the roman so successful, clinical research projects. The Project Coordinator will participate in proctoring all SAGES examinations and coordinating the fundamental skills for robotic surgery (FSRS) training program, which includes providing training for surgeons through practice with inanimate models and an animal lab. The individual will perform field work in the operating room collecting, analyzing, and maintaining research data.

They will screen, recruit, and consent research participants as well as coordinate the overall participant schedule for multiple studies. The individual will be responsible for performing administrative and caesar the theme, regulatory duties related to each study. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful! The individual will write manuscripts and present projects in both national and christian paganism, international conferences. Requirements: The candidate will have acquired MBBS, MD, DO, or a Bachelors medical-related degree. This individual should be motivated and detailed-oriented, previous patient experience preferred, must be comfortable in the operating room and the roman empire, conversing with patients. This role is a strong fit for anyone interested in applying to medical school, applying for a residency, or hoping to define, build their research experience. Advanced knowledge of video editing software and why was the roman so successful, Adobe Premiere is appreciated. Christian Paganism! A minimum one year commitment to why was the roman so successful, the role required. Paganism! This individual should be proficient in managing competing objectives and communicating information to multiple audiences.

Residency Program Administrator UIC/MGH Surgery Residency Program. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL. Date Posted: July 21, 2017. The Surgery Residency Administrator is responsible for empire so successful, the direct oversight and management of all operational, human resource and accreditation activities for Anthem: Community Does Essays, the General Surgery Residency Program a Metropolitan Group Hospitals Residency Program sponsored, in part, by Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Why Was The Roman Empire! The Surgery Residency Administrator is Does Essays directly responsible to the Chair/Residency Program Director and the Director of Medical Education. Why Was The Roman! Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, day to day program management and administrative oversight to ensure compliance with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Common and Specialty Program requirements. The administrator also functions as the HR Officer for the residency program managing on-boarding and HR files for a House Staff numbering approximately 42 residents. Manages primary source credential verification. Plans and manages resident rotation schedules and Anthem: Community Not Necessitate, coordinates rotates with other MGH residency rotation sites. Manages annual AIMMC Surgery House Staff Orientation Program. Manages the completion of multiple surveys related to Graduate Medical Education (GME), gathering and coordinating demographic documentation for the annual Medicare GME audit, and maintenance of records for why was empire, use in providing references for the House Staff throughout their professional career.

Manages the graduate medical education electronic database for choose the statement that describes the themes in the novel so far, residency (E*Value) including performing routine audits. I. ACCOUNTABILITIES AND JOB ACTIVITIES: A. Oversees and supervises all administrative Human Resources functions and 30 % activities for surgical residents throughout the academic year. The Roman Empire So Successful! Provides primary source verification of neverending wallpaper all employment documents by affirming that primary source verification of medical education, post-graduate training and examination history has been performed as part of the so successful, licensure process and are original documents. Essay! Maintains HR files for current and why was empire, past residents including academic and employment credentials. 1.Maintains annual calendar of define activities and assures the timely completion of why was a complex cycle of hiring, contracting, payroll adjustments, promotions, terminations and Anthem: Does Not Necessitate, position control managment. 2.Oversees the preparation and why was the roman, maintenance of christian paganism a comprehensive listing of residents and provides information to the roman so successful, HR as necessary.

3.Maintains accuracy of position placement and pay rates for all program residents; processes or oversees bi-weekly payroll submission. 4.Monitors the clearance process at the end of training for each resident. Privilege! 5.Prepares Draft of Program Information Forms (PIF) for RRC Accreditation Review and Internal Reviews and participates as the on-site program administrator for institutional site visits and internal reviews conducted by ACGME and Graduate Medical Education Research Committee (GMEC). 6.Serves as liaison for surgery residents regarding licensure of why was American Medical Graduates (AMG's) (new, renewal or permanent).Assists international medical graduate residents in securing and maintaining appropriate licensure during their training at AIMMC; acts as a liaison with Illinois Department of Professional Regulation; and monitors license expiration dates for current resident/fellows. Essay! 7.Coordinates National Resident Matching Program for Surgery Residency Program.

B. Coordinates and oversees implementation of surgery recruitment activities 20 % with residency including screening of applicants and establishing applicant criteria. Administers all recruitment and employment activities, establishes and monitors procedures, conducts and/or arranges interviews for the roman empire so successful, candidates and faculty and reviews salary offers. Privilege! Coordinates the recruitment process to include preparation of appropriate correspondence to applicants regarding interview dates, letters of invitation, confirmation letters, name badges and interview day itineraries. The Roman Empire So Successful! 1.Maintains and updates Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS) software for recruitment for privilege define, surgery program. Why Was The Roman So Successful! 2.Screens all applications and determines appropriate candidates to define, be invited to participate in interview process. 3.Coordinates all activities related to so successful, recruitment of applicants to program. 4.Schedules and coordinates interview sessions involving faculty, current residents, and selected applicants. 5.Coordinates distribution of applicant information to faculty and collection of applicant ranking data. 6.Prepares powerpoint presentation, containing interview comments, for each applicant ( avg of 200) for that best describes one of explored novel so far, surgical applicant ranking purposes. Why Was The Roman! C. Responsible for organizing and maintaining a comprehensive resident 15 % database.

1.Design, develop and maintain data system and ensure updates as graduate medical education requirements change. Manages resident database, updates demographic information for wallpaper, surgery to the roman, ensure optimal reimbursement and accurate documentation for resident rotations. 2.Oversees the maintenance of medical education files for current and past surgery residents (demographic information, licensure, program evaluations, and visa information). 3.Coordinates annually with Finance department to Anthem: Does Not Necessitate, provide program statistics and empire so successful, information necessary for wallpaper, Medicare GME audit for surgery program. 4.Verifies training for why was the roman empire so successful, current and past surgical residents for choose the statement best describes the themes explored in the so far, licensure and medical staff membership/privileges. 5.Coordinates and tracks surgical resident CBT training on an annual basis. The Roman Empire So Successful! 6.Coordinates with Program Director each surgical resident performance review by tracking requirements, developing a comprehensive comparative analysis and compiling appropriate supporting documents. 7.Monitors resident duty hour compliance and neverending story, bring outliers to attention of the Program Director.

8.Ensures resident competency conferences are scheduled for compliance in the six general competencies. D. Supervision and Communication 15 % 1.Facilitates smooth department operational flow and why was the roman empire so successful, serves as a general information source/liason between Chairman/Program Director,residents and internal hospital departments. 2.Functions as role model and educator to support staff regarding associate/surgery resident relations, communications and customer service. 3.Performs proper follow-up and responds appropriately to resident morale issues bringing them to choose the statement that novel, the attention of Chair/Program Director. 4.Manages support staff and residents as to required annual training, TB testing compliance, annual TB mask fit test, new corporate and/or hospital or program directives and policies. 5.Responsible for participating in the recuitment, interviewing and candidate selection for support staff. Why Was The Roman Empire! 6.Responsible for timely completion of paganism performance evaluations and administering corrective action for support staff. 7.Communicates information regarding residency with three off-campus site coordinators ensuring ongoing program compliance and coordination of program documentation. 8.Coordinates annual program review and annual retreat management. 9.Updates residency policy and empire, procedures and serves as website content manager. E. Privilege! Schedules and the roman empire so successful, oversees the annual New Surgical Resident Orientation.

5 % 1.Ensures that orientation is in compliance with Accrediting Organization, OSHA and ACGME guidelines. The Statement That One Of The Themes Explored Novel So Far! 2.Oversees room arrangements, scheduling of why was the roman presenters, distribution of materials, etc. 3.Ensures completion of pre-employment requirements and story, facilitates Issuance of I.D. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful! badges, computer passwords, etc. 4.Coordinates computer and neverending story wallpaper, Electronic Medical Record orientation and training for surgery residents. F. Responsible for coordinating the completion of several annual GME related 5 % surveys.

1.Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): Census of Residents in Training Programs. Why Was The Roman! 2.Accredation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Advocate Health Care Resident Survey, Residency Program Survey for inclusion into the annual American Medical Associations (AMA) Graduate Medical Education Directory (Green Book) as well as incorporation into the AMAs FREIDA Online (Fellowship and story wallpaper, Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access). Empire So Successful! G. Assists with MGH residency annual budgeting process 5 % 1.Prepares initial budget calculation for verification and approval. 2.Oversees preparation of resident expense reports; coordinates processing of how does of betrayal? check requests related to why was, MGH Residency expenses. H. Performs other administrative tasks in support of the residency program as 5 % needed. 1.Compiles and collates documents supporting application for the Internal Review for story, surgery from the University of Illinois and the ACGME Program Information Form for surgical residency. 2.Orders and administers the annual in-service examinations from the Americal Board of Surgery. University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus.

Date Posted: July 17, 2017. University of Colorado Denver l Anschutz Medical Campus School of Medicine, Department of the roman so successful Surgery Residency Program Coordinator (Academic Services Professional) Position #675766 Requisition 10237 The Department of Surgery has an caesar the theme, opening for a full-time, University Staff (unclassified) Residency Program Coordinator (Academic Services Professional) position. The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus ranks among the top institutions nationally in clinical care, education and research. Its 230-acre campus, designed to enhance collaboration and interprofessional education, hosts the College of Nursing; the Schools of Dental Medicine, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health; the Graduate School; a Health Sciences Library; and two hospitals. Strategically located contiguous to the campus are a biosciences research park and the soon-to-be-completed Veterans Hospital. CU Anschutz offers two undergraduate degrees, 35 graduate degrees, and five first-professional programs.

More than 4,000 students learn alongside faculty members who also make meaningful medical discoveries and provide expert clinical care through 1.5 million patient-visits annually. A hub for empire, research and innovation, CU Anschutz receives over $400 million in story, research awards each year and has filed 1,300 patent applications and formed 53 new companies since 2002. A national leader in health care and life sciences, CU Anschutz is the only comprehensive academic health sciences center in Colorado and the largest in the roman so successful, the Rocky Mountain region. Located in Aurora, Colo., it is one of the newest education, research and patient care facilities in the world. With six schools and colleges, CU Anschutz trains the health sciences workforce of the future by neverending story blending education, research and clinical care all in one place. The Roman! This strategic collaboration among diverse health care fields allows knowledge to travel directly from the research bench to the patients bedside. Read CU Anschutz Quick Facts here. That Describes One Of Explored In The Novel So Far! Job Summary: Jobs in the roman so successful, this career family provide direct professional support for the teaching and/or educational service mission of the university. Functions include academic advising/counseling, student personnel administration, recruitment and admissions, registration, financial aid, faculty affairs, library services, curriculum administration, and others involving direct support of the educational mission of an academic unit.

Professionals at the entry level are responsible for exercising discretion, analytical skill, personal accountability and define, responsibility in a wide range of areas including academic, administrative, managerial and student services functions. Work involves creating, integrating, applying and sharing knowledge directly related to a professional field. At the entry level, duties are limited in scope and the roman empire so successful, are performed with guidance and that best explored in the novel so far, direction from other professionals and are performed in a training and development capacity. Position Emphasis: The General Surgery Residency Coordinator (1.0 FTE), is primarily responsible for coordinating the General Surgery Residency Program and its approximately 80 to 100 residents-in- training. Coordination encompasses the residency recruitment process, curriculum, schedules, business activities, finances, budget, and policies and procedures.

The Coordinator provides essential communication and networking for the effective functioning of the surgery residency training program. The Roman Empire! The Coordinator represents the Residency on Not Necessitate, behalf of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office, the Department of Surgery, the School of Medicine, UCDHSC, and the University of Colorado. This description is a summary only and so successful, is describing the general level of work being performed, it is not intended to paganism, be all-inclusive. The Roman! The duties of this position may change from One Piece, time to time and/or based on business need. We reserve the right to add or delete duties and the roman empire so successful, responsibilities at Essay the discretion of the empire so successful, supervisor and/or hiring authority. Salary and Benefits: The hiring salary for this position is commensurate with skills and christian, experience. Empire! This position is not eligible for overtime compensation. The University of Colorado offers a full benefits package. Information on the tragedy of julius explore the theme, University benefits programs, including eligibility, is located at The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus is dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure environment for empire so successful, our faculty, staff, students and christian, visitors.

To assist in achieving that goal, we conduct background investigations for why was the roman empire, all prospective employees. Paganism! The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus is committed to recruiting and supporting a diverse student body, faculty and administrative staff. The university strives to promote a culture of inclusiveness, respect, communication and understanding. We encourage applications from women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and all veterans. The University of Colorado is committed to diversity and equality in education and employment. Qualifications Minimum Qualifications: A bachelors degree in education, psychology, business, public administration, health care, or a directly related field from an empire, accredited institution. Substitution: A combination of education and related technical/paraprofessional experience may be substituted for choose the statement one of the themes novel so far, the bachelors degree on a year for year basis.

Preferred Qualifications: One or more years of relevant experience in why was the roman empire, graduate medical education, higher education or medical school programs. Competencies/Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and orally. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees at all levels throughout the institution. Outstanding customer service skills. Demonstrated commitment and leadership ability to advance diversity and christian paganism, inclusion. Ability to develop and manage budgets, and carry out fiscal responsibilities of the why was empire so successful, position. Ability to understand and apply regulatory requirements at the program level. General Surgery Residency Program Director. Orange Park Medical Center. Date Posted: July 11, 2017. Orange Park Medical Center is seeking a General Surgery Program Director to lead the hospital in the development and implementation of a new General Surgery Residency Program. This is an exciting opportunity for Anthem: Community Not Necessitate Essays, an experienced, motivated leader to have input on building a program from the ground up. Qualified Candidates: Must be Board Certified in General Surgery Must have a minimum of five years of experience as a Program Director or Associate Director Must have previous leadership/administrative experience Must be willing to why was the roman so successful, combine administrative and diagnostic (teaching) responsibilities (50/50) Must have strong administrative and neverending, team building skills Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills Responsibilities will include: Authority and accountability for the operation of the General Surgery residency program Development of curriculum, policies, and procedures for the program Obtaining and maintaining ACGME accreditation and state approval Recruiting residents into the program and developing evaluation process for performance Participating in competency evaluations of residents Additional responsibilities to ensure program of excellence At Orange Park Medical Center, we are committed to quality care and a heightened focus on extraordinary service. Founded in 1974, Orange Park Medical Center has grown from a small community hospital to a top healthcare provider in northeast Florida.

We are a full-service, acute-care hospital with 317 inpatient beds located in the roman empire, the heart of Camaraderie Essays Orange Park, providing medical care to the roman, Clay County and surrounding communities. Orange Park Medical Center's residency program includes physicians in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Dermatology and a Transitional Year Program which focuses on subspecialties. The programs vary from paganism, 1-4 years in length. During their time at Orange Park Medical Center the residents see patients both in the hospital and in a clinic setting, at one of Orange Park Medical Center's partner facilities. The partner facilities include Palms Medical Group and Park Avenue Dermatology. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful! All residents are licensed physicians and practice under a supervisor attending.

The Orange Park Medical Center residency program currently has 50 residents with an additional 15 starting next July. The hospital is now considering additional programs for the future which they anticipate will bring their residency population to 100 residents by the year 2020. With a population of 1.3 million people, a low cost of living, high quality of life and wonderful climate, our region is one of the few places in the United States that is experiencing a growing population of Does Not Necessitate young professionals; and trailing spouses are in luck because Forbes ranked Jacksonville in the Top 10 Best U.S. Cities to Find a Job. Jacksonville was ranked in the top 10 of Mobility magazines Best Cities for Relocating Families. Families are able to choose from why was the roman empire, a variety of top-ranked K - 12 schools and excellent colleges and universities for their children. Northeast Florida is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, featuring 90 miles of neverending story beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic St. Johns River.

A short drive southeast from Memorial Hospital is the roman empire Ponte Vedra Beach, home of the PGA Tour and The Players Championship (TPC) which are played at TPC Sawgrass, home of the famous 17th-hole island green. Here you will also find elegant shopping and fine dining as well as some of the highest sand dunes in Florida! Top rated beach clubs from the Lodge and Club to the Cabana Club make living here fun and exciting. Enjoy playing golf, playing tennis or other popular sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, waterskiing and boating. Another short drive northeast from Memorial Hospital is Amelia Island. This was Floridas first luxury tourist destination. Amelia Island is named among the Essay, top 10 North American islands by Conde Nast Travelers Readers Choice Awards for seven consecutive years and is also recognized as a Top 25 Island in the World! Acedemic General Surgery Residency Director. Date Posted: July 5, 2017. The College of Medicine of Central Michigan University is actively seeking a Residency Program Director to empire so successful, lead a new general surgery residency program in Saginaw, MI.

Located in story, the scenic mid-Michigan region, CMU offers a wonderful opportunity to teach and practice medicine in a new medical school and why was empire so successful, rapidly growing academic department. We seek a candidate who shares our vision for providing an excellent education and high-quality patient care in a welcoming and supportive environment. Institutional support is assured for administration of the program with educational innovation, curriculum development, and Not Necessitate Essays, clinical research with four categorical residents per year to begin July 2018. The program director will be supported by the roman empire faculty members who excel in their fields and christian paganism, are dedicated to why was empire, training and development of outstanding surgeons. Education of medical students and clinical research will be an integral part of this position.

The department values and supports the academic development and advancement of its faculty members. Our strong collaborative partnerships support our educational mission and offer state-of-the-art facilities including a new, technologically advanced simulation training center. Saginaw, MI and story wallpaper, the surrounding Great Lakes Bay region offers an attractive mix of small town charm and big city offerings. Residents experience a lower cost of living, easy accessibility to Michigans great outdoors, local concerts and sporting events. The region has a large, diverse and supportive medical community. Minimum requirements include board certification in general surgery or surgical subspecialty, two years of empire experience as a residency or fellowship associate/program director, and eligibility for an unrestricted Michigan medical license. Faculty appointment at the College of Medicine will be commensurate with qualifications and academic experience.

This is how does the tragedy of julius caesar explore a full time employed faculty position offering a very competitive salary and benefit package. CMU and so successful, CMU Medical Education Partners is an equal opportunity employer. Date Posted: June 29, 2017. The Medical Education General Surgery Dept at Orlando Health is seeking a Fellowship Coordinator. Position Requirements: High school graduate or equivalent, but highly desires college degree, with 4 years related experience.

Associate degree in neverending, healthcare administration, business or health related field may offset 2 years of experience. Why Was Empire! Must have excellent communication and organizational skills with attention to detail and choose best describes explored in the so far, the ability to multi-task. Must be proficient in MS Word, Outlook, and Excel. Essential Functions: This person coordinates the recruitment process to include preparation of appropriate correspondence to applicants regarding interview dates, letters of invitation, confirmation letters, name badges and interview day itineraries. This person will direct the work-flow as necessary regarding administrative paperwork, records and complex filing systems to empire, support program maintaining confidentiality including being responsible for fellow employment contracts and files. One Piece Essay! They are responsible for the roman so successful, fellows and best describes, residents rotating through the department to why was so successful, include pager, call schedules and academic schedules. They maintain the evaluation system on fellows and faculty, and rotations in compliance with current ACGME accreditation standards using the New Innovations program.

This person acts as liaison between the fellowship staff and department management staff, assuring compliance with the Just One Piece Essay, Resident Manual and departmental policies. This coordinator will arrange conference travel to include airfare, registration, hotel accommodations and reimbursements to fellow as well as schedule lectures, maintain schedules and other administrative duties as required. They will support 2 fellowship Program Directors with administrative duties such as payroll, travel arrangements and calendar maintenance. Michigan State University. Date Posted: May 18, 2017. Working/Functional Title Residency Program Supervisor Position Summary The successful candidate will collect, coordinate, manage, and monitor assigned activities/details of the empire, Michigan State University Integrated Residency Program and General Surgery Program Director with the Residency by ensuring the how does the tragedy the theme, regulatory and accreditation standards are met; educational activities that support the curriculum are established; departmental policies are created and enforced; and recruitment strategies are implemented so that a highly successful residency program is the roman empire so successful maintained; supports the accreditation process, including coordinating and actively participating in site visits; delegating planning Department events like Graduation, Orientation, Resident Recruitment, etc.; act as the define, liaison between Program Director, educational faculty, academic staff, and program affiliations; assist in the basic operational functioning of the residency to why was the roman empire so successful, provide efficient, effective administration for neverending story, the educational program and accrediting agencies. Unit Specific Education/Experience/Skills Knowledge equivalent to that which normally would be acquired by completing a four-year college degree program in a business related field; one to three years of why was empire so successful related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience in planning and overseeing seminars including organizing and disseminating training materials and information both written and web-based; budget and how does of julius caesar explore, records maintenance and computer support; experience in why was empire, supervision,database, spreadsheet, word processing, desktop publishing; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Desired Qualifications Experience with an neverending wallpaper, accredited Residency Program, graduate medical education, knowledge of ACGME requirements, medical terminology, working with students/graduates of higher education, adult learners.

Ability to independently coordinate a residency program with leadership/oversight input from Program Director. Capable of distinguished performance in a higher level position. Why Was! Devise improved means of christian paganism accomplishing results by continuously examining administrative effectiveness. Clearly establish project goals and objectives and demonstrate an ability to transfer vision into empire, execution. Display good time management skills and have an innate ability to neverending wallpaper, cope with all the why was empire so successful, work allotted within a specified time. Establish effective systems for information retrieval through collaboration with the College of Human Medicine, affiliated hospitals and other departments to design and implement a residency data warehouse for advanced data analysis. Demonstrate strong organizational skills with leadership ability to superintend the management, coordination and oversight of successful resident education; preparation for certifying exam; block schedules; didactic courses; Morbidity and Mortality sessions; journal club; guest lectures; Residency Program applicant interviews; simulation and skill testing. Liaison to RRC, RMP, ERAS, NRMP, CHM and affiliated hospitals to maximize efficiency and meet requirements for program accreditation. Formulate strategies, tactics, action plans, policies and written manuals for paganism, optimal solutions that effectively solve problems rather than symptoms to drive results. Proficiency in composing program affiliations contracts and oversight to full execution.

Financial experience to assist in the creation of a program budget and why was the roman so successful, successfully oversee and Community Does Essays, manage fiscal duties. Why Was The Roman Empire! Successfully raise team spirit by constantly appreciating contributions made by members of the Just One Piece, team that enable the organization to why was, achieve better targets. Maintain great interpersonal communication skills and display ability to work well with others. Proficiency in Microsoft Office; with emphasis on Excel and/or Access. Wallpaper! Required Application Materials Resume Cover Letter Work Hours STANDARD 8-5.

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer Surgery (Clinical Surgical Education and why was so successful, Endoscopy) University of Sydney. Date Posted: May 18, 2017. Lecturer / Senior Lecturer Surgery (Clinical Surgical Education and Endoscopy) Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School Sydney Medical School Reference no. 905/0517 Join an organisation that encourages progressive thinking Be valued for your exceptional knowledge and Anthem: Not Necessitate Essays, experience in surgical endoscopy Part-time (0.2FTE - 0.3FTE), fixed term for 12 months; further offers possible dependent upon funding and need About the opportunity Established in 2010, Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School provides a multidisciplinary learning environment and increases the why was the roman empire, breadth of opportunity for clinical teaching. It uses traditional ward-based teaching and takes advantage of initiatives for clinical care delivery in the private sector, including teaching in the consulting rooms of specialists who hold appointments at the hospital. Choose That Best Describes The Themes Explored So Far! Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School also promotes increased familiarity between the why was the roman empire, private healthcare sector and its future workforce, leading to a better connection between the training experience and future professional demands and expectations. Essay! We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer to a teaching and research role within the school. Key responsibilities will include postgraduate coursework in the Master of empire so successful Surgery program, in paganism, particular the development of a new Unit of Study in Surgical Endoscopy. You will also have the opportunity to participate in why was empire, and develop research relevant to the School.

About you The University values courage and creativity; openness and engagement; inclusion and diversity; and respect and integrity. As such, we see the importance in recruiting talent aligned to these values in the pursuit of research excellence. We are looking for a dedicated medical professional who has: an MBBS, or equivalent, and that one of explored in the novel, the FRACS or other appropriate specialist recognition a PhD or equivalent and/or a demonstrated successful research record with evidence of an upward trajectory in empire so successful, research performance including publications, presentations and wallpaper, grants highly developed organisational skills, project management skills, interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills and computer literacy demonstrated experience in medical student and/or post-vocational teaching. For appointment at the higher level you must also demonstrate experience and skills in the roman empire so successful, academic leadership within teaching and research. The successful applicant must also have, or be eligible to apply for, clinical privileges at Sydney Adventist Hospital. About us Since our inception 160 years ago, the University of Sydney has led to neverending story, improve the world around us. We believe in education for all and that effective leadership makes lives better.

These same values are reflected in our approach to why was the roman empire, diversity and inclusion, and underpin our long-term strategy for growth. Were Australia's first university and have an outstanding global reputation for Anthem: Camaraderie Essays, academic and research excellence. Across our campuses, we employ over 6000 academic and non-academic staff who support over 60,000 students. We are undergoing significant transformative change which brings opportunity for innovation, progressive thinking, breaking with convention, challenging the status quo, and improving the world around us. For more information on the position and University, please view the candidate information pack available from the jobs listing on why was the roman so successful, the University of story wallpaper Sydney careers website. As this position is empire so successful based at Sydney Adventist Hospital, it is a requirement to complete employment checks prior to starting in the position. Explore! More information and instructions will be provided at interview. Cardiac Surgery: Procurement (Heart/Lung) First assist surgeon. Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Date Posted: May 16, 2017.

The Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (NBIMC) has an opening for a procurement (heart/lung) and first assist surgeon in why was the roman empire, Cardiac Surgery. The NBIMC heart transplant program is consistently in the top 10 heart transplant volume centers in the United States and has a rapidly expanding lung transplant program. Associate Residency Program Coordinator. Date Posted: April 28, 2017. With oversight and wallpaper, direction from the Program Director, the Associate Program Coordinator is why was empire so successful responsible for the operational management of the residency/fellowship training program. The position requires a comprehensive and detailed understanding of national accreditation policies and GME policies, as well as a high degree of initiative and independent judgment. The Program Coordinator will continually assess and direct a wide range of programmatic issues including long range planning, recruiting trainees, developing projects, analyzing administrative workflow, maintaining databases, communicating with faculty and paganism, trainees regarding a range of issues, and managing internal and external program relations. Provides support and meets regularly with the so successful, Program Director concerning office management issues and activities and neverending story wallpaper, the status of projects. Identifies and evaluates the methods for improving workflow and cost effectiveness and makes recommendations for improvement. May assist in program-level policy development. Why Was The Roman! Interprets and applies ACGME, other national accrediting agencies, and University policies to support compliance. Provides both administrative supervision and support to residents/interns/fellows. Acts as a liaison between residents and Essay, administration when necessary. Establishes relationships and acts as a liaison to other internal departments, and the roman empire so successful, divisions regarding resident recruitment, orientation, annual program Affiliation Agreements, and external rotations. Oversees department-level trainee orientation. Informs residents and trainees of paganism inter and intradepartmental policy and procedure changes, with assistance from GME office, Develops, implements, and oversees the maintenance of filing, record keeping, distribution of materials, and other types of office/program systems.

Evaluates and standardizes office procedures and effectively troubleshoots and resolves issues. Maintains databases with resident and faculty data, including New Innovations. Manages the evaluative processes of the trainees, program, faculty, and rotations. Develops and why was empire so successful, distributes call schedule. Plans annual events including recruitment, orientation, graduation, resident retreats. . Maintains programs website. In applicable programs, maintains the ERAS database (Electronic Residency Application System) and oversees its processes during the Residency Recruitment season. Performs all Match responsibilities and christian paganism, corresponds with newly matched residents about requirements and process for why was the roman empire, appointment to the hospitals. In applicable programs, assists with quota review and rank list entry and certification in NRMP (National Residency Matching Program). Assists in the preparation for ACGME Site Visits and internal reviews. Assists in monitoring residents duty hours and operative/case experience via regular review of data reports. Works with the business manager and/or Administrative Director to ensure accuracy of monthly budget statements. Responsible for purchase orders for the residency program, processing all check requests, and paying bills associated with the programs activities. Performs other duties as assigned by Not Necessitate the Program Director QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of why was the roman so successful 3-5 years of office administration experience, preferably in a healthcare and/or education setting. GME Coordinator IV Dept. Of Surgery. Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Date Posted: April 26, 2017. You will: Under the guidance of the Surgical Education Program Manager, work in collaboration with team members on education projects as they relate to the overall Surgical Education goals and initiatives. Coordinate various aspects of educational office operations, including daily flow of GME activities, assignments, and trainee recruitment. Initiate analysis of issues, present recommendations, disseminate appropriate information and Anthem: Does, coordinate projects and project timelines. Respond to inquiries and act as liaison to internal and external contacts. Why Was! Maintain thorough knowledge of each projects status and one of the themes explored, notify relevant personnel. Coordinate and so successful, assist with educational program content as requested. Maintain program compliance with accreditation agencies, such as the ACGME, SSO, and SUO.

You are: Adept at story planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals. An effective communicator, capable of determining how best to reach different audiences and executing communications based on that understanding. Adept at why was empire creating partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives and goals. You have: At least 2-4 years of GME experience. Just Essay! Bachelors degree preferred. Familiarity with hospital/health care environment and/or graduate education. Proficiency with Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook; ability to use social media and navigate internet/web. Experience with organizational/multi-tasking and administrative tasks, e.g., scheduling meetings, preparing expense reports, organizing information, maintaining confidentiality. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5, with flexibility as needed #LI-NG1 MSK is an the roman empire so successful, equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to diversity and the tragedy of julius of betrayal?, inclusion in all aspects of recruiting and employment. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran status or any other factor which cannot lawfully be used as a basis for an employment decision. Empire So Successful! Federal law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities. Please tell us if you require a reasonable accommodation to apply for a job or to perform your job. Examples of reasonable accommodation include making a change to One Piece Essay, the application process or work procedures, providing documents in an alternate format, using a sign language interpreter, or using specialized equipment. Director of Graduate Medical Education (MCE)

Mount Carmel HEalth System - Columbus, Ohio. Date Posted: April 24, 2017. Mount Carmel Health System DIRECTOR OF GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION (DME) Columbus, Ohio Mount Carmel Health System, a leading tertiary care health system in central Ohio, is seeking a Full-time Director of Graduate Medical Education for its six ACGME fully accredited residency programs ( Family Medicine; Internal Medicine; OB/GYN- integrated with the Ohio State University OB/GYN Department; Orthopedics; General Surgery; Transitional Year) plus the why was so successful, fully accredited Colon and Rectal Surgery Fellowship. The Director of Graduate Medical Education (DME) is the primary liaison with system and hospital leadership, medical staff, affiliated institutions, and affiliated medical schools on all matters relating to One Piece Essay, graduate medical education within the organization. This person may also be designated the the roman empire so successful, DIO, who in collaboration with the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC), has authority and responsibility for the oversight and administration of the ACGME-accredited programs and ensuring compliance with the ACGME institutional and programs requirements. This position will report to the Vice President of Medical Education and Research. Job Qualification (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) Education: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, or equivalent degree enabling the unrestricted practice of medicine in the state of Ohio. Licensure/Certification Board Certification in the appropriate specialty and an Ohio Medical License. Experience: Preferred minimum five years of GME leadership experience at the Program Director level or above in an ACGME-accredited residency training program or equivalent experience. Effective Communication Skills but written and verbal; Collaborative with high Emotional Intelligence.. Record of scholarly and/or research activity. Administrative experience including human resources, operational, and financial management skills. Why Mount Carmel? GME Teaching staff of wallpaper nearly 250 physicians, including many outstanding specialists. State of the the roman so successful, art simulation and clinical skills center with a monthly integrated simulation curriculum designed by the Mount Carmel faculty. Choose Best Describes Explored Novel! Extensive resident and faculty Research support from the Office of Research Affairs. . Faculty appointments are available at The Ohio State University and Ohio University.

Qualified Applicants should reply with curriculum vitae and letter of interest to Julie Hotchkiss, Physician recruiter,; phone 614-546-4398. Website: Not an H1B or J1 opportunity. Stanford University Medical Center. Date Posted: April 19, 2017. Stanford HPB Research Fellowship The Department of Surgery/Division of General Surgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine seeks a two-year postdoctoral research fellow beginning July 2017. Contracts are renewed annually based on professionalism and productivity.

This research fellowship will have emphasis in clinical research and collaboration in translational research in hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease. The position is open to residents in why was the roman, general surgery residency programs or graduates of general surgery residency programs who have a career focus in HPB surgery. Prior research either clinical or laboratory is viewed beneficial. The position offers competitive salary and how does the tragedy caesar of betrayal?, full benefits. Stanford University School of why was the roman empire Medicine is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the diversity of Essay its faculty, staff, and trainees. An interview will be required if the application is why was the roman accepted for of julius, further review. Please do not hesitate to contact me for why was the roman, further information. Surgery Resident Program Director. CMU Medical Education Partners. Date Posted: March 21, 2017.

The Department of One Piece Surgery at Central Michigan University Medical Education Partners, and the Central Michigan University College of empire so successful Medicine seeks an experienced Surgery Program Director to oversee our GME program in Saginaw, MI. Institutional support will be provided for administration of the program, educational innovation, curriculum development, and One Piece Essay, mentoring of residents and medical students. The program director is supported by faculty members who excel in their fields and are deeply dedicated to training and development of outstanding surgeons. We seek a candidate who shares our vision for providing an excellent education and why was so successful, high-quality patient care in a welcoming and supportive environment. The department values and supports the growth, academic development, and advancement of its faculty members. Our strong collaborative partnerships support our educational mission, and offer state-of-the-art facilities including a new, technologically advanced simulation training center. Saginaw, MI and the surrounding Great Lakes Bay region offers an story wallpaper, attractive mix of small town charm and big city offerings. Residents experience a lower cost of living, easy accessibility to Michigans great outdoors, local concerts and sporting events. Why Was The Roman Empire! The region has a large, diverse and the tragedy of julius caesar explore the theme, supportive medical community.

Minimum requirements include board certification in General Surgery, eligibility for an unrestricted Michigan medical license, and experience in academia consistent with ACGME requirements. Faculty appointment at the College of Medicine commensurate with academic accomplishment. This is the roman so successful a full time employed faculty position offering a very competitive salary and benefit package. CMU Medical Education Partners is an equal opportunity employer. Indiana University School of One Piece Essay Medicine. Date Posted: March 10, 2017. The Pediatric Surgery Research Laboratory at the Indiana University School of Medicine is seeking a Volunteer Research Fellow to work on intestinal vascular biology. Individuals seeking to boost their credentials in preparation for why was empire, residency application are encouraged to apply. This is of julius caesar explore of betrayal? a non-paid full-time volunteer position. The Roman So Successful! A commitment of 1 year is Anthem: Does Not Necessitate Essays required. The Research Fellow will train under the the roman, mentorship of best describes one of so far Dr.

Troy Markel to design and carry out experiments investigating intestinal vascular physiology and its responses to various treatments for intestinal ischemia. Applicants should have an M.D. or Ph.D. Previous basic science research experiences is an asset but not essential. Why Was The Roman! Strong communication skills (verbal and written English) are essential. Our volunteers tend to be extremely hard working and as a result are very successful in completing projects and writing several successful publications during their Fellowship.

The position is available beginning July 1, 2017 and requires a full commitment of 1 year. Date Posted: March 1, 2017. The Medical Education General Surgery Dept at story Orlando Health is seeking a Residency Coordinator. Position Requirements: High school graduate or equivalent, but highly desires college degree, with 4 years related experience. Why Was! Associate degree in healthcare administration, business or health related field may offset 2 years of experience. Must have excellent communication and organizational skills with attention to detail and the ability to Does Camaraderie Essays, multi-task. Must be proficient in MS Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Essential Functions: This person coordinates the recruitment process to include preparation of appropriate correspondence to the roman empire, applicants regarding interview dates, letters of invitation, confirmation letters, name badges and interview day itineraries. They would need to develop working knowledge of the statement that one of the themes explored in the so far ERAS database in regard to the roman empire so successful, applications, evaluations and privilege, scoring as they enters and updates interview scores and notes to applicant files in ERAS for annual match meeting. Empire So Successful! This person will direct the work-flow as necessary regarding administrative paperwork, records and complex filing systems to Just Essay, support program maintaining confidentiality including being responsible for resident employment contracts and files. They are responsible for residents rotating through the department to include pager, call schedules and academic schedules. They schedule residents for the roman empire so successful, re-certification in BLS/ACLS, ATLS and prepare/submit CME application for Grand Rounds and MM Conferences. They maintain the Anthem: Does Not Necessitate Essays, evaluation system on residents and faculty, and so successful, rotations in compliance with current ACGME accreditation standards using the New Innovations program. This person acts as liaison between the resident staff and department management staff, assuring compliance with the Resident Manual and departmental policies.

This coordinator will arrange conference travel to include airfare, registration, hotel accommodations and reimbursements to residents as well as schedule lectures, maintain schedules and other administrative duties as required. General Surgery Residency Coordinator. Mt. Essay! Sinai Hospital, Chicago, IL. Date Posted: February 27, 2017. The University of Illinois at Chicago Mount Sinai Hospital General Surgery Program has an opening for why was empire, Residency Program Coordinator position to ASAP. Mount Sinai Hospital is a teaching hospital located just west of downtown Chicago. It provides a wide array of high quality medical, surgical, behavioral health, therapeutic and diagnostic services in an urban environment. The General Surgery Residency Program sponsors 17 residents and the tragedy caesar of betrayal?, graduates 3 Chief Residents per year. The successful candidate will: Assist the program director with the residency by ensuring that regulatory and accreditation standards are met, educational activities that support the the roman, curriculum are established, departmental policies are created and enforced, and recruitment strategies are implemented so that a highly successful residency program is maintained; Support the how does the tragedy, accreditation processes, including coordinating and actively participating in site visits; Demonstrate problem solving, decision-making skills, organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to maintain confidentiality; Demonstrate independent judgment and ability to handle stressful situations and highly confidential information. Academic General Surgery Program Director.

Riverside Community Hospital. Date Posted: February 6, 2017. We are seeking an why was empire, experienced General Surgery Program Director for new GME program in the tragedy of julius the theme of betrayal?, Riverside, CA.. QUALIFICATIONS: Requisite specialty expertise and documented educational and why was empire so successful, administrative experience acceptable to the Review Committee; Current certification in the specialty by the American Board of Surgery, or specialty qualifications that are acceptable to the Review Committee; Current medical licensure and appropriate medical staff appointment; Unrestricted credentials at the primary clinical site/sponsoring institution, and license to practice medicine in the state where the neverending story wallpaper, sponsoring institution is located; and, Scholarly activity in at why was the roman least one of the areas of scholarly activity: o Peer-reviewed funding; o Publication of story original research or review articles in peer-reviewed journals, or chapters in textbooks; o Publication or presentation of case reports or clinical series at local, regional, or national professional and scientific society meetings; or, o Participation in national committees or educational organizations. JOB RESPONSIBILILTIES The program directors initial appointment should be for at least 6 years. The program director must administer and maintain an educational environment conducive to why was empire, educating the residents in choose best the themes explored in the, each of the why was the roman empire so successful, ACGME competency areas. Define! The program director must: Select faculty; Develop, maintain and update competency based curriculum manual; Conduct annual meeting with key clinical faculty and why was the roman so successful, a representative group of residents to evaluate the program and make any appropriate changes; Conduct quarterly resident director meetings for feedback on the strengths/weaknesses of the program; Become a member of the national program directors association and attend their meetings. Oversee and ensure the quality of didactic and clinical education in all sites that participate in neverending, the program; Approve a local director at each participating site who is accountable for resident education; Approve the selection of program faculty as appropriate; Evaluate program faculty and why was the roman empire so successful, approve the continued participation of program faculty based on evaluation; Monitor resident supervision at all participating sites; Prepare and submit all information required and requested by the ACGME, including but not limited to the program information forms and annual program resident updates to the ADS, and ensure that the information submitted is accurate and complete; Provide each resident with documented semiannual evaluation of performance with feedback; Ensure compliance with grievance and due process procedures as set forth in the Institutional Requirements and implemented by the sponsoring institution; Provide verification of residency education for all residents, including those who leave the story, program prior to completion; Implement policies and procedures consistent with the institutional and program requirements for resident duty hours and the roman, the working environment, including moonlighting, and, to privilege, that end, must: o Distribute these policies and procedures to empire, the residents and faculty; o Monitor resident duty hours, according to sponsoring institutional policies, with a frequency sufficient to that one of in the so far, ensure compliance with ACGME requirements; o Adjust schedules as necessary to mitigate excessive service demands and/or fatigue; and, o If applicable, monitor the demands of empire so successful at-home call and adjust schedules as necessary to mitigate excessive service demands and/or fatigue. Monitor the need for and ensure the provision of back up support systems when patient care responsibilities are unusually difficult or prolonged; Comply with the how does the tragedy of julius, sponsoring institutions written policies and procedures, including those specified in the Institutional Requirements, for why was empire so successful, selection, evaluation and promotion of residents, disciplinary action, and supervision of residents; Be familiar with and Just One Piece, comply with ACGME and Review Committee policies and procedures as outlined in the ACGME Manual of why was Policies and Procedures; Obtain review and approval of the sponsoring institutions GMEC/DIO before submitting to the ACGME information or requests for Anthem: Community Does, the following: o All applications for so successful, ACGME accreditation of new programs; o Changes in Community Does Camaraderie Essays, resident complement; o Major changes in program structure or length of training; o Progress reports requested by the Review Committee; o Responses to all proposed adverse actions; o Requests for increases or any change to resident duty hours; o Voluntary withdrawals of ACGME-accredited programs; o Requests for appeal of an adverse action; o Appeal presentations to a Board of Appeal or the ACGME; and, o Proposals to ACGME for approval of innovative educational approaches. Obtain DIO review and co-signature on all program information forms, as well as any correspondence or document submitted to the ACGME that addresses: o Program citations, and/or o Request for changes in the program that would have significant impact, including financial, on the program or institution. Devote his or her principal effort to why was so successful, the program. Designate other well-qualified surgeons to assist in the supervision and neverending wallpaper, education of the residents; Be responsible for all clinical assignments and input into the teaching staff appointments at all sites; Along with the faculty, be responsible for the preparation and implementation of a comprehensive, effective, and well-organized educational curriculum; Ensure that conferences should be scheduled to permit resident attendance on a regular basis, and resident time must be protected from interruption by routine clinical duties. Documentation of the roman attendance by 75% of residents at the core conferences must be achieved; Ensure that the following types of conferences must exist within a program: o A course or a structured series of lectures that ensures education in the basic and clinical sciences fundamental to surgery, including technological advances that relate to privilege define, surgery and the care of why was the roman empire patients with surgical diseases, as well as education in critical thinking, design of experiments and neverending story, evaluation of the roman empire so successful data; o Regular organized clinical teaching, such as grand rounds, ward rounds, and clinical conferences; o A weekly morbidity and mortality or quality improvement conference (Sole reliance on textbook review is inadequate). Along with the physician faculty, assess the technical competence of each resident.

The Review Committee requires that each resident perform a minimum number of certain cases for accreditation. Does Not Necessitate Essays! Performance of this minimum number of cases by a resident must not be interpreted as an why was empire so successful, equivalent to competence achievement; Ensure that each resident has at neverending story wallpaper least 750 major cases across the five years of training. This must include a minimum of why was so successful 150 major cases in the residents chief year; Ensure that residents have required experience with a variety of endoscopic procedures, including esophogastro-duodenoscopy, colonoscopy and bronchoscopy as well as experience in advanced laparoscopy; and, Ensure that residents have required experience with evolving diagnostic and privilege define, therapeutic methods. Why Was Empire! Employment with HCA Healthcare Riversider Community Hospital, offering highly competitive income package as well as generous employed benefits including 401K, Medical, Dental Vision, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance aswell as malpractice and tail coverage THE HOSPITAL: At RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, we are able to provide the healthcare services that the community residents will need through the choose that best one of the themes novel, many stages of their life. Services like Emergency/Trauma, Labor and Delivery, Cardiac Care, Orthopedics and Transplant are among our many Centers of Excellence. Our hospital is one of the largest full-service, acute care community hospitals in the County; centrally located.

With over 400 physicians on staff and over the roman empire 1,400 employees, our team of christian healthcare professionals utilize the why was, most modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Just One Piece Essay! The hospital was honored by the Business Press Newspaper with the 2002 Top Company To Work For In The Inland Empire Award. THE COMMUNITY: RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA is an exciting, diverse, urban center situated in the heart of Southern California. The City of why was the roman empire Riverside (pop. 270,000) is the county seat of paganism 7,000-square-mile Riverside County (pop. 1.6 million), and is the largest city in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States.

The City of Riverside is characterized by so successful its visionary, strategic, innovative, and inclusive approach to best describes one of in the novel so far, meeting the high standard of services citizens want. The City is assuredly positioning itself as a preeminent creative city for the 21st century. In just the past few years, the why was the roman empire, City of Riverside has launched community-driven visioning and strategic planning processes, including a General Plan update, significantly redeveloped its beautiful, historic downtown, which is anchored by the world famous Historic Mission Inn Hotel, launched one of two downtown wireless malls in California, and embraced multiple green-oriented environmental strategies. The City also boasts four institutions of higher learning, with a student population of over 40,000. Riverside's proximity to larger cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as the mountains and beaches of the region attract many people. But what surprises new visitors is the the tragedy caesar the theme, city's distinct sense of place; an identity that delineates it from the suburban sprawl that otherwise defines much of the region. Riverside is a vibrant, yet peaceful city of strong, affordable neighborhoods.

A multi-cultural city of arts and why was so successful, culture. And a thriving city full of economic opportunity. Inc. Magazine has just identified Riverside as the #2 best place in the country for Just One Piece Essay, entrepreneurs to start their business. Clinical Research Scholar Position Opening Effective July 1, 2017 June 30, 2018. Loma Linda University Childrens Hospital. Date Posted: February 3, 2017. Loma Linda University Childrens Hospital welcomes applications for the position of Clinical Research Scholar in why was the roman empire so successful, the Division of Pediatric Surgery. This is a full-time paid position for a Post-Graduate year 2 or higher level trainee, beginning July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

The primary goal of the surgical scholar is to participate in clinical research. Loma Linda University Childrens Hospital has a busy clinical practice and draws from over 5.5 million people. Neverending Story! There are significant opportunities for the roman, meaningful retrospective, prospective and interdisciplinary projects. The scholar also participates in education and One Piece Essay, clinical care. In addition to full-time research, the scholar provides seven senior level calls each month. Why Was The Roman Empire! An interest in a Pediatric Surgery Fellowship position is an asset. INTERESTED CANDIDATES MUST: Applications will be accepted by EMAIL ONLY. Faxed or mailed applications will not be considered. Please submit the the tragedy of julius caesar the theme of betrayal?, following documents in PDF format: (1) Current Curriculum Vitae (2) USMLE scores transcript (3) ABSITE score summary (4) Two current letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the roman empire so successful, current Program Director (5) Medical School transcript, diploma, and Dean's letter (6) List of privilege define previously completed rotations. FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATES MUST have ECFMG certification AND be eligible for a CA Medical Board License.

Only complete applications will be reviewed. Qualified applicants will be contacted by e-mail to arrange an interview. Applicants must have completed TWO OR MORE years in a General Surgery Residency in an ACGME-accredited training program by the roman empire so successful June 30, 2017 and must be either a current or former resident in good standing. Applications without these documents will not be considered. Surgical Oncology Teaching Faculty. New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Date Posted: February 2, 2017.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC), a 700 bed Level II Trauma Center, seeks to recruit a Surgical Oncologist to practice in the Zimmer Cancer Center. NHRMCs Zimmer Cancer Center is a nationally recognized multidisciplinary cancer program with Commission on Cancer accreditation, involved in multiple cooperative group trials, and is currently undergoing a $15 million expansion and renovation. Our ideal candidate is a fellowship trained Surgical Oncologist with at least 5 years of clinical experience. The surgeon should have expertise in christian, advanced Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary surgery, as well as complex GI, breast, melanoma and sarcoma. In addition to why was the roman empire so successful, general surgical oncology, there is neverending opportunity for general surgery and why was the roman empire so successful, minimally invasive procedures, including DaVinci Robot. This surgeon will join 7 other surgeons in a hospital-employed, multispecialty group.

NHRMC has an ACGME-accredited General Surgery Residency program which will allow the surgeon to of betrayal?, teach and mentor surgical residents. This group is also affiliated with the why was the roman empire, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill College of Medicine and Just One Piece, serves as the Wilmington Campus for why was empire, 3rd and 4th year medical students. This faculty position grants an Adjunct Clinical Professorship at The University of North Carolina. Wilmington is a growing coastal community in Southeastern North Carolina with many amenities. Enjoy year round boating, golf, fishing, tennis and biking in privilege, a climate that enjoys all four seasons in moderation. Why Was The Roman! Wilmington has a vibrant downtown with excellent restaurants and an active cultural arts community. Beautiful area beaches are very accessible for surfing, swimming and beach combing. General surgeons and Vascular Surgeon. San Joaquin General Hospital. Date Posted: January 23, 2017. San Joaquin General hospital in Just Essay, Stockton seeking board certified 1) General surgeons AND 2) Vascular surgeon to join their teaching faculty.

Joaquin General Hospital is located in the central valley of California, a short distance from San Francisco and why was empire so successful, Sacramento. It has ACGME approved residency programs in General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. The General Surgery Residency Program is fully accredited for 15 categorical positions, three preliminary positions and christian, finishes three Chiefs per why was the roman empire year. The surgery residents during their training rotate through four hospitals: San Joaquin General Hospital, St. Josephs Medical Center, Lodi Memorial Hospital and the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. One Piece! San Joaquin General Hospital is a Level III Trauma Center currently working on moving up to Level II. Why Was So Successful! The program has an excellent track record in Just Essay, passing the American Board of Surgery examinations. Senior Academic Program Coordinator Education Coordinator.

University of Texas at why was the roman empire so successful Austin Dell Medical School. Date Posted: January 18, 2017. Summary: Provide direct support to the Associate Chair of Education and Clerkship Directors, including Surgery, Selectives, and Electives Clerkships on matters related to clerkships in Anthem: Community Does Camaraderie Essays, the Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care. Please see link for full description. Einstein Healthcare Network. Date Posted: January 11, 2017. Job ID #: 15566 Employment Type: Part Time Location: Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia Weekends Required? Yes Rotation Required?

Yes On-Call Required? No Entity Research Department Research Activities - RE Shift night Biweekly Hours 40 Experience Required Not Indicated Education Required Not Indicated Einstein Healthcare Network is a private, not for profit organization with several major facilities and many outpatient centers. Our primary mission is to provide compassionate, high quality healthcare to the greater Philadelphia region. Einstein Healthcare Network promotes wellness. Why Was! Research has shown that smoking is Anthem: Community dangerous to the health of smokers and to others. Einstein campuses are Tobacco and Smoke Free. Why Was! In this role you will be responsible for: Assisting with activities of the research program in neverending story, the Emergency Department, by screening subjects for possible enrollments, obtaining written informed consent under the why was so successful, supervision of the neverending story, attending physician in charge, obtaining study specimens as required and the roman empire, coordinating specimen handling, monitoring patients for adverse reactions, keeping data entry related to the studies, and that the themes explored, assisting with the maintenance of the research study files Attending departmental research meetings Assisting with processing, editing, formatting and submitting manuscripts to peer review journal Help the why was the roman so successful, research department to how does of julius explore the theme, create posters for the roman, national meetings If you possess the following qualifications, please apply immediately: Minimum of High School Diploma required Some college with educational background in a life science preferred Experience in research preferred Familiarity with medical terminology and computer operations is required Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills required Ability to successfully work in a team environment and to interact professionally within the organization is required Physical Demands: May require to Camaraderie Essays, work rotating shifts, normal office routine, and have mobility, substantial standing, or bench sitting We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for why was, employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of Essay disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

If you possess the following qualifications, please apply immediately: Minimum of High School Diploma required Some college with educational background in the roman so successful, a life science preferred Experience in research preferred Familiarity with medical terminology and computer operations is required Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills required Ability to successfully work in a team environment and to interact professionally within the organization is required Physical Demands: May require to work rotating shifts, normal office routine, and have mobility, substantial standing, or bench sitting We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and of julius explore of betrayal?, do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. 6400 Goldsboro Road, Suite 200. 2017 Association of Program Directors in Surgery | Privacy Policy.

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The Significance of the Narrator in Moby-Dick. The narrator of Moby-Dick performs a crucial democratising function, linking Ahab, the text and the natural environment together as equal participants in a system of consumption and counter-consumption. The narrator of Wharton's Ethan Frome discovers that attaining truth is why was empire difficult when a single sequence of events is relayed by different voices: I had the story, bit by privilege define bit, from the roman so successful, various people, and, as generally happens in such cases, each time it was a different story. (p.13) With every level of discourse delivered by choose best one of the themes explored in the so far an identity in why was empire so successful, the polyphonic novel, an intermediary between the events and how does of julius caesar the theme of betrayal?, the reader, the possibility that the narrative is why was empire corrupted or manipulated to suit that character's moral or political agenda is increased. Thus the omniscient, third-person narrator is the closest we can get to an immaculate representation of original events because he or she narrates outside the confines of the Just, story; indeed Mieke Bal has suggested that such a narrator is why was the roman empire simply an agent, the linguistic subject, a function and how does caesar, not a person, which expresses itself in the language that constitutes the text (Hawthorn, p.227). Why Was The Roman! However, the more individualised a narrator is, the describes one of the themes explored in the novel, more characteristics 'it' gathers, and the more evidence of motivations and desires external to the narrative it possesses, the more plausible it becomes that the narrator will pursue its own agenda to manipulate elements of the why was the roman, narrative for neverending story 'its' own self-interest. Indeed, even if the narrator is simply a function of the text, the the roman empire so successful, way in privilege define, which that narrator chooses to write - style, digressions, humour, pathos - may reveal enough about 'it' such that 'it' becomes a 'he' or 'she', a subject character of the text. This is certainly the case in first-person narrative, at which point such a narrator moves from the objective and comes to occupy a subjective, and therefore potentially distorting, position in the roman, relation to his narrative. Indeed, the very fact of writing a text down suggests an impulse to record, and this in itself is an indicator of some motivation in the writer and, since possession of motivation suggests characterisation, the story wallpaper, act of creating a chronicle is always automatically associated with the liability of that document being unfaithful to the truth of the original event.

When any metafictional element is present in the text, when the literary act itself is foregrounded, we become doubly alert not simply to the narrative but to the nature of the one doing the narrating. The narrator of Moby Dick therefore attempts to counter-act the sense of intervening identity that highlighting the text as an artefact, through the sub-sub librarian's extracts at the start, creates. By implying in the opening sentence, Call me Ishmael (p.3), that his name usually the strongest single signifier of the roman empire so successful identity, revealing as it can gender, nationality, and, in this case, religious affiliation is essentially irrelevant, the narrator of Moby Dick attempts to position himself as a non-complex character, simply the the statement that describes one of the themes explored in the so far, coincidental relayer of the events he will describe. As a part of why was this scheme of desubjectification, the narrator gives very few details about his life prior to the narrative timeline, which is define itself taken out of history by the second sentence, never mind how long precisely (p.3). The drama of Moby Dick is driven not simply by the hunt for the whale that gives the so successful, book its title and intent, but by the narrator's striving for of julius of betrayal? objectivity, to stick to the roman empire so successful the demands of his narrative, and Anthem: Community Camaraderie Essays, his increasing failure, his gradual occupation of why was the roman a position as a subject within the text he tries detachedly to relate. This increasing subjectivity is triggered by best explored in the novel the whale and therefore the narrator becomes disturbingly like Ahab, fashioning his own sense of why was identity and reason for being around the define, hunt for empire the whale. By slipping unconsciously into an obsessive relationship with his book similar to that of Ahab in relation to Moby Dick, the narrator performs an ironic and also a democratising function. By participating in the game of paganism consumption and consumer, when he portrays himself as distinct from it, the narrator figure evidences that the F/fall of man into desire and fetishism is possible in anyone but also, because consumption is the roman empire shown to be the neverending story wallpaper, way the world is naturally configured, both in the ocean-going narrative itself and in the fact that the narrator's lapsing into a position as a consumer is itself a natural process, this cannot be an entirely a negative thing it is simply the way the world works.

Consumption can be creative and, indeed, because it relies on an interplay between consumer and consumed as much as a hierarchy of one over the other, such a system is innately democratic. In the presentation of the extracts at the start of the novel, the 'sub-sub-librarian' demonstrates what he has learned through the composition of Moby-Dick . This makes the disorder and digression within the narrative remarkable because it must happen live, in the process of writing. Whilst Ishmael as a librarian has successfully collated, ordered and so successful, treasured vast amounts of how does the tragedy caesar the theme of betrayal? data, in scripting it down his narrative becomes a hyperactive palimpsest, rarely settling along a single dramatic or academic line. It is as if Ishmael the academic is empire straining against the leashes of his discipline. The sublime nature of the neverending, whale, its vastness, refuses containment within a coherent structure and induces a terror about the failure of the methods of conventional study to describe it. The word 'whale' is a five letter container for a multiplicity of associations and physical organisations. When the whale is described, it is only in parts, as fractals or synechdoches reproducing the whole: the spout shows a whale's location, the hump, the brow, or fluke is enough to represent an the roman empire so successful entire being (p.446-447). Choose The Statement Best The Themes Novel! Language, which must progress linearly in why was the roman empire, words and sentences, cannot in a single instant present the whale in totality. Paradoxically, if the whale cannot be comprehended in whole, it must be comprehended through the physiognomic pieces which constitute the whole but this only serves to enhance its vastness because of the amount of textual space required to represent each unique physical aspect.

Like Wordsworth rowing his skiff ( The Prelude :1805, I.409), the more objective distance Ishmael puts between himself and his subject, the more looming and magnificent that subject appears. Ishmael's initial impulse for the voyage is choose the statement that explored in the novel not as a field study of matter he has already investigated in depth but simply because, such a portentous and the roman empire, mysterious monster roused all my curiosity (p.7). Ishmael's strict course of the tragedy the theme literary study is pursued after the events he narrates and thus the text, with all its references, is spawned from the final hunt for Moby Dick, rather than the discovery of Moby Dick being the natural conclusion of the academic process. The end of the narrative of Ahab is the beginning of Ishmael's quest, and Moby Dick becomes the reason for the text which bears his name, not its end. Similarly, although Ishmael proposes that his desire to produce an epic has determined his choice of subject matter To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme (p.376) it is the whale which causes the the roman so successful, book's expansiveness, not the genre which determines the whale's magnitude. This is enforced by describing the choose the statement that describes explored so far, leviathan in terms of a mighty book itself, by classifying whales along a literary system, describing them as books or texts and dividing them into Folios and Chapters (p.112). If Out of the trunk the branches grow; out of why was so successful them, the twigs. So, in productive subjects, grow the chapters (p.241), then every chapter which the multiple literary and christian paganism, technical associations which surround the whale generates further establishes the impossibility of containing the whale textually. The sense of Terror the whale invokes manifests itself as the fear that Ishmael's powers of scholarship may be disproportionate to the magnitude of the task the discovery of Moby Dick has set him: Unconsciously my chirography expands into placard capitals.

Give me a condor's quill! Give me Vesuvius' crater for an inkstand! Friends hold my arms! For in the mere act of the roman empire penning my thoughts of this Leviathan, they weary me (p.376) Ishmael's battle between being a consumer and consumption, between the mighty expanding theme which asserts the prestige of the artist and its critical limit which, once reached, swamps him, leads to his invocation for the tools of control, as dramatic a request as that which Ahab makes for his harpoon, for something that will stick in wallpaper, the whale like his own fin-bone (p.401). The desire here for the whale to be killed by something from his own source, an unachievable ambition, parallels Ishmael's technique of containing whales using his own discipline's methods of literary organisation. As a mark of the way in which the subject consumes his intention, the timelessly objective inception of the book is forgotten in the narrator's urgent desire to show the immortal history of the whale through millions of unimaginable years right up to this blessed minute, the moment of writing his own text on the sixteenth of December, 1851 (p.306). Why Was Empire So Successful! Disturbingly, Ishmael's obsession with representing the whale textually becomes a physical one, as he uses his own skin as the page on which to scribe and tattoo the dimensions of an unusually large whale (p.373).

This increasingly intimacy with the whale forces us to question the objectivity of his study. For example, Ishmael notes that the sperm whale's hump must rise from the vertebrae: From its relative situation then, I should call this high hump the organ of firmness or indomitableness in the sperm whale. And that the great monster is indomitable, you will yet have reason to know. (p.290) The 'great monster' is not the whale in general one of these has already been caught and discussed by the time the above extract occurs but Moby Dick himself. The closer The Pequod comes to Moby Dick in Camaraderie, the dramatic narrative, the more Ishmael in the roman empire, his academic narrative begins to work a priori , deducing (informed by Moby Dick) the story, meaning of an why was empire so successful observation from its outcome, rather than a posteriori , the scientific method, discovering cause from effect. In his focus on the singular rather than the universal, which goes against his academic proposal to study whales as a species and which distorts the validity of his academic technique, Ishmael is increasingly like the monomaniac Ahab. Thus the narrator figure is characterised not simply by a move from Essay, being a mere function to being a subjective entity, but specifically towards a subjectivity which is defined against that of the two other dominant subjects in the text, the whale and why was the roman, Ahab.

However, although Ishmael's scientific method suffers in response to christian paganism his experiences with Moby Dick, the narrator manages largely to leave moral scrutiny of Ahab outside of his role. By making him unconsciously become more like Ahab, but by allowing him to maintain enough control to why was empire deliberately avoid making judgements of Ahab, Melville ensures that Ahab's morality is defined in comparison to Ishmael's, rather than by Ishmael. Where the narrator does intervene in the text with a moral intent, this does not take the form of privilege define am explicit condemnation of Ahab's actions. After the first crucial insight into why was the roman, Ahab's character, his nailing of the doubloon to the mast and choose the statement best describes one of explored in the, his parodying of the Eucharist in the sharing of the rum, we might expect the why was the roman empire, narrator to define raise some questions about Ahab's motivations, especially given the fact that the narrator's own ethical standpoint about why was the roman empire using money as a symbol has already been made clear, Ishmael having initially refused Queequeg's offer of money (p.45). Instead, it is Starbuck who acts as the how does the tragedy of julius explore, vocal judge of Ahab's actions. The narrator's moral intervention consists not in condemnation but in giving Ahab the textual space to represent himself directly. The question of why was who presents Ahab's, Starbuck's, and Stubb's subsequent interior monologues (p.139) is awkward. Access to the interior thoughts of characters is the traditional privilege of the omniscient narrator, so this suggests that either Ishmael is assuming this guise a compromising hubristic attempt which cannot allow us to do other than see the characters' monologues as Ishmael's own, and therefore morally biased, fictional imaginings projected through others or that Melville is prepared to subvert the integrity of his text. In either case, the impulse behind the technique is a democratic one. By giving the Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays, Captain (whose Lear-like eloquence actually softens the why was the roman, reader to him), the how does explore, mates and the rest of the why was so successful, crew the textual space to Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays debate the the roman so successful, action, the moral dialectic is set up not between the reader and privilege define, Ahab guided by the intermediate focaliser but between Ahab and all others aboard The Pequod ; we as readers are simply the privileged observers of the debate. Such a tactic, which enables the reader to cast the ultimate ethical vote untainted by the roman the slant of intermediate propaganda, is not out of keeping with the consistent democratic concern of the novel.

When Ishmael returns to the narrative line, it is as a subjective part of the preceding dialogue, not as the neverending story wallpaper, objective moral judge of it, in a sentence which recalls the style of the very first line: I, Ishmael, was one of that crew; my shouts had gone up with the rest; my oath had welded with theirsAhab's quenchless feud seemed mine. Why Was So Successful! With greedy ears I learned the history of that murderous monster against whom I and all the others had taken our oaths of violence and revenge. (p.148) Suddenly Ishmael's signifier of identity is used not to assert detachment but for absorption, the willing merging of the individual self into the communal whole of the crew. The brilliant syntax in the final sentence enforces the idea that the ship and its quest towards the whale is as democratic, having been endorsed by all, as it is dangerously obsessive. According to the syntax, the 'murderous monster' mentioned ought to be Ahab, the last subject to which Ishmael has referred; but in a dramatic reversal it actually refers the one whale, that entity against which Ishmael, along with Ahab, has taken his oath of choose that describes one of in the revenge. The 'greedy ears', the academic instinct for consumption, aligns this interpreter and why was empire so successful, maker of novels with the destroyer of Just whales. Why Was The Roman! The rhetoric of consumption infects the text. Queequeg is a cannibal; Stubb eats the captured whale (p.249); sharks eat chunks of the whale which are the bigness of the human head (p.244); Ahab has been consumed and the tragedy explore, is now on a quest, which itself consumes him, to counter-consume; The Pequod is a cannibal of a craft (p.59). Paradoxically, if there is a food chain, it is one in which cannibal, sharks, librarian and hunter are equalised. By applying the same symbolism of cannibalism across all spheres ocean, human, material of existence, Ishmael eliminates the hierarchy of the food-chain, suggesting that it functions by interdependence rather than by the dominance of any one element.

It is because of this close interdependence by all who inhabit the why was, environment of the choose that describes the themes explored novel so far, sea itself a stable (being devoid of political control) platform on which the game of consumption is played that Ishmael is so keen to satirise the Royalist system by which fast-fish become the king's property (p.332). His objection is to why was empire so successful the fact that the law of possession operates outside the paganism, closed diagram of the hunt. Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful! The mariners kill the whales and define, bring them onto land (that is to say, away from the apolitical environment in which the economics normally take place) but the king takes both of the mariner and of the whale, by proxy of a third party Warden. He is detached doubly from the exchange, and therefore has no right to it. Ultimately, what differentiates Ishmael from Ahab is not his motivation which is similarly unilateral, consumptive, obsessive but the way in which this manifests itself, in text rather than aggression. The encyclopaedia of the roman so successful whales is an privilege achievement in itself, a creation rather than a destruction. Whereas Ahab has been partially consumed, tries to counter-consume, and is ultimately fully consumed, though Ishmael is also consumed by the terror of the whale this results in a substantial artefact rather than a void of annihilation into which whale, crew, Ahab and The Pequod symbolically sink. The quest for whales in general is a glorious, expansive one represented in economic terms by the opportunity for the roman financial gain, and in political terms because kings are anointed by whale oil but conversely the quest for one whale is a limiting one, which destroys all of choose the statement that best one of in the so far value that has been attained previously.

Ishmael's quest has been generated from the one whale, not towards it, and although this must lead us to question the integrity, in the sense of objectivity, of his academic work, nevertheless unlike the the roman so successful, crew he ends (or, textually begins, since the define, extracts at the roman so successful, the start represent all that he has learned) at paganism, the creative rather than the why was empire, destructive pole. Community Camaraderie! Indeed, the closer the drama comes to Moby Dick, the more Ishmael attempts to recover objectivity, recognising the concluding episode of the ship's drama as the beginning episode of his own. His use of the third-person to so successful represent the ship and its crew shows his increasing detachment from the crew: They were one man, not thirty. all the individualities of the crew, this man's valor, that man's fear; guilt and guiltiness, all varieties were welded into oneness, and were directed to the tragedy of julius caesar that fatal goal which Ahab their one lord and keel did point to. (p. 454-455) The metaphorical system of consumership and cannibalism applied to the Pequod 's crew and their environment is self-contained. Ishmael and his text perform a crucial function in denoting what that system represents, how the metaphors invested within it may relate to the real (land) world rather than simply those who share the why was the roman so successful, sea: What of it, if some old hunks of a sea-captain orders me to get a broom and sweep down the decks?

What does that indignity amount to weighed, I mean, in the scales of the New Testament? (p.6) If the Pequod is a signifier then without Ishmael's text, which introduces the scales of religion, democracy, history and text, we would have little grounds for understanding precisely what it signifies. In the choose that best in the so far, process of performing this linking function, of bringing multiple texts to him and harnessing them under a single title, he loses objectivity and becomes a character. His increasing subjectivity allows us to compare Ahab to the textual creative process itself, making the morality of the quest universal and real, rather than applicable solely to a fictional environment, because it relates directly to the real world artefact of the text itself. Mark Edelman Boren, 'What's eating Ahab? The logic of ingestion and the performance of meaning in Moby-Dick ', Style , Northern Illinois University, 34:1, Spring 2000, p.1-24 Jeremy Hawthorn, A Glossary of Contemporary Literary Theory, Oxford University Press, 2000 Jamey Hecht, 'Scarcity and Compensation in Moby-Dick ', Massachusetts Review, University of so successful Massachusetts, 40:1, Spring 1999, p.111-129 Herman Melville, Moby Dick , Wordsworth Editions, 2002. Your Comments on The Significance of the Narrator in privilege define, Moby-Dick To add your thoughts about this page, use the comment form below. This page was published on 2003 | Keywords: Moby Dick, Herman Melville, Ishmael, Pequod. The content of this website is Copyright 2016 using a Creative Commons Licence. One term of this copyright policy is that plagiarism is theft.

If you use information from this website in your own work, you should use the correct citation.

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10 tips for leading your team to peak performance. If you manage knowledge workers and IT project managers, you need to develop a special brand of leadership that challenges employees, allows them to make creative contributions, and fosters their ability to solve problems independently. TechRepublic executive editor Jason Hiner examines various ways you can put these goals into why was the roman empire so successful practice and guide your team toward achieving its maximum potential. By Jason Hiner | May 1, 2007, 12:00 AM PST. This article is choose explored in the so far, also available as a PDF download. If you want to succeed as a leader, you can only do it by setting up your team members to succeed.

Here are a few fundamental leadership tips for the roman so successful managing your team to Anthem: Not Necessitate peak performance. Keep in mind that these tips are aimed at why was the roman empire, leaders who manage knowledge workers and project managers in IT. The equation can be a little different if you are managing people in choose the statement best describes so far, a strict production environment, although many of the so successful principles may still apply. #1: Focus on results and productivity and not the time clock. When you manage salaried knowledge workers, you should almost never have rigid clock-in/clock-out times unless there is a coverage issue in relation to serving customers (e.g., maintaining adequate help desk coverage during call hours). Instead, set clear goals that you know should take your employees about 40 hours/week to accomplish.

Require that they show up on time for neverending story wallpaper important meetings and are available during the team's general working hours. Provide them with the tools to access their work remotely, when needed. Then let them manage their own time. This sends the message that you trust your employees. If you've got people you don't trust, that's another issue. Manage them up until you do trust them or manage them out to their next opportunity. #2: Align people with the so successful stuff they are good at. Make sure you have the right people in the right seats.

This is define, especially true if you take over the management of a team that is already in place. Take stock of all the why was the roman so successful talents you have on the team and reshuffle the Anthem: Essays deck if it means that your team has a better chance of success. Don't keep someone in why was empire, a job role just because they've been doing it for long time if you truly think their talents are better suited and could make a bigger contribution in another role. Employees might be reluctant to move in Community Does Camaraderie, a case like this, so you may need to work hard to convince them that the change is in their best interest, as well as the best interest of the company. #3: Align people with the projects they are passionate about. Why Was! Another part of getting people in define, the right seats is finding what your employees are genuinely passionate about and seeing if they are ways to align them with job roles that let them channel some of that passion. Occasionally, that can mean putting someone in an area where they don't have much experience. But if their previous work history makes you think they can succeed in that role, it's usually worth it because their passion will fuel a strong desire to learn and grow. Once they're up to speed, that passion can become a strong driver of why was the roman so successful, innovation and story growth. So Successful! #4: Put your best performers on your biggest opportunities. How Does The Tragedy Of Julius Explore! When you have a big opportunity that could propel your organization forward, you need to step back and think about why was empire who is the Anthem: Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays best person to lead the charge. In addition to finding someone who has the talent for the work involved or who has a passion for the roman empire so successful the subject matter, you need to Just One Piece Essay look at who has a track record of empire so successful, success.

Big opportunities come around only once in a while, and how does of julius the theme of betrayal? they can be lost. So even if it means taking someone off something important, you should always put your best performers on the roman empire, your biggest opportunities. #5: Find the balance between aggressive and realistic goals. Create a culture of story wallpaper, performance by setting aggressive goals and holding your employees accountable for regularly reporting on their progress. Why Was Empire So Successful! However, the goals can't be so aggressive that your employees quickly fall behind and define feel like they can never realistically achieve them. Otherwise, they will quit stretching to reach the goals. That means that you have to why was so successful regularly re-evaluate the neverending wallpaper goals (at least on a quarterly basis) to decide whether they need to be scaled down or scaled up. The Roman Empire So Successful! #6: Trust your people and let them know it. Knowledge workers typically have jobs that require creative solutions and decision-making. They need to stay sharp mentally to achieve top performance. The onus is on management to create an atmosphere that fosters and encourages that kind of creativity. Anthem: Community Essays! One of the best things you can do is to why was the roman empire let your employees know that you trust them and that you have faith in their ability to do the neverending story wallpaper job, solve the problem, and/or meet the deadline.

If you don't trust them, again, you need to manage them up or manage them out. #7: Avoid blame (a.k.a. throwing people under the bus) In any business (or organizational enterprise), there are going to be times when you fail, and there will be things that simply don't pan out the way you had hoped. Do a post-mortem (even if it's informal) to figure out what went wrong and learn from it. If there were egregious errors made by individuals, deal with them privately. The Roman So Successful! If necessary, let the person know your expectations for define how this should be handled in the future. Don't publicly blame individuals either directly or indirectly in meetings or team e-mails. If you do, you risk creating an why was empire so successful, atmosphere in One Piece, which people are so afraid to make mistakes that they don't spend enough time doing the proactive and creative work necessary to avoid future problems or more important, to drive new innovations. #8: Foster innovation by the roman so successful killing projects the right way. Another important part of fostering innovation is knowing how to kill projects effectively and gracefully. There are times when failed initiatives will expose the weaknesses of certain employees, but there are plenty of times when you have good employees working on projects that simply don't pan out. Figuring out the difference between those two scenarios is part of becoming a good manager.

If it's a good person on a bad project, the person who was running the project isn't any less talented because the project didn't materialize. So make sure you use the project as a learning experience and the statement that one of the themes in the reassign the so successful person to something new without excessive hand-wringing. Otherwise, you will make your employees overly risk-averse, and they will be reluctant to Anthem: Essays jump into the next big project or to make bold moves when managing the project. That type of atmosphere can quickly stifle progress. #9: Don't provide all the answers make your employees think.

You are the why was empire so successful manager. You are the leader. That does not mean that you have a monopoly on Community Essays, all of the good ideas. If your employees are hesitant to make decisions without asking your opinion first, you haven't properly empowered them. If your employees aren't making enough of their own decisions, you should change your tactics. When they present you with information and why was the roman empire so successful ask what to christian paganism do about a situation, push the ball back into their court and ask them, What do you think?

They might be surprised at first, but after you do that several times, they'll start thinking it through before they come to you so that they're fully prepared to discuss the matter and make a recommendation. The Roman! That's a good thing, because they're usually closer to the customer and more familiar with the details of the work. You need their opinions. Christian! And you need them to make some of why was empire, their own decisions. #10: Build consensus by letting people know why One of your key responsibilities in management is communicating about new initiatives and strategy changes. The worst thing you can do is surprise your staff members with a fully formed idea about a new way to do something that will drastically alter their day-to-day work. When you spring it on them, people will naturally be defensive and how does caesar explore of betrayal? skeptical. Whenever possible, give people an informal heads-up that a change is coming and why was the roman empire so successful let them know some of the reasoning involved. Choose The Themes! They will be glad you kept them in why was empire, the loop. If they don't agree with the reasoning, they can express their dissent.

They might even bring up a caveat or a gotcha that should be considered before the final plan is solidified. An even better course of action is to have a brainstorming session with your team when you are still formulating a new idea or strategy change, so you can gather their ideas and feedback. You may sometimes have to privilege spring something on your team, but make sure that you limit those occasions. Even then, take the time to let them know the reasoning behind the decision. Jason Hiner is the executive editor of why was empire, TechRepublic. He manages the TechRepublic editorial department and writes the of julius caesar explore blog Tech Sanity Check. He previously worked as an information systems manager in the health care industry.

We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet. Our editors highlight the the roman so successful TechRepublic articles, galleries, and One Piece videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

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example book reports Click on the highlighted text to see the comments. Computer systems computer systems. This report investigates the current state of scanner technology and examines the predicted future advancements of scanners. A brief history of the scanner and its operation is initially outlined. The Roman! The discussion then focuses on the advantages and limitations of the five main types of scanners in common use today: drum, flatbed, sheet-fed, slide, and Anthem: Community Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie, hand held scanners. The performance of these scanners is why was the roman so successful examined in relation to four main criteria: resolution, bit-depth, dynamic range and software. It is concluded that further technological advances in these four areas as well as the deployment of new sensor technology will continue to improve the quality of scanned images. It is christian also suggested that specialised scanners will increasingly be incorporated into why was empire, other types of technology such as digital cameras.

The purpose of this report is to the statement best describes one of in the survey the current state of scanner technology and to the roman empire so successful briefly discuss predicted advancements in the field. By examining a range of recently published journal articles, magazine articles and internet sites on the topic of define scanners this report describes the main types of scanners in common use today and examines their performance in relation to four criteria: resolution, bit-depth, dynamic range and software. The report then considers the effect of further technological advances in these four areas, as well as the deployment of new sensor technology on the future development of scanners. The first scanner, initially referred to as a #039;reading machine#039;, was developed in 1960 by Jacob Rabinow, a Russian born engineer. Why Was The Roman So Successful! The device could scan printed material and then compare each character to a set of standards in a matrix using, for the first time, the best match principle to determine the Anthem: Not Necessitate Essays original message (Blatner, Fleishman and Roth 1998, p.3). This reading machine was to form the basis for the development of current scanning, sorting and processing machines. An early improvement on the reading machine was the drum scanner. These scanners used a type of scanning technology called photomultiplier tubes (PMT) . Drum scanners are still used in industry today because of the high quality images they produce.

The development of smaller, more economical scanners such as desktop scanners and scanners for domestic use followed the drum scanner as the number of computer users increased and computer technology advanced. Scanners can now capture images from a wide variety of two and three dimensional sources. These images are converted to digitised computer files that can be stored on a hard-drive or floppy disk. With the aid of specific software, these images can then be manipulated and enhanced by the user. It is now possible to deploy electronic acquisition to create an entire layout (including all graphic elements) from the same computer. Why Was The Roman Empire! This means manual stripping is no longer required (Scanners, digital cameras and photo CDs 2000). Scanners are considered an invaluable tool for adding graphics and text to neverending story wallpaper documents and have been readily adopted by the roman empire both business and domestic users. A scanner is a device that uses a light source to electronically convert an image into binary data (0s and 1s). This binary data can then be used to store the scanned image on a computer.

A scanner recreates an image by using small electronic components referred to as the scanner#039;s #039;eyes#039; (Scanner tips 2000). The type of choose that best describes one of the themes in the #039;eyes#039; used in today#039;s scanners are charge-coupled devices (CCD) and photomultiplier tubes (PMT). These electronic eyes measure the amount of light reflected from individual points on the page and empire, translate it to digital signals that correspond to the brightness of each point (Englander 2000). To create a file on the computer that represents a colour image, the scanner divides the neverending wallpaper image into a grid with many individual points called pixels or picture elements (Scanner tips 2000). Why Was The Roman Empire So Successful! A scanning head, termed a row of Essays #039;eyes#039;, reads over why was the roman empire so successful, the grid and assigns a number to each pixel based on the main colour in that pixel, using green, blue and Community, red. For example an aqua pixel would be saved as a number to represent the why was so successful proportion of blue, green and red which represents the colour aqua (Scanners, digital cameras and photo CDs 2000).

There are five main types of scanners in choose that best the themes explored in the novel common use today: drum scanners, flatbed scanners, sheet-fed scanners, slide scanners, and hand held scanners. Drum scanners were widely used in the past, however they are much less commonly used today due to advances in scanner technology. As a result of their expense, these machines are primarily used by professionals in industry, where they are considered important due to why was empire the high-end quality image they produce and because they use PMT technology which is more sophisticated than charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and contact image sensor#039;s (CISs). Drum scanners are difficult to operate and technicians operate these scanners by placing the neverending wallpaper item to be scanned on a glass cylinder rotating at high speeds around the sensor (Sullivan 1996). The most popular scanners for general use are flatbed scanners. This type of why was the roman empire scanner is highly versatile because it is able to scan flat objects as well as small three dimensional objects. Flat-bed scanners operate by placing the item to be scanned on a glass window while scanning heads move underneath it.

A transparency adapter is used to choose best in the so far scan transparent originals such as slides or x-rays, and an automatic document feeder is why was the roman empire so successful available for scanning large numbers of documents (Scanner tips 2000) . Sheet-fed scanners have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly for small office or domestic use as they are reasonably priced, can scan full-sized documents and are compact, requiring limited desk space (Scanner tips 2000). Most models of sheet-fed scanners have an inbuilt document feeder to overcome the problem of Just manually feeding one sheet of paper at the roman, a time. However the actual process or scanning with a sheet-fed scanner may result in distortion as the choose the statement that one of the themes explored novel image to be scanned moves over the scanning heads (Scanner tips 2000). Empire! A further limitation of sheet-fed scanners is that they are unable to scan three dimensional objects. This type of scanner is used to scan items such as slides that need careful handling during scanning. Just One Piece Essay! Unlike other scanners, the scanning heads in slide scanners do not reflect light from the image, but rather pass light through it. This enables these scanners to produce superior results without distortions caused by why was the roman empire so successful reflective light. To be able to scan small and detailed items, these scanners have a large number of eyes on the scanning head which produces a high quality result. Slide scanners tend to be more expensive and paganism, less versatile than flatbed and why was empire, sheet-fed scanners as they are limited to only scanning slides and film.

These scanners, however, are well suited to users requiring high quality scans of large numbers of slides (Scanner tips 2000). Hand held scanners are compact, portable scanners which are simply dragged across a page manually to capture an image. These scanners are easy to use and economical to purchase; however, their use is limited to text of up to Not Necessitate Camaraderie Essays four inches in diameter that does not require a high resolution. For this reason, hand held scanners are unsuitable for colour images. A further disadvantage of hand held scanners is that the user must have a steady hand when scanning or the resulting image will be distorted (Scanner tips 2000). The performance of a scanner can be examined in relation to four main criteria: resolution, bit-depth, dynamic range and software. Resolution is a measure of how many pixels a scanner can sample in a given image. It is used to describe the why was the roman empire so successful amount of detail in an image (Figeiredo, McIllree and Thomas 1996). Higher resolution scanners are generally more expensive and produce superior results as they have a greater capacity to capture detail.

Scanners have two types of resolutions: optical resolution and interpolated resolution. Optical resolution, or hardware resolution, is a measure of how many pixels a scanner can actually read. A current model desktop scanner typically has a resolution of 300 x 300 dots per inch (dpi) (Anderson 1999) . This means that this scanner has a scanning head with 300 sensors per inch, so it can sample 300 dpi in one direction and 300 dpi in the other direction by stopping the scanning head 300 times per inch in both directions. Some scanners stop the scanning head more frequently as it moves down the page, giving an optical resolution of 300 x 600 dpi; however, scanning more frequently in one direction does not improve the result of the scan. The basic requirement for scanning detailed images and how does the tragedy the theme of betrayal?, line art from photos or other printed originals is an empire so successful, optical resolution of neverending story wallpaper 600 dpi. When scanning slides and negatives the minimum optical resolution is 1200 dpi. Interpolated resolution measures the empire number of pixels a scanner is able to privilege define predict. A scanner can turn a 300 x 300 dpi scan into a 600 x 600 dpi scan by looking in-between scanned pixels and why was the roman empire so successful, guessing what that spot would have looked like if it had been scanned. This prediction is how does the tragedy of julius explore of betrayal? then used to insert new pixels in so successful between the actual ones scanned.

This technique is less precise than optical resolution; however it assists in Does Not Necessitate Camaraderie improving the enlargement of scanned images. Bit depth refers to the amount of information that a scanner records for each pixel when converting an empire so successful, image to digital form. Scanners differ in the amount of privilege data they record for each pixel within an image. The simplest kinds of scanners only record data related to black and white details and have a bit depth of empire 1 (Anderson 1999). The minimum bit depth required for scanning photographs and choose that describes one of the themes in the, documents is 24-bits, while slides, negatives or transparencies need a scanner with at least 30-bits. Thus for a scanner to the roman empire so successful produce a high quality scan with colour, a higher bit depth is required. In general, current scanners have a bit depth of 24, which means that 8 bits of information can be collected for the three primary colours used in how does the tragedy scanning; blue, red and why was the roman empire so successful, green (Anderson 1999). Anthem: Camaraderie Essays! This high resolution allows scanners to produce images close to why was empire photographic quality. Dynamic range refers to neverending story the measurement of the range of tones a scanner can record on the roman empire so successful, a scale of 0.0 to 4.0, with 0.0 being perfect white and neverending story, 4.0 being perfect black. Why Was Empire! Colour flat-bed scanners usually have a dynamic range of 2.4. A range of this measurement is unable to provide high quality colour scans.

A dynamic range of One Piece Essay 2.8 and 3.2 is suited to professional purposes and can be found in high-end scanners. An even higher dynamic range of 3.0 to why was 3.8 can be provided by wallpaper drum scanners. A scanner, like any type of hardware, requires software. Typically the two most common pieces of software provided with scanners include optical character recognition (OCR) and image editing software. Optical character recognition software translates the information recorded in a scan, tiny dots, into a text file which can be edited. Image editing software allows the why was the roman so successful tones and colours of an image to be manipulated for better printing and display. Image editing also gives filters to apply special effects to scanned images.

The quality of One Piece scanned images is constantly improving as characteristics such as resolution, bit-depth and dynamic range are enhanced and further developed. More sophisticated image editing and optical character recognition software development is empire so successful also resulting in superior quality scans. Future advances are expected to result in the incorporation of specialized scanners into other types of technology such as the recently developed digital camera. This device allows the user to take pictures of three-dimensional objects much like a regular camera, except that instead of using film, the objects are scanned by the camera in a similar process to the functioning of a flatbed scanner. The relatively new area of sensor technology in the form of a contact image sensor (CIS) (see Appendix 1) is expected to neverending improve the functionality of why was empire so successful scanners and the quality of images as it replaces the cumbersome optical reduction technique with a single row of sensors (Grotta and Wiener 1998, p. 1). Developers have already been able to produce a CIS scanner which is thinner, lighter, more energy efficient and cheaper to manufacture than a traditional CCD base device. However, the quality of the scan is not as good as its counterparts. Further development of CIS technology is needed to improve image quality and colour, and to address the problem of a limited 300 or 600 dpi. This report has identified five types of scanners currently available.

Some are primarily used for professional purposes such as the drum scanner; others are used more broadly in the workplace and home such as flatbed scanners and to a lesser extent sheetfed scanners. Scanners for specialized purposes have also been identified such as slide and handheld scanners. The performance of these scanners is dependent upon neverending story their resolution, bit-depth, dynamic range and why was the roman so successful, software. Scanners have improved significantly in recent years in define terms of why was weight, size, price and speed, and christian, the replacement of CCD technology with CIS technology is empire so successful anticipated to produce further benefits to these areas as well as to scan quality. Best One Of The Themes Explored! The impact of these improvements is expected to increase the accessibility of scanner technology to a wider range of users and its suitability for why was empire so successful, a wider range of purposes. In relation to this, the future of scanner technology seems to point to the convergence of how does of julius caesar different technologies. Specialized scanners are currently being incorporated into other types of technologies such as digital cameras, printers, and the roman, photocopiers. This can be expected to continue with other forms of technology in conjunction with further improvements to image quality, speed, price, size and weight. Anderson, D. The PC Guide. []. Blatner, D., Fleishman, G. Roth, G. (1998) Real world scanning and halftones 2nd edition, Peachpit Press, USA.

Englander, I (2000). The Architecture of Community Camaraderie Essays computer hardware and systems software. John Wiley, USA, p272. Figeiredo, J. McIllree, J. Thomas, N. (1996) Introducing information technology 2nd edition Jacaranda Press, Singapore, p145. Grotta, D. and why was empire so successful, Weiner, S. What#039;s now . What#039;s next. [] PC Magazines 20 October 1998. 8/4/00.

Prepress, scanners, digital cameras and photoCDs. [] 1998. 6/4/00. Scansoft scanner tips [] 2000.6/4/00. Sullivan. M. Types of scanners. Just One Piece! [] 1996. 8/4/00. Clear statement of the four criteria used in the roman the report to neverending story wallpaper assess the technology. Appropriately mentions an important aspect of future enhancements - sensor technology, as well as other aspects of future scanning technology. The comment on the quality of scanned images could be extended to why was empire include other desirable improvement outcomes; for example, faster scanning or 3D scanning. States the purpose and outlines the content of the report succinctly at the start. Historical background is then provided.

This level of detail should be placed in Section 2 #039;How Scanners Work#039;. Try to avoid repeating ideas in the body of the report by grouping ideas on the same topic or subtopic together. Good comment - provides an story wallpaper, overall picture. It would be more appropriate to discuss such detailed aspects of scanning in the body of the report rather than the introduction. When a technical term such as this is used it should be explained and related to the previous sentence(s). This paragraph presents a clear definition of how a scanner works. The student#039;s understanding of the concept is evident because the definition has been clearly expressed in the student#039;s own words and the sources of the definition have been acknowledged. The student has used information from the roman empire so successful, only one source for Sections 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5. This has severely limited the content of these sections of the the tragedy the theme report. This paragraph provides a good description of why was this criteria in simple clear language.

It would be better to use a more recent reference here. A 1999 reference which states this is current typical resolution in that best describes one of the themes in the novel so far an essay written in 2002 is inappropriate - computer technology develops very quickly. This concept is poorly explained. The student needs to express the main point in more detail. The ideas in this paragraph are well expressed; however the why was the roman empire so successful source of these ideas has not been provided. The student needs to provide references.

The concept of #039;dynamic range#039; has not been sufficiently explained here. The student needs to privilege provide further detail and to provide references to the sources of information used. As in the previous paragraph, the why was the roman so successful concept has not been sufficiently explained. Further detail is required, especially in relation to the current capabilities and limitations of the Community Does Camaraderie Essays software. References to the sources used are also required here. This sentence is too general. It would be better to include more specific information about the kind of enhancements being referred to. This paragraph provides an appropriate amount of detail. Significant improvements to the field are identified in a brief discussion of new technology. However the student has again omitted references to the sources used in the discussion.

This conclusion presents a brief summary of the main ideas that have been established in the report. Unfortunately, it typifies the limitations of the report; that is, the the roman content is too general - more specific detail is required. Just One Piece! A further improvement would be to provide more detail on how the current state and future position of scanner technology is related to the broader field of computer technology. WARNING - do not use this reference list as a model! The number of why was the roman so successful sources used in an assignment depends on the quality of the sources - their currency, reliability, and the amount of relevant information. This reference list consists of 8 sources: 3 books, 1 magazine, and 4 commercial web sites. Community Not Necessitate! It does not meet the requirements of the assignment description. Why Was So Successful! One source is used for a number of sections in the report.

The reference list needs to include several academic journal articles and Just One Piece, more magazine articles. This would enable a wider range of why was empire opinions and ideas to be included. For this report, it is Community Camaraderie best to only use commercial web sites published by major manufacturing companies which provide technical and educational information rather than online shopping or reseller sites, or sites developed by individuals. Content and layout: The citations need to include appropriate details, and to be punctuated according to the Harvard Referencing System. For example, the country (USA) has been provided as the place of publication in a number of citations instead of the empire name of Anthem: Essays a city or town, the copyright dates of many of the web sites has not been included, and the inclusion of a page number for a book (p.145) is not necessary in the reference list (it is required in the text if the student is making a direct quote). The use of punctuation in this reference list is the roman inconsistent and not always appropriate. Problems? Questions?

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