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Avro Arrow Canadian Legacy Essay. Rcn Definition? The push to are you create the of nursing Avro Arrow arose due to the perceived threat of theory, faster and more efficient planes being created in rcn definition of nursing the Soviet Union. At this time in history the Essay on Building Your Equipment Soviet Union was in of nursing a Cold War with Western Nations including Canada. Canada’s goal was to Your Equipment create a plane that was more maneuverable and of nursing faster in friedman order to beat the rcn definition of nursing Soviets at their own game. This goal was accomplished with the invention of the where are you going have you been faster and more advanced Avro Arrow which was more than capable of doing the rcn definition job. Andy Dufrein? Unfortunately, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker cancelled the project. Of Nursing? The publicly mentioned reasons for chaplin movie, this were due to out of control development costs and a decrease in of nursing demand for friedman, other nation purchases as the USA had developed their own next generation war fighter at the same time.

However, the rcn definition cancellation of the Avro Arrow was a poor decision as it had detrimental effects on Canada. Canadian growth, nationalism, and military were all amongst those institutions affected. During the period of World War II, Canada had transformed into an industrial based country. Industry was now crucial to Canadian economics which is where why the cancellation of the Avro Arrow caused such a large impact on of nursing, Canadian growth. Andy Dufrein? The development of the Avro Arrow was a major boost to of nursing the economy of Canada, not only chaplin movie with its immediate employment increase, it positioned Canada as a global industrial leader and would have led to many more advanced industrial products being produced with Canadian talent. Rcn Definition Of Nursing? The creator of the project, A. V Roe, was furious when it was cancelled and friedman economics as noted by the Historica-dominion Institute (2006) “immediately fired his 14,000 employees”. Not only rcn definition did his employees lose their jobs, but a according to Joan Dixon (2001) a multitude of people lost their jobs that were in on Building the aeronautics industry. This was a huge blow to Canadian aeronautics and rcn definition of nursing as Joan Dixon (2001) explained it had dampening effect on Essay Equipment, Canada’s ability to attract top notch engineering talent to work in Canada. This then affects the Canadian economy by rcn definition, having less of an what changes did warren industrial base and therefore less of a tax base. Of Nursing? The cancellation was able to propel the what did warren g. harding make American aeronautics industry forward, many of Canada’s top engineering talent left to work in of nursing the USA in on Building Your Own Agility Equipment what is rcn definition now referred to chaplin movie as a ‘brain drain’.

As Scott McArthur (2009) states a “majority of the rcn definition of nursing engineers and scientists that worked on the Avro Arrow went to chaplin movie the United States” to join a new program called the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; what we know today as NASA. Soon after the rcn definition of nursing demise of the project thirty one of Avro’s best engineers were working for chaplin movie, NASA. They went on to creating things such as the rcn definition of nursing Mercury space capsule design. The Canadian trained engineers were now providing America with their knowledge and friedman expertise. This lost caused the Canadian aeronautics industry to slow down and rcn definition of nursing ultimately live in the shadow of the Americans. The cancellation of the andy dufrein Avro Arrow project limited Canada’s aeronautics industry’s growth. Rcn Definition? Fred Smye (1989) explains that the what g. harding make as president? decision not to rcn definition of nursing produce the Arrow “concluded advanced aeronautical development”.

If the on Building Your Own Agility plane was not cancelled the technology could have been utilized and improved in future planes. This slowdown in the growth of the rcn definition of nursing Canadian aeronautics changed the way the industry has developed today. The cancellation of the Avro Arrow project restricted Canada’s growth in our once thriving aviation industry. Diefenbaker’s poor decision to cancel the what changes g. harding Avro Arrow cost Canadian economic growth. The Spitfires, Hurricanes and rcn definition of nursing Avro’s Lancaster bomber were all important assets to chaplin movie defeating the Allied Forces during World War II. After the of nursing war, the race between the on Building Your Own Agility Soviet Union and rcn definition the Western Democracies including Canada and ethical theory the USA grew. Both sides knew they needed to develop more effective aeronautic forces that could help them defend or attack at any moment. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) determined that Canada should develop its own jet fighter to be prepared for rcn definition, the upcoming Cold War. With Canada’s large land mass and economic changes did warren make as president? extremes in whether it was believed that a purpose built jet would better suit our needs. Rcn Definition Of Nursing? Kyle Schmidt (1995) calls the Arrow “nearly perfect” and explains that is was exactly what Canada needed; an all-weather, supersonic, high altitude aircraft. The aircraft was practically perfect and the decision to andy dufrein cancel it wasted the Arrow’s sophisticated technology with the of nursing military.

When the utilitarianism Avro Arrow program was cancelled by rcn definition, the Diefenbaker government, they noted that the military had recently installed Bomarc Missile sites along the andy dufrein East and West coasts (along with the US Air Force). Of Nursing? This was to be the Avro’s replacement, Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) that had less maneuverability than the Avro as they had to be launched from where are you going have you been permanent bases and too slow to rcn definition of nursing keep up with the friedman economics new era of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and of nursing jet fighters. Chaplin Movie? According to Canadian Wings (2003) the rcn definition of nursing result of chaplin movie, choosing SAMs that required a permenan installation (rather than being mobile or launched from rcn definition of nursing a fighter jet like the Avro) made their choice extremely inefficient for Canadian Military. The Canadian military then tried to andy dufrein replace the of nursing Arrow with second-hand American fighters called Voodoos. According to chaplin movie Joan Dixon these exact planes had been earlier rejected by the RCAF because they could not fly high enough or fast enough. Rcn Definition? The Canadian Military was not as strong once they downgraded to the Voodoo.

Diefenbaker could not find a sufficient replacement for the Avro Arrow resulting in the Canadian Military suffering and the loss of redux diet pill, a great defence system. The main reason for the cancellation of the Avro Arrow was apparently Diefenbaker’s growing concern of the rcn definition of nursing cost of the chaplin movie project. The project was originally estimated to of nursing cost approximately one to two million dollars for each Arrow. That number quickly sky rocketed to friedman twelve million dollars per rcn definition of nursing plane and on Building Own Agility caused the government to hastily cancel the project. Of Nursing? As the cancellation of the mycenaean culture project proceeded it was clear that the government had made a yet another miscalculation, as the of nursing cancellation fees were estimated to be up to one hundred million dollars. Guy Martin (2011) claims that this money would have been enough to mycenaean fund a whole unit of Arrows.

Diefenbaker’s poor decision to cancel the rcn definition of nursing Arrow resulted in friedman Canada losing large sums of tax payer money, losing an investment in rcn definition aeronautical technological superiority and Canadian’s losing a sense of their place in ethical a Cold War world. Canada also lost money while trying to replace the rcn definition Arrow with the Essay on Building Own Agility CF-18 Hornets. Canada bought one hundred and thirty eight Hornets for the total cost of five billion dollars, explains Guy Martin (2011). Of Nursing? This works ou to chaplin movie a per aircraft cost of approximately thirty seven million dollars. Rcn Definition Of Nursing? According to redux diet pill CBC (2005) the Avro project consumed four hundred million dollars of rcn definition of nursing, tax money. The Canadian citizens had already invested a large sum of Essay Equipment, money into of nursing, the project that was carelessly wasted by John Diefenbaker’s government. Are You Where Have You Been? The impact on Canadian growth, the loss of a technologically superior air defence system, and the strain on Canadian economy were all caused by rcn definition of nursing, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker’s poor decision to cancel the production of the economics Avro Arrow. We are reminded of just how great Canada’s aeronautic industry was by of nursing, noting that some aspects of the plane’s technology is just now being surpassed by current generation jet fighters. Perhaps, if Diefenbaker had not cancelled the Avro Arrow project, it would have been Canadian technology that sent a human into orbit first or even a Canadian astronaut to take the first steps on the moon.

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Rcn definition of nursing

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otago no homework Central Otago has long been a magnet for painters and photographers as its landscapes offer vibrant colours and plenty of of nursing vistas to challenge one’s visual perception. A crop of apples, for which the region is friedman economics, also renowned, has been abandoned on the trees of rcn definition this Alexandra orchard due to late-season flooding, forming an utilitarianism theory, abstract pattern worthy of of nursing any painter’s canvas. It came in one big crate, over six metres long and weighing half a tonne. As Dave Witherow hoisted it into his double garage in Mosgiel, near Dunedin, it was hard not to think of the andy dufrein package as an oversized cocoon from which something beautiful, light and rcn definition free was about to hatch. As with most modern kitset aeroplanes, the redux diet pill RANS S7 Courier came with its skeletal fuselage already assembled, but the rcn definition rest of it was in some 800 parts, with only an inventory and manual to andy dufrein make sense of it. Over long evenings and weekends, Witherow pieced the machine together, assembling the wings and fitting the rcn definition of nursing fuel tanks into chaplin movie them, installing the 100 HP Rotax engine, running steerage cables over rcn definition, their pulley systems. Friedman Economics. Finally, 700 hours later, he moved the rcn definition of nursing machine by trailer to the Taieri aerodrome for the first test flight.

Witherow built the plane specifically for “bush flying”. His idea of a good weekend is to pack light and fly into one of the old deer cullers’ airstrips in the remote backcountry—camping under the wing, hunting or fishing, returning home with a good look at culture the land below. “People don’t realise the beauty and rcn definition freedom that comes with this sort of andy dufrein flying,” Witherow told me as we walked across the paddock to rcn definition of nursing where his Courier was staked against the wind. “Once you are outside controlled airspace, you are free like a bird. There is a lot of mycenaean sky over of nursing, Otago and economics all of rcn definition it is ethical theory, yours, a 3D playground which you can explore in any direction you wish. This is rcn definition of nursing, definitely the way to see this country.” I had come to Witherow for just that, a new way to friedman see Otago. Responding to some sort of inner compulsion, we all gravitate towards certain places and landscapes. I never really questioned why I was so irrevocably drawn to settle in Central Otago 20 years ago.

I wasn’t even sure if this attraction was still at work. Was my centre of gravity still aligned with Otago? At the rcn definition of nursing controls of chaplin movie his RANS S7 Courier, Dave Witherow contemplates the shadow of his microlight moving over rcn definition of nursing, the austere landforms of Central Otago near Ranfurly. Hoping to find answers, I had taken up a new hobby, and chaplin movie was working my way through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, a best-selling manual for the artistically challenged by Betty Edwards, professor emeritus of rcn definition art at California State University, Long Beach. Everyone can draw, Edwards maintains; it’s seeing that is the problem. In our ever-accelerating, image-saturated culture, we often no longer look at things closely and see them for what they are.

Instead, our brains briskly label and categorise them, then give them no more attention. This was especially true when looking at mycenaean culture the familiar, like the landscapes in which we lived. An aerial perspective, I figured, was a good way to start seeing the land anew. Technically speaking, Witherow’s plane was a cabined microlight, a rug-and-tube design, which in the parlance of backyard airmen means a steel frame covered with heat-shrinked Ceconite fabric—the same material now used in restoration of vintage biplanes such as Tiger Moths. And, like the rcn definition of nursing Moths, the chaplin movie kitset microlights have breathed new life into the circles of recreational aviators. “It’s like being back in the days of Jean Batten and Bert Mercer,” Witherow said. “They put adventure back into flying.” He ran an affectionate hand along the Courier’s propeller, then began his pre-flight checks. The Upper Taieri River creates its own art as it meanders over of nursing, the Maniototo Plains, but the extent of andy dufrein its scrollwork can only be seen from the air. Poet Brian Turner, acclaimed as the literary voice of Otago, has dedicated his book Into the Wider World to Dave Witherow, a tribute to some 40 years of companionship and of nursing wilderness adventures the two men have shared. But over those years, Witherow himself has developed a distinct writer’s voice, and as an environmentalist, Fish Game New Zealand councillor and self-declared armchair philosopher, he uses it mainly to address the issues of our troubled relationship with the natural world, especially in Otago, which he has made his home. “You cannot stop so-called progress, but you can slow it down,” he told me. “Some of chaplin movie us have to play the role of brakes or our happy-go-lucky economic model careers out of control and crashes sooner rather than later.” Seeing this land from the air, from an uncommonly broad perspective, has made him all the more passionate about wanting to protect it.

We took off into the clear Otago sky but stayed at low altitude, as is customary among the bush pilots. The plane—which felt buoyant but insubstantial—motored valiantly through the still autumn air, defiant of gravity and the world below. It was an Icarus-style experience. An edge of vulnerability heightened the senses, the oblique autumn sunlight set the rcn definition of nursing colours ablaze and bathed the landscape in ethical intricate detail, casting crisp chiaroscuro shadows. In the cockpit of Witherow’s plane there was no way to rcn definition draw anything because the vistas were passing by too fast. But, following Edwards’ advice, I disciplined myself to look at the land below as if I was drawing it.

My eyes travelled over chaplin movie, every rock and clump of tussock, their shadows elongated by rcn definition of nursing the falling sun. In Edwards’ drawing course, the first lessons were about lines and contours and how they are in fact edges of forms and their shared boundaries. Our low-altitude aerial perspective made the forms of Otago appear like an mycenaean culture, intricate bas-relief—a covering of brown suede rumpled into creases and rcn definition of nursing folds—but the contours of the land were clean and distinct, and none more so than the contorted course of the Taieri River. As it enters the Styx Basin near Paerau, at economics the foothills of the Rock and Pillar Range, the river seems to lose its purpose. It meanders in every direction, repeatedly folding back on itself in a maze of oxbows, channels and backwaters, as if reluctant to continue on its journey towards the rcn definition ocean.

Hydrologists refer to this phenomenon as a “scroll plain”, and although it is common in culture Australia—where billabongs are formed by a change in the course of the river, or seasonally during the Dry—the Upper Taieri is the only New Zealand river which succumbs to such a melancholic mood. The river’s intricate scrollwork is a feast for rcn definition of nursing the eyes, but it can only be seen from the air, and the idea of building a kitset plane so that you can see such sights suddenly did not seem at redux diet pill all extravagant. When the Otago railway was dismantled, the Wedderburn Curling club recycled one of the passenger waiting rooms to serve as a winter shelter for their curling pond. With the development of the Otago Central Rail Trail, the shelter is back in its original location, next to the goods shed made famous by of nursing painter Grahame Sydney, where it once again serves travellers exploring the great nothing of the Otago interior. The tussock beneath our wings was burnished by the evening sun, a subtle reminder that this was a region shaped by gold—the rush for redux diet pill the yellow metal altered the landscape forever and of nursing struck a seam through the nation’s history. Dunedin, which became the capital of the redux diet pill Otago province in 1852, was largely built on the wealth generated following the discovery of gold in Gabriel’s Gully, to the southwest, in 1861.

The town’s medical practitioner, Robert Fulton, wrote: “Every able-bodied man in town or village threw down his tools and went off to the diggings. A tremendous rush from rcn definition, Australia took place; ship after ship sailed in, 69 in chaplin movie 1860, increased within 12 months to 256; the population of the province leaped from of nursing, 12 to culture 30 thousands odd.” The gold rush in Otago was one of the largest in the world. For diggers, however, Otago was largely a barren waste studded with nuggets—harsh, inhospitable, even frightening. During winter, rivers were at their lowest and most conducive to quick and profitable gold prospecting. But Otago winters are the harshest in all of New Zealand and many lives were lost to snow and cold. “Another wretched week over, what with the cold, mud and snow; existence is nearly unbearable,” digger John Henry Watmuff wrote in rcn definition of nursing June 1862. Utilitarianism Ethical Theory. “I don’t think there’s such a miserable country on the face of the earth; if so, God help its inhabitants.” However, Vincent Pyke, the rcn definition of nursing commissioner of the goldfields, was comfortably detached from the necessities of redux diet pill immediate survival, and maintained a much more lyrical view of the Wasteland. “Huge unshapely masses of rcn definition of nursing rock—weather-beaten, geological veterans—blackened and seamed and scarred by I know not how many centuries of conflict with the elements,” he wrote in History of the mycenaean culture Early Gold Discoveries in rcn definition of nursing Otago, “a picture of sublime desolation…unrelieved by any kindly touch from the hand of Nature.” But it did appeal to some. In 1857, prospective sheep farmer Watson Shennan eyed the valley of the Manuherikia River and rejoiced. “Here is the country we are looking for…a very land of promise,” he wrote. “Here we shall pitch our tent, and here we shall stay and make our home for good.” The legacy of Shennan’s pastoralism remains today, as do the artefacts of the diggers—a scattering of heavy machinery now rusting in the tussock hills, dams and water races, and a few examples of flora that have long since become an inseparable part of the Otago landscape.

Once considered common and noxious weeds, viper’s bugloss (Echium vulgare) and common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) turned out not so vulgaris after all, and they are now the redux diet pill mainstay of Otago honey production. A rosehip industry was also planned, but never eventuated, and the briar rose was allowed to run wild in the hills, lacing them with its barbed-wire tendrils. With characteristic foresight, the pioneers also planted the now-ubiquitous woolly mullein, a Christmas-tree-shaped shrub which grows up to rcn definition 1.5 m tall and chaplin movie which they treasured for its large, soft, velvety leaves, said to be ideal as backcountry toilet paper. The success of the Otago Central Rail Trail has provided the province with its biggest economic boom since the 1860s gold rush and has also helped to preserve some of the region’s historic attractions, like the 110 metre-long Muttontown viaduct constructed in 1907. As the wealth of the interior increased, the rcn definition of nursing Otago Central Railway was struck through from Dunedin, connecting the goldfields with the port. In 1921, it finally reached the railhead at Cromwell, though well after the gold rush had ended. It was chiselled into the land in easy curves, avoiding the mountains except for andy dufrein a gentle climb over the Raggedy Range, then inscribed a rough half-circle between Middle-march and of nursing Alexandra and dog-legged sharply to end at Clyde.

It was an chaplin movie, impressive feat of engineering and pioneering spirit, but by rcn definition of nursing the end of construction of the Clyde Dam in the late 1980s, it had outlived its usefulness. Were it not for one woman’s vision, the track once hewn with so much labour and sweat may have reverted back to that land, blending into the sunburnt landscape as if it was never there. Two days after the flight with Witherow, I walked a fragment of this line between Galloway and Chatto Creek with Daphne Hull, the utilitarianism ethical Alexandra businesswoman credited with reviving the old railway and turning it into rcn definition of nursing the country’s first cycleway, the utilitarianism ethical theory Otago Central Rail Trail. “The last time the Otago railway saw heavy use was during the construction of the Clyde Dam, right up to 1987,” Daphne said as we set out along the trail, as smooth and narrow as a country lane. “Then a machine they called Pink Panther rolled into Clyde and as it retreated to Middlemarch, it pulled out rcn definition of nursing all the rails and sleepers as it went.” (The Dunedin-to-Middlemarch section has been left intact and rebranded as the Taieri Gorge Scenic Railway.) “It wasn’t long before farmers were extending their fences over the track,” she went on. “Given a few years, most traces of it would have been gone.” But Daphne had another idea.

She read somewhere about a railway track converted into a cycleway and wondered if the same could be done in utilitarianism ethical Otago. Rcn Definition Of Nursing. The locals were incredulous. Andy Dufrein. “Who, in their right mind,” one farmer asked, “would want to ride a push bike through 150 km of nothing?” The great nothing, as Daphne saw it, was rich with commodities as rare as gold in urban centres—space and solitude. What’s more, it was never far from a road and a good espresso. The beauty of this region was not of the obvious variety—just like drawing it, to really see Central Otago you have to of nursing slow down. And for this, a bicycle is the perfect vehicle. Opposition to the idea was strong, more from the inertia of attitudes than for any other reason, but Daphne waited the opponents out, persuading those receptive enough to see her vision. “In the end, it was the wives of the farmers who first started seeing the potential benefits of the trail,” she said. “They could rent out a room or a cottage, open a small BB or a cafe, help the farm with some extra cash flow.

That’s how we got the wheels rolling. Now, this quiet influx of visitors brings as much business to friedman the runholders along the Trail as do their farms.” A lone cyclist passing the remains of the rail track and rcn definition the gangers’ shed near Kokonga is redux diet pill, but one of the 11,000 bicycle-touring enthusiasts attracted to Central Otago each year by the old rail line turned cycleway. Last year, 11,000 people cycled the entire Rail Trail, and there were at least as many who rode only of nursing, sections of it. While we walked, cyclists in friedman twos, threes or larger groups passed by.

Then locals, cycling or jogging with off-road pram buggies. A leisurely peloton of of nursing a dozen Aucklanders stopped for a chat, and it transpired that for some of them this was the ethical theory second, even third time on the Trail. “And we’ll come again,” a middle-aged woman told me, her face glowing with pleasure, exertion and rcn definition of nursing the morning chill. “After the congestion and hassles of city living, this,” she nodded towards the trail vanishing into Own Agility the great nothing of tussock and of nursing tors, “this feels like the deepest breath of fresh air.” We watched them disappear around a bend. “You know, this place used to be completely dead,” Daphne told me. “One farmer remarked they never had tourists here before. I was in redux diet pill Lauder the other day, and I counted over 70 bicycles propped around the rcn definition place. Andy Dufrein. The cafe owner was in panic. ‘Don’t just stand there’, she called out to me, ‘give us a hand!’” In an ironic twist of fate, the railway that was struck through Central Otago to extract the gold did just that, albeit a century later. But unlike its short-lived predecessor, this new gold rush can never run out. In the evenings, in my camper by the light of a hurricane lamp, I went through the Edwards drawing homework. She suggested fairly unorthodox exercises.

One involved copying sketches by well-known artists, but from originals turned upside down. Another called for exact copying of the lines in the palm of one’s hand, not a test in palmistry but merely drawing of the of nursing lines seen, precisely and redux diet pill without mental analysis. Rcn Definition Of Nursing. She also encouraged the students to look for complimentary subjects, and for this latter study in intricacy I found one in the barren hills above the Butchers Dam, near Alexandra. I have driven past it so many times, never giving it more than a cursory glance, but now, looking at Otago more closely, I realised what an error of omission this had been. The area known as the theory Flat Top Hill is as close to rcn definition of nursing a desert landscape as you can find in this country, a barren schist plateau exposed to all winds and receiving a mere 300 mm of annual rainfall. Utilitarianism Theory. Yet some 182 species of rcn definition of nursing native plants have been counted here, more than in an average forest. Most are not immediately obvious, but then in Otago this is a recurring theme. For all its size and spaciousness, its big-sky country image, I was coming to understand that really seeing Otago required not just slowing down but also using different lenses to perceive it. The beauty of the desert on Flat Top Hill is found in the minutiae: the bristle of Dracophyllum cushion plant, the redux diet pill antler-like antennae of a manuka beetle, the rcn definition rock-pattern camouflage of the common Otago gecko, and above all in the untold variety of lichens. The climatic extremes of Central Otago—minus 21.6?C was recorded here in andy dufrein July 1995, and 35.2?C in January 1959—have been conducive to rcn definition growing a variety of grapes as well as giving rise to eccentric outdoor pursuits like curling.

The climatic extremes of Central Otago—minus 21.6?C was recorded here in July 1995, and 35.2?C in January 1959—have been conducive to redux diet pill growing a variety of grapes (top) as well as giving rise to eccentric outdoor pursuits like curling. Traditional curling bonspiel played at Naseby (bottom) is fiercely competitive as the participants vie for New Zealand’s oldest sporting trophy, the Baxter Cup, fought over since 1884. What Otago lacks in forests it makes up for with a profusion of lichens which, as one of the planet’s most successful colonisers, have taken up this extremely harsh ecological niche where few plants can survive. Hiking about the plateau, on the rim of the canyon cut into a deep V by the Clutha River, I suddenly realised how omnipresent the lichens were, how much texture and depth they added to this land, and how little I had noticed them before. Some were like blistering paint peeling off rocks in hues and layers of green, others formed vivid map-like patches that resembled satellite images of the Earth. Rcn Definition Of Nursing. Others still grew in colourful patterns which brought to mind Aboriginal dot paintings. Sitting down on a slab of schist, I trained a magnifying glass on a rock encrusted with lichens.

The circle of the glass revealed a world of stunning complexity, like an aerial view of a forest canopy, and not just a sea of green but a myriad of ethical theory individual plants. Of Nursing. I let my eyes travel over their edges and chaplin movie contours while my pencil, like the needle of a seismograph, recorded this journey. But the most difficult concept in Edwards’ drawing course was still to come—drawing negative space. The task was to mentally flip a scene from a positive into of nursing a negative—to draw the space around objects rather than the objects themselves. The implication is that empty space is utilitarianism ethical theory, as important an element as the objects within it. This mode of representation has its corollary in real life in Otago, a region where space is the most dominant feature. And this is nowhere more true than in rcn definition the heart of the great nothing—the Oteake Conservation Park. Following the tenure review process, large tracts of the inland high country were made accessible to friedman the public. The Oteake, which encompasses parts of the St Bathans, Hawkdun, Ida and St Marys Ranges in the block of land between the Clutha and Waitaki Rivers, was officially opened in rcn definition of nursing May this year and has been heralded as one of the most significant additions to Essay on Building Equipment our conservation estate.

Yet Oteake has no grand crowd-pleasing features, no obvious attractions which could easily be publicised, rated and recommended or added to one’s collection of trophy experiences. Rcn Definition. Because the Essay Your area’s greatest attraction is simply the of nursing absence of everything else, its uncluttered spaciousness. During the days I spent in Oteake—which is only slightly smaller than Mt Cook National Park—it seemed I had all 64,000 hectares entirely to economics myself. Once a 120-metre-high hill, the rcn definition of nursing 68-metre-deep Blue Lake in St. Bathans was created by a gold sluicing operation which began in andy dufrein 1873. By 1932, the work stopped amid fears that the town’s foundations were being undermined. Natural drainage filled the workings creating St. Bathans’ signature attraction.

Early snow had fallen in such abundance that to get around the hills I had to rcn definition of nursing use touring skis, which allow a skier to skin up hills as well as ski down. Theory. I quickly settled into the meditative swoosh-and-crunch rhythm of the of nursing synthetic-fur skins biting into snow. Most ski enthusiasts would be disappointed here. No “steep and mycenaean deep” in sight, not even a decent fall-line. Nothing but rolling flatland. High plateaus stretched in all directions, my perspective hiding the valleys that separated them. Depending on local hydrology, these mesa-like summits could be either deserts like Flat Top Hill or more commonly a tundra of cushion plants, peat bogs and seeps, sometimes forming miniature wetlands. But all were now uniformly silenced with snow, their features covered and hidden so that, when I managed a quick sketch before my fingers turned clumsy from the cold, the result was but a horizon line under an immense and empty sky. But as Edwards had promised, this was never an exercise in drawing, but in rcn definition of nursing learning to andy dufrein see properly. “I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have not really seen,” said artist Frederick Franck, “and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realise how extraordinary it is.”

In Oteake, I had glimpses of that. Every time I stopped moving, a silence of almost symphonic quality returned instantly. Inexplicably, both space and silence were oddly comforting—infinite elbow-room to rcn definition think and to be. Was this why this land exerted such gravitational pull on the souls of artists? Winter still holds its fierce grip over the mesa-like summit of the 1850-metre Hawkdun Range as the farmland valley soaks up the early-spring sun. The Hawkduns sit within the economics 64,000-hectare Oteake Conservation Park, which opened in May 2010 to protect and rcn definition of nursing make accessible to the public the essence of Central Otago landscapes—their spaciousness, silence and solitude.

Brian Turner once said he loved to recline on the ground in among the tussocks and just gaze up into the sky. The dome of blue, with the clouds sailing across it like tall ships, was as vast as an chaplin movie, ocean. At this time of rcn definition year, I wasn’t afforded the luxury of lingering—you had to keep moving in order not to become a frozen companion to the tors. Ethical. But there was no better place to come to grips with the importance of space. Rcn Definition. Here, space seemed to be all that there was. Like the railway that arrived too late for the gold, but struck it rich a century later, this is a landscape of utilitarianism ethical unexpected wealth where the greatest find may be nothing at all. A few days later, I was back on of nursing, the shores of Lake Wanaka, sketching the skyline of my home town. Your. My drawings had a semblance of rcn definition accuracy, the lines within them no longer hurriedly symbolic but now purposeful and examined.

Learning to draw helped me to utilitarianism see beneath the veneer of the familiar, to catch glimpses of Otago as it really was, perhaps for the first time. The journey and the act of drawing what I saw had also satisfied my yearning to understand this land and rcn definition my place in it, though it did so in a most unexpected way. But whatever Otago had offered me as a subject, it returned a great deal more as an chaplin movie, environment in which to live. With its austere grandeur, vastness and prolonged silences, the rcn definition Central Otago landscape seems to ethical theory be like some venerable Zen teacher. It doesn’t offer answers to anything, but simply stops one asking so many questions.

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Sample student AP Exam Free Response-question essays. The passage below is from The Horizontal World, Debra Marquart’s 2006 memoir about growing up in North Dakota. Of Nursing. Read the passage carefully. Then, in a well-written essay, analyze the strategies Marquart uses to characterize the upper Midwest. Driving west from redux diet pill, Fargo on I–94, the freeway that cuts through the state of rcn definition of nursing, North Dakota, you’ll encounter a road so lonely, treeless, and devoid of. rises and curves in places that it will feel like one 5 long-held pedal steel guitar note. If your tires are in proper alignment, you’ll only need to tap your. steering wheel to keep your car on a straight-ahead path.

Now you are driving deep into the square states. Utilitarianism. This is the way I recently heard a comedian describe the column of states that holds down the center of the country—the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma—a region that spawns both tornadoes and of nursing Republicans. TV news anchors often hail from this part of the world, as do the most innocent female characters in movies and prime-time TV dramas. Being blond, fresh-faced, and midwestern makes their descent into ruthless behavior in mycenaean places like Los Angeles and New York all the more tragic. “We are the folks presidents talk to when times require,” Sylvia Griffith Wheeler wrote in her poem “Earthlings.” Networks make up women to look like us “who will not trade their bleaches, soaps for rcn definition, anything.” This is a region that contains both Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon (“where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and friedman all the rcn definition children are above average”) and the Coen Brothers’ Fargo,the macabre land of murder-by-woodchipper. Aside from this myth making, the Midwest is a place that’s been considered devoid of stories, a flyover region one must endure to chaplin movie get to more interesting places. Despite its easy inclines and farmable plains, the region was equally unimpressive to its earliest assessors. In the 1820s, Edwin James, the official chronicler of Major Stephen Long’s survey, declared the region “a dreary plain, wholly unfit for cultivation,” and, of course, “uninhabitable by rcn definition, a people depending upon agriculture for subsistence.” It was Edwin James who dubbed the area between the redux diet pill Mississippi and rcn definition of nursing the Rockies the Great American Desert, an indignity from which the mycenaean region has struggled to recover ever since. This is the Heartland, the place where Jefferson’s idea of a rectangular cadastral survey, the rcn definition land grid system outlined in the Land Ordinance of friedman, 1785, found its most perfect confluence of longitude, latitude, and countryside so well behaved that it laid itself down in neat, even squares for rcn definition of nursing, the surveyor’s instruments. Soon enough, as the surveying expedition moved west, the neatness of the grid was foiled by steep valleys, rivers, foothills, and mountains, but here in the monotonous square states, the survey subdivided the land easily into square upon square, each measuring six miles by utilitarianism ethical theory, six miles.

What followed, Richard Manning observed in Grassland , was a war on roots: “The place was a mess, and it became a young nation’s job to fix it with geometry, democracy, seeds, steam, steel, and water.” Such is the situation all of my great-grandparents and grandparents encountered when they arrived between the years of 1885 and 1911. They traveled to 65 the Midwest by train to what was then the end of the rcn definition line—Eureka, South Dakota. Eureka—from the Greek word heureka, meaning “I have found it”—is reported to andy dufrein have been the word that Archimedes cried when he found a way to rcn definition test the purity of Hiero’s crown. My grandparents wouldn’t have known the etymology of the word, but they would have felt it, the anticipation, as they waited along with the other immigrants from Russia to ethical receive their allotments of land. Sample student essays with commentary from the graders.

In this passage, Debra Marquart conveys her profound love for the upper Midwest region, even as it was dubbed an rcn definition, uninhabitable and plain location for many who first approached it. Through her thorough use of allusions and friedman economics diction to characterize the early region as unimpressive, she is able to convince her reader of unique qualities of the region that cannot be found anywhere else. In her writing Marguart constantly refers to writers and surveyors alike in order to describe the special qualities of the region. For example, she refers to Sylvia Griffith Wheeler when she writes, “we are the folks presidents talk to when times require.” Marquart uses of allusion here to characterize her people as of rcn definition, natural heritage and important to America because presidents themselves find significance in their opinions. Also, she highlights the Your Own Agility Equipment notion that citizens that hail from this region are among those that are integral to rcn definition the nation, showing her strong respect for the nation. However, the favorable qualities of the people are juxtaposed to the barren features of the andy dufrein region, especially when she quotes Major Steven Long as saying that “it was a region uninhabitable for rcn definition of nursing, people depending on agriculture for subsistence.” By juxtaposing the people from the environment with the environment itself, she slights those “early assessors” who believed that the upper Midwest was a region devoid of any favorable characteristics. Also, by introducing the idea that the region was first thought to be “uninhabitable,” she highlights her evident pride for those able to develop lifestyles there. Marquart also uses diction to label the region first seen by surveyors and mycenaean culture later by her own ancestors.

For example, when discussing men like Long who had visited the region, she states that they declared it unimpressive and “a dreary plain, wholly unfit for rcn definition, cultivation.” Here, she sets up the views of harsh critics of the region for mycenaean culture, comparison with her own feelings for the region itself. Marquart goes on to introduce a story about her grandparents, who felt “anticipation” when waiting to receive their land. By juxtaposing the unfavorable aspects of the land judged by surveyors with her grandparents “anticipation,” she shows the rcn definition of nursing reader how the land represented a new beginning for many American who disregarded the theory criticism of of nursing, earlier assessors. Chaplin Movie. She once again portrays her respect for the people of the upper Midwest showing their ability to cultivate a previously labeled “unimpressive” land. This response effectively analyzes the rcn definition strategies Marquart uses to characterize the upper Midwest. The response opens with a statement of the redux diet pill central idea (“Debra Marquet [sic] conveys her profound love for the upper Midwest region”), followed by a statement of intent to of nursing analyze diction and allusions in Marquart’s characterization of the on Building Your Own Agility region as one having “unique qualities … that could not be found anywhere else.” The development of evidence and explanations is appropriate and convincing. Rcn Definition Of Nursing. The second paragraph focuses on allusion with the opening comment: “Marquet [sic] constantly alludes to writers and friedman … surveyors alike in order to describe special qualities of the region.” The student provides examples and convincing commentary: “By juxtaposing the people that the rcn definition of nursing environment produced with the environment itself, she slights those ‘early assessors’ who believed that the upper Mid-West was a region devoid of any favorable characteristics.” The following paragraph focuses on the effects of Marquart’s diction: “Marquet [sic] goes on to introduce a story about her grandparents, who felt ‘anticipation’ when waiting to andy dufrein receive their land.” The response concludes with an rcn definition, insightful comment: “She once again portrays her respect for the people of the upper Midwest by showing their ability to cultivate a previously labeled ‘unimpressive’ land.” The student refers to the passage explicitly, and the language of the friedman analysis is rcn definition of nursing, controlled and consistently effective.

Marquart characterizes the upper Midwest as an entity whose landscape is bland and dull yet very ordered and structured. She employs juxtaposition, diction and reference to historical figures’ impressions to utilitarianism theory relay her characterization. Marquart utilizes juxtaposition to illustrate how the upper Midwest is bland, orderly and neat. Of Nursing. She states, “as the mycenaean expedition moved west, the neatness of the grid was foiled by steep rivers, valleys, foothills and of nursing mountains, but here in the monotonous square states . Culture. . .” The juxtaposition of rcn definition, these two elements creates a stark contrast between the orderly and flat Midwest and the jagged and ethical valley-filled states to the west. By creating such a stark contrast, she emphasizes the upper Midwest’s flat and almost treeless landscape. Her juxtaposition conjures images of flat squares compared to mountainous and majestic landscapes. She also juxtaposes how it was easy to subdivide the rcn definition of nursing Midwestern states for the land ordinance of 1785, whereas the expedition was “foiled” by the difficult terrain of other states. This juxtaposition once again illustrates the neatness and structure of the upper Midwestern states. It is a land which is very readily and redux diet pill easily carved up compared to its western neighbors. Marquart also employs varied diction to depict the upper Midwest’s bland landscape. She utilizes words such as “lonely, treeless and devoid of rises and curves,” “square states,” “flyover region that one must endure,” “easy inclines,” and “farmable plains.” Such words and phrases invoke in of nursing the reader an image of the monotonous landscape of the upper Midwest.

Her description characterizes the landscape as plain and dull, yet at the same time her diction depicts a landscape which is serene and economics very undaunting. The upper Midwest has “easy inclines” and “farmable plains.” It’s a place attractive to those who are farming, like her grandparents. She combines those different descriptions to characterize the upper Midwest as a land which many find uninteresting and unremarkable. She notes how the of nursing Midwest assessors such as James declared the region a “dreary plain.” This conjures images of an uninviting and dull region whose landscape is almost depressing. While Marquart does acknowledge that the landscape is bland, she also shows how it is structured and orderly by making reference to the land ordinance of 1785.

She notes how the upper Midwest was the “heartland, the place where Jefferson’s idea of a rectangular cadastral survey found its most perfect confluence of utilitarianism, longitude, latitude, etc.” This characterization illuminates the landscape’s evenness and neatness. Marquart characterizes the upper Midwest’s landscape as one which is of nursing, bland and dull yet neat and orderly, and at the same time through use of juxtaposition, _ _ _ diction and reference to others’ opinions. This response adequately analyzes the strategies Marquart uses to characterize the upper Midwest. The evidence for andy dufrein, analysis clearly focuses on three strategies and describes Marquart’s purpose: “juxtaposition to illustrate how the upper midwest is bland, orderly, and neat,” “diction to depict the upper midwest’s bland landscape,” and “references to of nursing other people’s impressions to characterize the redux diet pill upper midwest as a land which many find uninteresting and rcn definition of nursing unremarkable.” The explanations are appropriate and convincing, though at times repetitive. Andy Dufrein. In the rcn definition of nursing second paragraph the andy dufrein student notes and sufficiently explains how Marquart’s use of juxtaposition “conjures images of flat squares compared to mountainous and majestic landscapes” and “illustrates the neatness and structure of the upper midwestern states.” The third and fourth paragraphs continue with an adequate analysis of diction and of references. Although not as effective an rcn definition of nursing, analysis as those found in theory higher-scoring essays, the response indicates a better understanding of the complexity of the passage than did lower-scoring responses, and the prose is generally clear. Benjamin Banneker, the son of former slaves, was a farmer, astronomer, mathematician, surveyor, and author. In 1791 he wrote to Thomas Jefferson, framer of the Declaration of Independence and of nursing secretary of state to President George Washington. Read the following excerpt from the letter and write an essay that analyzes how Banneker uses rhetorical strategies to culture argue against of nursing slavery. Sir, suffer me to recall to your mind that time in which the arms and friedman economics tyranny of the British Crown were exerted with every powerful effort in order to rcn definition reduce you to a State of Servitude, look back I entreat you on the variety of dangers to mycenaean culture which you were exposed; reflect on that time in which every human aid appeared unavailable, and in which even hope and fortitude wore the aspect of inability to the conflict and you cannot but be led to a serious and grateful sense of your miraculous and providential reservation; you cannot but acknowledge that the present freedom and tranquility which you enjoy you have mercifully received and that it is the pecular blessing of Heaven. This sir, was a time in which you clearly saw into the injustice of a state of slavery and in which you had just apprehensions of the horrors of its condition, it was now, sir, that your abhorrence thereof was so excited, that you publickly held forth this true and valuable doctrine, which is worthy to be recorded and remembered in rcn definition of nursing all succeeding ages. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Here, sir, was a time in which your tender feelings for yourselves had engaged you thus to declare, you were then impressed with proper ideas of the great allow valuation of redux diet pill, liberty and the free possession of those blessings to which you were entitled by nature; but, sir, how pitiable is it to reflect that although you were so fully convinced of the of nursing benevolence of the friedman Father of mankind and of his equal and impartial distribution of those rights and rcn definition privileges which he had conferred upon them, that you should at the same time counteract his mercies in detaining by fraud and violence so numerous a part of utilitarianism ethical, my brethren under groaning captivity and cruel oppression, that you should at the same time be found guilty of that most criminal act which you professedly detested in others with respect to yourselves. Sir, I suppose that your knowledge of the situation of rcn definition, my brethren is too extensive to need a recital here; neither shall I presume to prescribe methods by which they may be relieved, otherwise than by recommending to you and all others to wean yourselves from those narrow prejudices which you have imbibed with respect to economics them and of nursing as Job proposed to friedman his friends, “put your souls in their souls stead,” thus shall your hearts be enlarged with kindness and benevolence towards them, and thus shall you need neither the of nursing direction of myself or others, in what manner to andy dufrein proceed herein. Sample student essays with commentary from the graders. Whether we like to of nursing think about it or not slavery is utilitarianism theory, associated with our country’s history. There have been several opinions on its constitutional fairness but nevertheless it happened and rcn definition eradicating it from on Building Your Own Agility, this nation was a struggle. During this struggle Benjamin Banneker took a huge step and wrote Thomas Jefferson about his negative feelings on the issue of rcn definition of nursing, slavery in which he implemented several religious appeals, repetition, and an array of emotional diction. Banneker makes several religious appeals that attack Jefferson’s pro-slavery stance. He states that while Jefferson is “fully convinced of the benevolence of the father” to all mankind, he “counteracts his mercies” by allowing slavery to continue.

This skilled religious appeal serves a dual purpose, the on Building Your Own Agility Equipment first of which bonds Banneker and Jefferson under a common God. This serves to show Jefferson that he and rcn definition Banneker have a mutual understanding. But while the aforementioned quote ties the two men together it also scorns Jefferson. Banneker chooses to attack Jefferson under the eyes of God so that he can maintain a polite air while also reprimanding Jefferson. The reprimanding carries so much more weight because it is not the son of former slaves passing judgment but rather a religious follower illustrating Jefferson’s sins.

In accordance with maintaining that polite disposition Banneker continually refers to Jefferson as “Sir.” Banneker opens his letter with “Sir” and repeats it six times before concluding it, saying it at least once in every paragraph. This serves to show that while Banneker does not condone Jefferson’s practices he still has the utmost respect for redux diet pill, him and the position he holds. He does not want to antagonize Jefferson but rather reason with him and state his opinion. Continually repeating “Sir” shows Jefferson that he is of nursing, a dignified person which destroys the utilitarianism ethical possible notion that race makes people inferior. It also serves as a concession and makes it hard for Jefferson to become enraged when Banneker is continually stroking Jefferson’s ego and showing him the utmost respect.

Banneker also utilizes emotional diction in his argument against slavery. He refers to slavery as “groaning captivity” and “cruel oppression” as well as speaking of its injustice. All of these words were specifically chosen to represent the plight of the slave as well as depicting the horrendous life they must endure. The harsh words are more personal when he states that they affect “[his] brethren.” Now the slaves in question are not just figures in the distance but are people with feelings and connections to other people. They are human beings, which, sadly, is something Jefferson may not have realized. Banneker vividly depicts what Jefferson’s actions are doing to real live people which is intended to instill some much-needed guilt as well as calling for rcn definition of nursing, a radical and instrumental change. The response effectively analyzes how Banneker uses rhetorical strategies to theory argue against slavery. Of Nursing. It presents a specific introduction with clear intent: “During this struggle Benjamin Banneker took a huge step and wrote Thomas Jefferson about his negative feelings on utilitarianism ethical, the issue of slavery in which he implemented several religious appeals, repetition, and an array of rcn definition, emotional diction.” The second paragraph focuses on “religious appeals that attack Jefferson’s pro-slavery stance.” The third paragraph considers the effects of the repetition of the word sir. The fourth paragraph discusses the chaplin movie effects of Banneker’s “emotional diction.” The analysis is developed with evidence and explanations that are appropriate and convincing, and the student refers explicitly to the passage throughout the rcn definition of nursing essay.

The response effectively concludes: “Banneker vividly depicts what Jefferson’s actions are doing to real life people which is intended to instil [sic] some much needed guilt as well as calling for a radical and instrumental change.” Although the response contains minor mechanical flaws, it is nevertheless a controlled and perceptive analysis of Banneker’s rhetorical strategies. Benjamin Banneker uses many rhetorical strategies to argue against culture slavery. One important strategy he used was to relate the time in which the of nursing “tyranny of the British Crown” ruled America “to a state of slavery” in chaplin movie his first two paragraphs. Since the “injustice of the state of rcn definition, slavery” is what Banneker is ultimately arguing for, he uses this terminology to logically appeal to Jefferson. Another strategy Banneker used was to use diction with a dark oppressive connotation in the third paragraph. He uses phrases such as “counteract his mercies in detaining by fraud and violence,” “groaning captivity and cruel oppression” and “criminal act which you professedly detested” to place blame on Jefferson and show how wrong slavery and unequal treatment of human being really is. This strategy was used to convince Jefferson of his wrongful ideas and actions. Banneker uses understatement in the first sentence of the culture fourth paragraph as another rhetorical strategy. Of Nursing. He states that, “Sir, I suppose that your knowledge of the situation of my brethren is too extensive to need a recital here . . .” This statement purposefully makes readers think about the awful situations that slaves endure as a result of the institution without outright stating those situations and making a big deal about it. By using this rhetorical strategy, Banneker has placed an emphasis on the awful situations of the slaves, which emotionally appeals to readers. Banneker uses hyperbole at the end of this first paragraph to chaplin movie emphasize just how wonderful it is to have freedoms in America.

Of course our freedoms are due to the documents written by our founding fathers, not due to “Heaven.” This hyperbole emphasizes the fact that it is a blessing to have freedoms, and therefore those blessings should be passed on rcn definition, to current slaves. Banneker also uses logical appeal to argue against slavery. Rather than using sources that are not reputable, he uses two very important and chaplin movie reputable sources: the Declaration of Independence (ironically written by Jefferson himself) and the Bible. The use of these important sources and only these sources helps Banneker logically appeal to rcn definition of nursing his audience and convince them that slavery is bad. These rhetorical strategies used throughout Banneker’s letter help logically and chaplin movie emotionally appeal to Jefferson and of nursing help show how awful slavery really is. This response demonstrates an understanding of Banneker’s letter but offers an inconsistent analysis of the rhetorical strategies employed. The essay focuses on devices more than meaning, and it is organized in terms of devices.

The third paragraph begins with an unclear claim about understatement but then presents a quotation and adequately comments on the text: “This statement purposefully makes readers think about the awful situations that slaves endure as a result of the institution without outright stating those situations and making a big deal out of it.” In the fifth paragraph the response recognizes Banneker’s use of “important and reputable sources: the Declaration of Independence … and friedman the Bible” to of nursing present the logical appeal. However, the analysis in the fourth paragraph of Banneker’s use of hyperbole is less convincing: “Of course our freedoms in economics America are due to the documents written by our founding fathers, not due to ‘Heaven.’” With uneven evidence and explanations, the of nursing response is developed minimally but is nevertheless sufficient and usually conveys the utilitarianism ethical theory student’s ideas.

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A Case Study on the Treatment of ADHD in Pregnancy. A case study involving a 38-year-old woman with a history of ADHD seeks counseling for treatment of the condition during a pregnancy. In the case of Mrs. L., she presented before conception and there was time to weigh all treatment possibilities and assess the impact of a stimulant taper on her functioning prior to rcn definition of nursing, pregnancy. On Building Your Own Agility Equipment. This case is the ideal scenario, as there is an opportunity to carefully weigh the benefits and rcn definition of nursing risks of taking a medication for utilitarianism, which there are very limited data in pregnant women.

However, another common scenario is a woman who presents with an unplanned pregnancy while on stimulants and seeks counseling on of nursing whether to continue treatment. This situation proves more challenging, as there is not time to assess the woman's functioning off treatment, and the clinician must rely on history alone. Although Mrs. L. stated that her decision to not conceive was unrelated to the recommendation to attempt to andy dufrein, taper off stimulants, the question remains whether this factor played a role in her decision-making process. When providing preconception counseling, clinicians should remain sensitive to rcn definition, the importance stimulants can have on the lives of friedman economics their patients. Additional data on the impact of ADHD on pregnancy outcomes are necessary, as well as further data on the risks of treatments of ADHD on the developing fetus, such that patients can make informed decisions about treatment and of nursing pregnancy. Katherine Martin, MD , is Essay Your a consult-liaison psychiatrist with the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, Penn. She is also an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine in Tampa. She completed an rcn definition elective in reproductive psychiatry during her residency. Kessler RC, Adler L, Barkley R, et al.

The prevalence and redux diet pill correlates of adult ADHD in the United States: results from the National Co-morbidity Survey Replication. Rcn Definition Of Nursing. Am J Psychiatry. 2006;163(4):716-723. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders . 4th ed. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association; 2000. Barkley RA, Fischer M, Smallish L, Fletcher K. Young adult outcome of hyperactive children: adaptive functioning in major life activities. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2006;45(2):192-202.

Murphy K, Barkley RA. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adults: comorbidities and adaptive impairments. Compr Psychiatry . 1996;37(6):393-401. Fischer M, Barkley RA, Smallish L, Fletcher K. Hyperactive children as young adults: driving abilities, safe driving behavior, and adverse driving outcomes. Andy Dufrein. Accid Anal Prev . 2007;39(1):94-105. Of Nursing. Shekim WO, Asarnow RF, Hess E, et al.

A clinical and redux diet pill demographic profile of a sample of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, residual state. Compr Psychiatry . 1990;31(5):416-425. Biederman J, Faraone SV, Spencer T, et al. Patterns of psychiatric comorbidity, cognition, and of nursing psychosocial functioning in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Am J Psychiatry. 1993;150(12):1792-1798.

Wilens TE, Biederman J, Mick E, et al. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is associated with early onset substance use disorders. Mycenaean Culture. J Nerv Ment Dis . 1997;185(8):475-482. Wilens TE, Biederman J, Mick E. Does ADHD affect the course of substance abuse? Findings from a sample of adults with and without ADHD. Am J Addict.

1998;7(2):156-163. Eriksson M, Larsson G, Zetterstrom R. Amphetamine addiction and rcn definition pregnancy. II. Pregnancy, delivery and culture the neonatal period. Socio-medical aspects. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand . 1981;60:253-259. Eriksson M, Zetterstrom R. Amphetamine addiction during pregnancy: 10-year follow-up. Acta Paediatr Suppl.

1994;404:27-31. Rcn Definition Of Nursing. Good MM, Solt I, Acuna JG, et al. Methamphetamine use during pregnancy: maternal and neonatal implications. Obstet Gynecol . 2010;116(2 Pt 1):330-334. Economics. Milkovich L, van der Berg BJ. Effects of antenatal exposure to anorectic drugs. Am J Obstet Gynecol . 1977;129(6):637-642.

Golub M, Costa L, Crofton K, et al. NTP-CERHR Expert Panel Report on the reproductive and developmental toxicity of amphetamine and of nursing methamphetamine. Birth Defects Res B Dev Reprod Toxicol. Utilitarianism Theory. 2005;74(6):471-584. Golub M, Costa L, Crofton K, et al. Of Nursing. NTP-CERHR Expert Panel Report on the reproductive and developmental toxicity of methylphenidate. Birth Defects Res B Dev Reprod Toxicol . Chaplin Movie. 2005;74(4):300-381. Briggs GG, Freeman RK, Yaffe SJ. Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk . Rcn Definition Of Nursing. 7 ed.

Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams Wilkins; 2005. Debooy VD, Seshia MM, Tenenbein M, Casiro OG. Intravenous pentazocine and methylphenidate abuse during pregnancy. Maternal lifestyle and infant outcome. Am J Dis Child . 1993;147(10):1062-1065.

Alessi NE, Spalding S. Atomoxetine and pregnancy. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. Friedman Economics. 2003;42(8):883-884. Smoking Risks for Female Adolescents with ADHD in . Adolescents who had more severe ADHD symptoms as children were more likely to initiate smoking. ADHD Treatment Not Causally Associated With Suicide Attempt . There does not appear to rcn definition, be a causal association between methylphenidate hydrochloride treatment for ADHD and suicide attempts. ADHD Medication May Curb Alcohol, Drug Addiction. Patients who take their ADHD medications may have a lower risk of alcohol and Own Agility Equipment drug problems. Copyright © 2017 Haymarket Media, Inc.

All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms Conditions.

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E-banking: Online Banking and Bank Ltd Essay Sample. Electronic banking is an rcn definition umbrella term for the process by which a customer may perform banking transactions electronically without visiting a brick-and-mortar institution. The following terms all refer to one form or another of electronic banking: personal computer (PC) banking, Internet banking, virtual banking, online banking, home banking, remote electronic banking, and andy dufrein, phone banking. PC banking and Internet or online banking are the most frequently used designations. Of Nursing! It should be noted, however, that the terms used to utilitarianism theory describe the various types of electronic banking are often used interchangeably. Is a service offered by banks that allows account holders to access their account data via the Internet. In order to take advantage of online banking, an of nursing account holder would need to meet several technological requirements, such as having a personal computer with Internet access and redux diet pill, web browser. If those conditions are satisfied, online banking can be performed from anywhere in the world. To minimize the rcn definition, risk of andy dufrein fraud, online banking is enabled through a secure server, which grants the individual a private access to his or her bank account.

Online banking is designed to streamline banking chores that otherwise require considerable time and effort. Thus, online banking facilitates direct access to account details, enables transfer of funds, allows for multiple bills payments, and performs an array other transactions. Rcn Definition! Online banking is available twenty four hours, seven days a week, regardless of the bank’s working hours. Today, most banks offer online banking services. Characteristics of e-banking. E-banking is poised to fill the void. In today’s competitive world economy there are few opportunities to andy dufrein make a big difference and many opportunities to make a little difference. Banks land other financial organizations can easily strive to of nursing seize all these opportunities. In the modern age the whole world has become as a global village and chaplin movie, people are getting closure day by day through information and communication technologies based on digital system. So, modern age is rcn definition of nursing also termed as digital age.

E-banking mainly depends on computer and different types of information technologies. Now day’s different types of e-banking operations have been introduced. Transactional websites provide customers with the ability to conduct transactions through the friedman economics, financial institution’s website by initiating banking transactions or buying products and services. Banking transactions can range from rcn definition of nursing something as basic as a retail account balance inquiry to a large business-to- business funds transfer. E-banking services, like those delivered through other delivery channels, are typically classified based on the type of culture customer they support. The following table lists some of the common retail and wholesale e-banking services offered by financial institutions.

Common E-Banking Services. |Retail Services |Wholesale Services | |Account Management |Account Management | |Bill payment and presentment |Cash management | |New account opening |Small business loan applications, approvals, or advances | |Customer wire transfers | | |Investment/Brokerage services |Commercial wire transfers | |Loan application and approval |Business-to-business payments | |Account aggregation |Employee benefits/pension administration | E-banking systems can vary significantly in their configuration depending on rcn definition of nursing a number of factors. Financial institutions should choose their e-banking system configuration, including outsourcing relationships, based on redux diet pill four factors; •Strategic objectives for e-banking. •Scope, scale, and complexity of rcn definition equipment, systems, and activities. • Security and internal control requirements. Financial institutions may choose to Equipment support their e-banking services internally.

Alternatively, financial institutions can outsource any aspect of their e-banking systems to third parties. The following entities could provide or host (I.e., allow applications to of nursing reside on their servers) Q-banking related services for financial institutions: •Another financial institution. • Internet service provider. • Internet banking software vendor or processor. • Core banking vendor or processor. • Managed security service provider. • Bill payment provider.

• Credit bureau, and. • Credit scoring company. E-banking systems rely on a number of redux diet pill common components or processes. The following list includes many of the potential components and rcn definition, processes seen in chaplin movie a typical institution: •Website design and hosting. •Firewall configuration and management. •Intrusion detection system or IDS (network and host-based) •Internet banking server. •Internal network servers. •Core processing system. •Programming support, and.

•Automated decision support systems. These components work together to deliver e-banking services. Each component represents a control point to consider. Through a combination of internal and of nursing, outsourced solutions, management has many alternatives when determining the overall system configuration for andy dufrein, the various components of an e-banking system. However, for the sake of simplicity, this booklet presents only two basic variations.

First, one or more technology service providers can host the e-banking application and numerous network components as illustrated in the following diagram. In this configuration, the institution’s service provider hosts the institution’s website, internet banking server, firewall, and intrusion detection system. While the institution does not have to manage the daily administration of these component systems, its management and board remain responsible for rcn definition, the content, performance, and security of the e-banking system. Different forms of electronic banking. The terms ‘PC banking’, ‘online banking’, ‘Internet banking’, ‘Telephone banking’ or’ mobile banking’ refer to a number of ways in which customers can access their banks without having to be physically present at the bank branch. Chaplin Movie! E-banking may be understood as term that covers all these ways of banking business electronically. • Tele-banking. Tele-banking service is provided by phone. To access an account it is required to dial a Particular telephone number and there are several options of services. Options included. ? Checking account balance. ? Funds transfer between current, savings and credit card accounts.

? Stock exchange transaction. ? Receive statement via fax. ? Loan payment information. The increasing awareness of the importance of literacy of computer has resulted in increasing use of rcn definition of nursing personal computers through the entire world. Furthermore, incredible Plummet of cost of microprocessor has accelerated the use of computer. The term ‘PC banking’ is used for banking business transacted from redux diet pill a customer’s PC. Using the rcn definition of nursing, PC banking or home banking now customers can use their personal computers at home or at their office to access their accounts for transactions by subscribing to and dialing into the banks’ Intranet proprietary software system using password.

Internet banking would free both bankers and customers of the need for proprietary Software to ethical theory carry on with their online banking transactions. Customer behavior is changing rapidly. Now the financial service is rcn definition of nursing characterized by individuality, independence of time and utilitarianism ethical, place and flexibility. These facts represent huge Challenges for the financial service providers. So the Internet is now considered to be a ‘Strategic weapon’ for them to satisfy the ever-changing customers’ demand and Innovative business needs. Adequate legal framework and maximum security are the two essential factors for Internet banking. The comprehensive security infrastructure includes layers of security from the rcn definition, network to the browser, including sophisticated encryption that protects customers’ from andy dufrein intrusion when they access the rcn definition, bank over the public network.

Actually mobile banking is chaplin movie a variation of Internet banking. Rcn Definition! Mobile banking is a good example of how the lines between the various forms of e-banking are becoming gradually Blurred. Due to culture the new transmission technologies such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), portable terminal like mobile phones, personal digital assistant (PDA) or small hand-held PCs are providing bank customers with access to the Internet and thus paving the way to rcn definition of nursing Internet banking. Chaplin Movie! It assures immense flexibility and makes the financial services independent of time and place. However, the use of mobile banking is still in a nascent state. The slower transmission speed of the WAP standard and of nursing, the limited amount of information available are just two of the factors inhibiting the use of those terminals. 1. Any branch banking/ anywhere banking. 3. Electronic fund transfer system. 4. Card-Debit/ ATM card and credit card. 5. Virtual banking. Current Scenario of E-Banking in Bangladesh.

Electronic banking is relatively new concept in andy dufrein Bangladesh. Rcn Definition! Formerly only the foreign banks operating in Bangladesh like Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, etc provided it. These foreign banks managed to gain competitive advantage with the introduction of electronic banking for the first time in utilitarianism Bangladesh. As result the local commercial banks started to loose their market to of nursing these foreign commercial banks. So they reacted very quickly. First time it was combined, now some of the banks are offering Electronic-banking services even solely. Eastern Bank Ltd. Mycenaean Culture! is the leading local commercial banks in Bangladesh to offer world-class electronic banking services. In terms of adoption of rcn definition of nursing E-Banking we can divide our banking sector in to three basic categories. Classical bank includes those commercial banks, which don’t provide or provide very little E-banking facilities.

In our country these category mainly includes mainly – ? Nationalized Commercial banks. 1. Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) 2. Rajshai Krishi Unnayan Bank. 3. Bank of Small Industries and Commerce Bangladesh Ltd. 4. Ethical Theory! Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha (BSRS) 5. Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) ? Local private commercial banks- 1. The Oriental bank ltd. 2. First security bank ltd.

3. Social investment bank ltd. 4. Of Nursing! Al Arafah bank. 5. The Standard Bank Ltd. 6. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.etc. These banks are termed as classical because this Bangladeshi banks still now mainly follows the manual procedure for securing the valuable information and assets of chaplin movie customers. Except Agrani bank and rcn definition, Janata bank these banks are still in infant level automation.

Both of these two banks has launched ATM card sharing with other banks and EFTS like Ready cash, Q-Cash other than these two facilities, these banks has no other E-Banking facilities like Online banking, Home banking, Internet Banking. All the mycenaean culture, NCBs in Bangladesh use the software named as Bexibank. Besides this they also use two most widely used software named PC bank and NIKASH developed by the Bangladesh Bank. These classical banks have no centralized database system. As a result they always lack the of nursing, required effective coordination among different units, required information to make right decision at right time, incurs high overhead costs. The branches of these classical banks are not connected through LAN or WAN or MAN. The proper coordination and harmonization between branches and head office of Essay Your Equipment these banks are very much weak. They cannot take proper decision at proper time and manage their loans and deposit portfolio achieved client satisfaction. Services provided by these banks in rcn definition the classical stage are outdated and lacks the competitiveness. But it is theory a matter of hope that the top management of rcn definition of nursing these commercial banks is seriously thinking about redux diet pill full automation of rcn definition of nursing their operations both at andy dufrein, the branch level and at the head office level..

But to do this they face some common problems like – • Huge Number of branches all over the Bangladesh even outside the country and for the purpose of of nursing automation huge investment is necessary. • Most of the branches are in the rural areas where there are no modern digital communication facilities. • Most of the users or clients of the banks are poor and uneducated village people having no knowledge about electronic banking and cannot afford it at mycenaean culture, the current cost level. • Most of the officials of these banks in the classical stage especially the rcn definition, state owned ones are aggie and cannot understand and mycenaean, are reluctant to accept modern electronic banking. To turn around these banks at first the rcn definition of nursing, outdated mentality of redux diet pill these officials of the classical banks. In spite of these shortcomings all these banks in the classical stage are trying to rcn definition of nursing convert themselves into the modern electronic banks and make them able to compete with other commercial banks. Currently some of the banks of andy dufrein Bangladesh are providing electronic services to their customers we cannot say they are completely following electronic way.

Because they offer some of the functionalities of the complete electronic banking like intra-bank transactions, Letter of Credit (LC) and foreign exchange etc. In case of inter-bank transactions, central bank authority handles the procedure all the banks are termed as modern banks this is the of nursing, largest segment of commercial banks among the three. These commercial banks which are much more innovative, flexible, and proactive in culture their operation. They are quite at rcn definition, home in managing their assets and liabilities. Banks as well as employees are beneficiated after implementing Information technology in Bank because this system has some advantages over traditional system.

Advantages are as follows: • Process handling becomes faster. It includes day end process, month end process, monthly/yearly interest calculation; fixed deposit receipt process, scheme process and loan process etc. • In traditional system, to accomplish audit, government officials need to go to utilitarianism ethical theory every bank. After IT implementation they do not need to rcn definition of nursing go to banks rather they can collect the same information through network and audit report can be generated within few minutes. • In traditional system it is mycenaean time dependent to transfer money from city to remote area and also a matter of some investment.

During the rcn definition of nursing, transfer time the money is idle so it’s a great loss for the bank as well as customers. Electronic system can be used to transfer money within a few seconds (Intra-bank). All these modern banks have somewhat common features like- • Trying to launch or at least have planned to initiate online banking Tele banking etc in near future. • Trying to follow marketing strategies of andy dufrein others. • Providing ATM card and in some cases credit card facilities. • Initiating modern banking concepts like one-stop services, serving the rcn definition of nursing, underserved market, and continuously updating their service and product portfolio. • Providing quick transfer of remittances with the help of international money transfer unions like Western Union, Express Money and Money Gram.

Following are some of those commercial banks, which fall with in modern banks category in our country, which provide ATM services on Your shared basis and planning to provide online banking and any branch banking. ? Pubali Bank Ltd. ? Mercantile Bank Ltd. ? National Bank of Pakistan. ? National Bank Ltd. ? International Finance Investment and Commerce bank Ltd. ? United Commercial Bank Ltd.

? Uttara Bank Ltd. ? National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. ? The Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. ? National Bank of Pakistan. ? State Bank of India. ? Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd. ? National Bank of Pakistan. ? Southeast Bank Ltd. Some of the electronic banking services provided by these modern commercial. banks are described below: ? Electronic fund transfer services: IFIC bank ltd.

Mercantile bank ltd. Pubali bank ltd. AB bank ltd Agrani bank is providing electronic fund transfer services on shared basis in the name of Q-cash. ? CIB Report Generation: Bangladesh Bank has the rcn definition of nursing, access to all other banks so it is very easy task to maintain an integrated database of all customers specifying their credit and debit information with each bank. Mutual trust bank, Prime Bank ltd. The Premier bank ltd. is currently providing individually debit card facilities under the culture, brand name of VISA. Besides the City bank ltd. is of nursing providing another debit card which offers dual currencies withdrawal facilities. But the card processing period of these banks is relatively lengthy than that of Standard Chard Bank.

? Any branch Banking: At present Mutual Trust bank ltd. State Bank of India, Habib Bank Ltd. Friedman! National Bank of Pakistan are offering any branch banking to all their clients. Mercantile Bank Ltd. IFIC bank ltd. NCC bank ltd. Offer any branch banking services to only a selected group of clients who are ready to pay an rcn definition of nursing amount of extra annual fee for the usage of redux diet pill these service. National Bank ltd. Rcn Definition! United Commercial bank ltd.

Southeast bank ltd. Prime bank ltd. are hoping and arranging to provide any branch banking services. Software used in e-banking. All the modern banks uses two common software developed by Bangladesh bank named NIKASH for check clearing purposes and PC bank for Equipment, maintaining the ledger of clients. Besides Dhaka Bank ltd. and Eastern bank ltd. uses FLEXCUBE, Mercantile bank ltd. and Mutual Trust Bank ltd. uses FLORA Bank, the rcn definition of nursing, City bank ltd. and redux diet pill, Arab Bangladesh Bank ltd. uses FINACLE. Electronic banking as a segment of electronic business, which, in of nursing turn, encompasses all types of Essay Own Agility Equipment business performed through electronic networks.

Banks in this category are more electronically service oriented than the of nursing, above-mentioned commercial banks. Electronic bank include those commercial banks, which uses sophisticated computer and networking technology to chaplin movie carryon their day-to-day banking business. All of their business process in maintained and executed electronically. Following are those banks, which fall in the class of Electronic Banks. Two fundamental aspects of electronic banking are the rcn definition, nature of the delivery channel through which activities are performed, and the means for customers to chaplin movie gain access to those channels. Commonly delivery channels include ‘closed’ and ‘open’ networks. ‘Closed networks’ have no such membership requirements. Currently, widely used access devices through which e-banking products and rcn definition of nursing, services can be provided to customers include point of sale terminals, automatic teller machines, telephones, PCs. Here we divide the electronic banks in to mycenaean two categories. a. Local Electronic Commercial banks: 1. Eastern Bank Ltd.

2. BRAC Bank Ltd. 3. Bank Asia ltd. 4. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. 6. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. b. Foreign Electronic Commercial banks: 1. Standard Chartered Bank ltd. (SCB) 4. Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd. 6. Bank Alfalah etc. Features of the Electronic bank. With business processes becoming increasingly digitized, business models, and, with them, the risk structure of credit institutions, are changing.

The following characteristics of E-banking are therefore at the center of banking supervisors ’interest. ? Overcomes national borders. Owing to the virtual nature of of nursing electronic commerce, the transaction of friedman economics banking business is no longer confined to national borders. Much the same applies to the relationship between bank products and non-bank products. That means supervisors will need to cooperate even more closely with foreign supervisory authorities than in rcn definition the past. The secure and efficient deployment of ICT will become a crucial strategic factor in the success of chaplin movie electronic banking. Every stage in the value-added chain, from development through production to the marketing of financial products, is dependent on rcn definition IT. Most importantly, this dependency, coupled with the Your, innovative momentum of the Internet, will increase the strategic and operational risk faced by rcn definition of nursing, banks. With I-Banking one can view complete Credit Card details. One can view Credit. Card statement, determine the andy dufrein, minimum amount due, request for a credit limit increase and even make an online card payment.

Several factors have conspired to induce this effect. The greater ease with which prices and rcn definition, products can be compared has enhanced market transparency; the market entry barriers for new competitors have been lowered; the spatial and temporal constraints on competition have been removed; Internet or online banking customers display little brand loyalty; and e-banking customers are focusing ever more on costs and profit margins. How electronic banking make our life easier. The establishment of an mycenaean effective payment system through the of nursing, central bank allows government to function effectively in its role as a purchaser in e-commerce as well as in its more traditional role of provider of chaplin movie government services. For example, in Australia an initiative completed at the end of rcn definition of nursing 2000 allows “electronic arrangements,” which enable up to 90 per cent of agencies’ procurement needs to be conducted and settled electronically with suppliers. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s development of the Government Direct Entry System made electronic payments, including welfare payments, on behalf of Government agencies easier, cheaper and quicker by establishing a network of communication links with major Government agencies and andy dufrein, larger financial institutions, with a desktop banking facility for rcn definition, smaller financial institutions and smaller agencies. One of the main benefits of digital banking is that the infrastructure it uses can serve to redux diet pill enhance e-commerce for rcn definition of nursing, participants in the underlying industry.

For example in the Republic of Belarus, the state-owned interbank telecommunications network used to offer secure information transmission services to the national payments system participants, also provides participating banks with access to theory the Internet. Although investment in infrastructure is costly, many central banks, such as in the U.S. and Australia act to recover fully the costs of its commercial services through fees and charges. Rcn Definition Of Nursing! E-banking provides wide range of advantages to its users: •24 hours banking opportunity. •Customer can save their valuable time. •Customer can avoid the risks and hazards of cash transactions •Both bankers and customers can communicate with each other very easily and very quickly •Bankers can monitor their accounts more efficiently. •Reduce the chance of errors, mistakes in transactions. •Bankers can protect the information and records easily; and efficiently •Banking activities can spread out across the world very easily and quickly •Facilitates international trades. • Banks can offer more attractive and chaplin movie, lucrative products and services to the clients •One of the greatest tools for helping us get our finances in rcn definition of nursing order is e-banking • E-banking provides many convenient and time saving tools such as: online bill paying, automatic bill pay, online account view, online check view, online statements, and many more. Andy Dufrein! •In addition to traditional banking products and services, financial institutions can provide a variety of services that have been designed or adapted to support commerce etc.

Contribution of of nursing e-banking to culture develop our economy. In view of this ever increasing role of credit cards a Working Group was set up for regulatory mechanism for cards. Of Nursing! The terms of reference of the Working Group were fairly broad and the Group was to look into redux diet pill the type of regulatory measures that are to be introduced for plastic cards (credit, debit and of nursing, smart cards) for encouraging their growth in a safe, secure and efficient manner, as also to take care of the best customer practices and grievances redressed mechanism for the card users. a) Transparency and Disclosure, b) Customer Rights Protection, and. c) Code of Conduct..

The most important terms conditions should be highlighted and advertised and sent separately to the prospective customer. These terms and conditions include various issues relating to: a) fees and charges, (b) drawl limits, (c) billing, (d) default, (e) termination / revocation of card membership, (f) loss / theft / misuse of economics card, and (g) disclosure. In view of its backward and rcn definition of nursing, forward linkages with other sectors of the economy, housing finance in developing countries is seen as a social good. In Bangladesh, growth of redux diet pill housing finance segment has accelerated in rcn definition of nursing recent years. Several supporting policy measures (like tax benefits) and the supervisory incentives instituted had played a major role in this market. Housing credit has increased substantially over last few years, but from a very low base.

During the period 1995-2005, outstanding housing loans by scheduled commercial banks and housing finance companies grew at a trend rate of 15 per cent. The share of housing loans in total non-food credit of scheduled commercial banks has increased from about 2 per cent in 2001-02 to about 5 per cent in redux diet pill 2004-05. In addition, housing credit is rcn definition of nursing also being provided by housing finance companies, which in turn are also receiving some bank finance. Thus, from miniscule amounts, the exposure of the banking sector to housing loans has gone up. Unlike many other countries, asset impairment on account of on Building Your housing finance constitutes a very small portion’.

However, with growing competition in the housing finance market, there has been a growing concern over its likely impact on the asset quality. While no immediate financial stability concerns exist, there is a need to put in of nursing place appropriate risk management systems, strengthen internal control procedures and also improve regulatory oversight in this area. Banks also need to monitor their exposure and the credit quality. Friedman! In a fiercely competitive market, there may be some temptation to slacken the rcn definition, loan scrutiny procedures and these needs to be severely checked. Having delineated the economics, broad contours of retail banking in Bangladesh let me now come to its opportunities and rcn definition of nursing, challenges. Limitation of e-Banking. • Huge Number of branches all over the Bangladesh even outside the country and for the purpose of automation huge investment is friedman economics necessary. • Most of the branches are in the rural areas where there are no modern digital communication facilities.

• Most of the users or clients of the banks are poor and uneducated village people having no knowledge about rcn definition of nursing electronic banking and cannot afford it at the current cost level. • Most of the officials of these banks in the classical stage especially the state owned ones are aggie and cannot understand and are reluctant to accept modern electronic banking. To turn around these banks at first the outdated mentality of these officials of the classical banks. • Illiteracy is a great problem in redux diet pill consideration of E-Banking activities execution. Why people are not getting facilities: Electronic banking is relatively new concept in Bangladesh. Formerly only the foreign banks operating in Bangladesh like Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, etc provided it. These foreign banks managed to gain competitive advantage with the introduction of electronic banking for the first time in Bangladesh. As result the local commercial banks started to rcn definition of nursing loose their market to these foreign commercial banks. So they reacted very quickly.

First time it was combined, now some of the banks are offering Electronic-banking services even solely. On Building Own Agility Equipment! Eastern Bank Ltd. is the leading local commercial banks in Bangladesh to offer world-class electronic banking services. Of Nursing! In terms of adoption of E-Banking we can divide our banking sector in to friedman three basic categories. Not all clients of the of nursing, banking industry have account in foreign banks. As a result everybody has no access to e-banking. E-banking mainly depends on computer and different types of mycenaean information technologies.

Now day’s different types of e-banking operations have been introduced. Transactional websites provide customers with the of nursing, ability to conduct transactions through the financial institution’s website by initiating banking transactions or buying products and services. Banking transactions can range from mycenaean something as basic as a retail account balance inquiry to rcn definition of nursing a large business-to- business funds transfer. E-banking services, like those delivered through other delivery channels, are typically classified based on ethical the type of rcn definition of nursing customer they support. Most of the people in Bangladesh are living rural areas and are out of reach of the e-banking. E-banking facilities have brought the on Building Own Agility Equipment, world on rcn definition of nursing our hands. Now a day, a person can get banking facilities sitting his own office or residence or anywhere else. Transfers of money, export and import businesses, selling and purchasing – all are possible within a very short time without any moving. Though there are some obstacles in redux diet pill the way of E-Banking, such as hackers, it is very popular all over the world wherever technological development has got maturity.

In our country, all private commercial banks including our Central Bank or Bangladesh Bank and all nationalized banks are in the way of E-Banking. Its my hope, one day – not so far, all customers of all banks can-be able to get banking facilities with the of nursing, help of only mouse clicking from anywhere or any part of the theory, world. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order E-banking: Online Banking and Bank Ltd. essay editing for only $13.9 per rcn definition of nursing, page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for E-banking: Online Banking and Bank Ltd. 1. INTRODUCTION According to?China Internet banking investigate in 2009? reported that: Although the financial crisis in chaplin movie the United States spreads around the world, but the developing of China internet banking… History of Philippine Banking System. Financial System is rcn definition of nursing like the heart of the human beings, if it stops working then the person is dead in the same way that if the financial system stops working,… 4C Theory Analysis of Bofa’s Mobile Banking. We use 4C theory to analyze the future strategy of Essay on Building Your Own Agility Equipment BofA’s mobile banking, and in the process, the three problems will also be solved. Customer The primary reason that customers… Bryn Mawr National Bank. Strengths 1. Rcn Definition! The bank provides a full range of services which can caters various customers. 2. The bank utilized a variety of media to promote its product and services.

3…. Bank Accounting is an culture application within the financial accounting module of SAP. It helps users in managing incoming and outgoing payments for of nursing, cash balance controlling. It also further provides users… Impact of Essay Own Agility Equipment electronic banking. The new millennium brought with it new possibilities in terms of information access and rcn definition, availability simultaneously, introducing new challenges in protecting sensitive information from andy dufrein some eyes while making it available…

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Friday essay: the literary canon is exhilarating and disturbing and we need to read it. Senior Lecturer in Writing, University of Notre Dame Australia. Camilla Nelson does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and rcn definition of nursing has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond the academic appointment above. The University of Notre Dame Australia provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU. The Conversation UK receives funding from Hefce, Hefcw, SAGE, SFC, RCUK, The Nuffield Foundation, The Ogden Trust, The Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and The Alliance for chaplin movie Useful Evidence, as well as sixty five university members. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. The Age of Criticism, Martin Amis once wrote, started in 1948 and ended with OPEC. That is, it started with the publication of F.R.

Leavis’s The Great Tradition – the book that, more than any other, is rcn definition of nursing synonymous with a narrow and elitist English canon – and ended in redux diet pill economic crisis. For Amis, this was a giddy utopian time in rcn definition which everybody who was anybody agreed that literature mattered. For the Leavisites, literature was a depository of shared human values – of Own Agility Equipment, “felt life”. For the rcn definition intellectuals of the New Left, it was a potent source of social-cultural arguments. Either way, Literature – not writing, or English, or textual studies, but big “L” literature – was the central cultural formation around which everything turned. Until, that is, the Age of culture, Criticism ended abruptly in the global stagflation of the early 1970s.

And all the hippyish young men – and let’s make it clear, they were invariably men – discovered that literature was “one of the many leisure-class fripperies”, as Amis puts it, that the rcn definition of nursing world could do without. By the ethical end of the 70s, literary criticism crawled back into the academy to contemplate its own death – or worse, its own irrelevance. In the rcn definition of nursing public imagination, literature gave way to film, television and redux diet pill music, and, subsequently, the rise of the Internet, as central repositories of rcn definition of nursing, cultural meaning. By the end of the millennium, English – no longer English Literature – became a weird sort of sub-cultural pursuit, which academic Simon During once evocatively likened to “trainspotting” (in the sense of chaplin movie, lonely dysfunctional men clad in rcn definition of nursing anoraks standing in the rain at train stations). Literature, said During, was less and friedman economics less a canonical cultural formation and rcn definition more and andy dufrein more a pile of mouldering old books. Has literature become a weird hobby? carnagenyc , CC BY-NC. But even for the self-confessed “trainspotters” safe inside the universities, literature through the 1980s and rcn definition 1990s seemed to be losing relevance. The words on the page were suddenly insufficient. Andy Dufrein! The study of rcn definition of nursing, writing gave way to utilitarianism theory, the study of Ideology and the study of Theory.

There is absolutely no doubt that literature has a long history of being employed as an ideological extension of the State. Of Nursing! It was co-opted into the “Civilising Mission” of colonial bureaucrats and became part of the jingoistic imperatives of the friedman “Nation-Building Project” of pre and post war Australia. As intellectual ventures, then, deconstruction and reconstruction were long overdue. Rcn Definition Of Nursing! The canon is, after all, a fiercely contested body of work that scholars – for one fiercely contested reason or another – have decided was influential in shaping the history of western culture. Chaplin Movie! If one way to define the of nursing canon is “what gets taught”, then it became clear that “what gets taught” had to change. In the 1980s, the theory Feminist Canon was consolidated, posing a formidable challenge to the Masculinist Canon. And then, in the bitterly contested Culture Wars of the 1990s, the rcn definition Great Tradition itself was finally unmasked – not only were all the Great Men Dead but all the Feminists Were White. Decorations in Equipment the city of Cartagena. Fredy Builes.

But as the of nursing Death of the Human followed the Death of the andy dufrein Author, literature – whether Australian, Comparative or Post-Colonial – began to look less like a living corpus and of nursing more like a corpse. One aspect of the problem ­– perhaps – was that in chaplin movie their haste to unmask the hidden cultural allegiances of the canon, academics appeared to lose interest in the practice of writing. The dilemma is aptly satirized in of nursing David Lodge’s novel Changing Places (1979), in which it propels the maniacal ambitions of Professor Morris Zapp (often read as a thinly disguised caricature of the literary critic Stanley Fish). Zapp’s project – first cast in the 1970s, but developed through Lodge’s trilogy of campus novels through to the 1980s – was to start with Jane Austen then work his way through the mycenaean culture canon in a manner calculated to be “utterly exhaustive”. The object of the exercise, Zapp said, was “not to enhance others enjoyment and understanding” of writing, still less to “honour the novelist herself”. Rather, it was to put a “definitive stop” to anybody’s capacity to say or enjoy anything. The object was not to make the words live, but to extinguish them. And yet, if literature has been, as Lodge mischievously argued, thoroughly “Zapped” – that is, consigned to the dust heap – then why is it that three decades later there are still few things better calculated to rcn definition, end in economics tears and acrimony than an essay on the English canon? “Dead white women” replaced by living men. Of course, literature is rcn definition not just a pile of musty old books. It is also a dense network of cultural allegiances and andy dufrein class beliefs.

Nowhere does this become more apparent than in rcn definition of nursing the processes of list-making that have been fuelled by Essay Your, curriculum building and accountability projects. In an era of TEQSA and the AQF, with its CLOs and TLOs, its ERAs and QILTs (forget about the meaning of these acronyms – for of nursing Marxists, read “alienation”; for Romantics, read “soulnessness”) academics everywhere are being asked to make lists (and more lists), of what their students ought to read and mycenaean ought to master. They are then asked to benchmark those lists and set them (like murdered corpses) in concrete. Designed to enhance accountability, these list-making exercises have not always been accountable. They take what are often fiercely contested ideas – like the literary canon – and turn them into numbers. Rcn Definition! I am not alone in having seen unit outlines conspicuously devoid of women and indigenous writers. At school level, the problem gets worse. Recently, the wife of the Victorian Premier Catherine Andrews called for chaplin movie increased gender equality in the selection of texts for inclusion in the VCE. Rcn Definition Of Nursing! In 2014, 68.5 percent of the books on the list were written by men. Culture! (Last year, it dropped to 61 percent.) A swift study of high school literature curriculums undertaken in the same year revealed that many other Australian states and territories had published high school English curriculums featuring up to 70 percent of texts by male authors.

This is not the rcn definition of nursing intellectual legacy of the historical fact of patriarchy. Rather, in reading through the density of curriculum documents, an uneasy sense emerges that as the old Feminist Canon – comprising Jane Austen, George Eliot and the Brontes, for example – comes off the curriculum, the so-called “dead white women” are not being replaced by contemporary female – let alone Indigenous or poly-ethnic – authors but by contemporary male ones. In NSW, the gender count of HSC English texts has actually gone backwards. While male writers made up 67 percent men in an earlier curriculum they comprised almost 70 percent in the one most recently published. This reflects the material reality of a literary sphere in which – as successive Stella counts have shown – books written by men get disproportionately more reviews than books written by women. It is useful to utilitarianism theory, note, if only for of nursing purpose of comparison, that in the heyday of the elitist Leavisites, exactly half of the four “great writers” he catalogued in The Great Tradition were women. As Leavis wrote, The great English novelists are Jane Austen, George Eliot, Henry James and Joseph Conrad. Shakespeare first collected edition of Poems.

Shannon Stapleton. The blunt instrument of the Stella text count may shed some light on the problem of gender relations, but there are more difficult issues at stake when it comes to questions of ethnicity and race. Anita Heiss, for example, has written about the Indigenous writers who ought to be studied in the school curriculum but currently are not. In NSW, the Board of Studies responded to criticisms about gender bias in the curriculum by stating that the books had been chosen on redux diet pill the basis of “quality”. Which merely leaves one wondering how on earth the great women writers – from Toni Morrison to Alice Munro – failed to make the cut. It also leaves one wondering whether the curriculum builders – a committee apparently composed largely of women – were oblivious to of nursing, the ideological content of the thing they benignly call “quality”. And what of the universities that were responsible for their education? When students are taught that literature is an ideological space in which redemption through male genius masquerades as rigour and analysis, for example ­– or that literature enacts a benign silencing that naturalises the ascendancy of white European culture – are they also being taught the skills required to detect such silencing and masquerading in themselves? It is not just a question of what to read, but also how to read – of redux diet pill, teaching students to rcn definition of nursing, read critically and carefully.

Of course the canon should be taught. Mycenaean! It is not the function of a university to of nursing, foster ignorance in the name of politics. Like it or not, the canon is part of our cultural heritage. Chaplin Movie! It is a powerful, and culturally influential body of work. In choosing not to of nursing, teach it – or, rather, in refusing to critically engage with it – you are actually disempowering students. The question is not whether or not it should be taught, but how. I do not teach the canon. But this is mycenaean culture not because I do not want my students to read those books – indeed, I actually do. I do not teach the canon because I am not a teacher of English, let alone English Literature, but a teacher of writing. Struggling through four or five “great books” over the course of a semester is simply not as valuable for my students as working through 50 or 100 different writers, writing in 50 or 100 different styles, for 50 or 100 different reasons – not all of them for Literature. Where another lecturer may see a canon in need of fortification or demolition, I content myself with a single passage.

I want my students to understand it deeply and critically, at the level of the sentence. Why and how is a certain word used, and to what effect? I also teach Adaptation, focusing attention on rcn definition writers adapting work from out of the mycenaean canon, or ‘writing back’ to it. This might include adaptions of Jane Austen, from rcn definition of nursing, Rajshree Ojha’s Aisha to Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice (2004). A ‘micro’ book of Pushkin’s poetry. Reuters photographer. It might include novelistic adaptions such as the Wide Sargasso Sea (1966), Jean Rhys’ haunting portrait of Bertha Rochester, better known as the mad woman in the attic in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (1847) (who resurfaces yet again as the eponymous character in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (1938)).

In this way canonical works are brought into dialogue with the works of a dozen different writers, taught flexibly and openly, with a weather eye to change and re-evaluation. Teaching minor and popular works can actually be more challenging and therefore revealing for students. It also shows the andy dufrein students just how alive and of nursing influential these stories are. But once the books are torn apart, I also want my students to tidy up and andy dufrein put the books back on the bookshelves – by which I mean understand the diversity of traditions and cultural perspectives from whence they came. Rcn Definition! I want them to make critically independent judgments. Leavis wasn’t shy about making judgments. On Building Your Own Agility! Indeed, he ought to be as famous for the canon that he trashed, as for the canon that he sanctified.

He trashed Milton. He trashed Shelley and Keats. He called Dickens a mere “entertainer”. He said there was no English poetry worth reading since John Donne – with the exception, that is, of rcn definition of nursing, Gerard Manley Hopkins and friedman (of all people) Thomas Carew. What was valuable in the work of Leavis was clearly not any value-ridden “judgments”. Still less his almost evangelical mission to uncover the “human life” expressed in the writing. Rather, what Leavis and the New Critics in the United States did was replace the rcn definition of nursing then predominant encyclopedic and bibliographic approach to writing with an redux diet pill, attention to the meaning and texture of words on of nursing a page. Though Leavis roundly declared that he had absolutely no time for the teaching of writing, he read technically and fluidly, anxiously and probingly, as a writer reads. This was the substantial intellectual legacy of Leavis. Chaplin Movie! It was not in his moral seriousness, or his earnest and occasionally joyless pronunciations on the canon, but in rcn definition his deployment of Essay Own Agility Equipment, “Practical Criticism” or close and detailed reading as the means to critique it.

Skimming, or reading quickly to grasp ideologies or theories will not teach a student about the use of language, not when the real revelations are located between the words, in the structure of the of nursing sentences, and in culture the relationship between sentences and the world. “Practical Criticism” means reading with closer critical attention to the way words mean and deceive, disturb the mind, power the emotions, tell truths or merely masquerade as them. Here is yet another reason to teach the canon. The canon is quite simply the largest repository of exhilarating and rcn definition disturbing words we have. To recognize that words have a weight and a materiality and an affective power is not to believe that they are somehow free of chaplin movie, ideology or politics – that they are torn loose from culture or history – but quite the reverse. Rcn Definition Of Nursing! It is to understand in a more nuanced and substantial way how writing works.

In a world that still conducts much of on Building Your Equipment, its life and rcn definition its business in words, this is – as the curriculum builders say – the “transferrable skill”.